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Full Size AK47-S Replica Airsoft Spring Action Rifle with Folding Stock

11 Customer Reviews

by John B. on 12/23/2010
"Pretty accurate and you get a good feeling when you hold it.
Really cool magasine, just roll on a wheel at the bottom to get more bbs up! No need for extra magasines.

I like it alot!
by Max P. on 10/23/2010
"Bought one of these for cosplay purposes but you know what? It's actually a good gun. $30 well spent. The imitation wood furnishing is really nice. I mean you have to pick it up to really believe it's not wood. I felt bad when I had to spray paint that pretty furnishing for my cosplay needs. It also happens to be an alright back yard airsofter. Rather accurate, & has a decent FPS for a cheap spring gun. Will easily put a hole through a soda can at 10-20 yds. I highly recommend it if you're into spring guns or need a good AK for a costume like I did.
by EJ S. on 09/21/2010
"I bought this gun yesterday and it shoots realy good for a spring rifle it has a plastic body and everything else except the barrel but dont let this stop u from buying it ands its fun for springer wars

Pros: its reaky light weight
looks cool

Cons: its all plastic

by sam g. on 04/30/2010
"does it come with a sling, if not should i buy one?
by Rob D. on 03/01/2010
"I have had many air soft guns but this one is by far the best. It can't shoot that far so if you are aiming at a taget far away just aim hi. It is also a tough gun i have dropped it loads of times but it holds up fine. I have had it for a year and it still has not jammed. If fight with withs air soft guns this is a good gun to have in combat. It holds lots of amo and does not run out quick. It also is quick and easy to reload. One prob thou is it does not have good camo. When i fight i use a ghillie suit so i will blend in, but the gun stands out so your an easy taget.
by David T. on 01/26/2013
"This is not a gun for field or CQB play in a serious setting, obviously. This review is written from the perspective of an extremely casual player whose airsoft experience consists of plinking at cans and small skirmishes in the woods.

In a word, it's adequate. The plastic material is fairly cheap-feeling, but the overall construction of the gun and how it's put together leaves you fairly confident that this gun can survive at least a few drops. The outer barrel is pretty solid metal of some kind, as is the charging handle. The hi-cap magazine is advertised as holding 300 rounds and uses a winding wheel.

There is an adjustable hop-up switch on the exterior of the gun that you will probably make use of during your first few experiences with this gun. At first I noticed the (.20g)BBs curving sharply upwards near the end of their(surprisingly long) range, but some fiddling with the hop-up had me shooting on target.

It's full-scale, which is always nice, and is a fairly convincing replica of the real AK-47(disregarding the whole plastic thing). Cyrillic lettering on the fire selector, (probably kind of)functional range-adjuster for the iron sights... there's a fairly good attention to detail in the construction of this gun.

Bottom line:

This gun is a reliable plinker/primary for very casual springer skirmishes. Don't expect Marui quality or anything, but expect a gun that won't fall apart within a month and will put BBs where you need them to be.

4/5, 5 being the PERFECT springer.
by Tera T. on 04/04/2012
"This is probably one of the best overall spring rifles you can buy for under $50. The plastic is made of reasonably strong material and the build of the gun was sturdy. The gun also boasts a very nice range while using .25g BB's. Unfortunately, using .25g's does take a quite a bit of the weapons FPS away as it cannot handle anything over .25g. Overall, this AK has decent accuracy and the look of a mid-line AEG for a 5th of the price. For $30 you can't go wrong.

- Relatively sturdy build
- Looks great
- Decent accuracy using .25g

- Eventually broke after a year of use
- Can't handle over a .25g BB
- The stock was difficult to put together
by patrick h. on 09/20/2010
"this gun is awesome! i just opened it like 5 minutes ago and fired off a few shots, this thing is so cool, it works great,

high cap mag (300 shots)
easy to cock,
metal receiver
adjustable rear sight
comes with a sling

little inaccurate, but not by much,
the butt plate comes off kinda easily

i TOTALLY recommend this to anyone looking for a cheap springer, or anyone new to airsoft
by Justin B. on 09/10/2010
"This gun is great (for rookies). This is my first airsoft gun so i dont have to much of a athority towards the sport but i've shot and handled many a gun. This gun has a few metal parts but just the ones that you need for it to be a reliable gun with great sustainability.

Barrle & Assembly
mock cleaning rod
trigger assembly (not trigger)

fake Wood is 100% flawless
Getting well over 30 dollars worth of a gun
by Thomas G. on 07/23/2016
"It feels very cheap all but the stock which is full metal. I wish it had a better finish and the plastic was thicker as it is very cheap plastic like you might expect. it is powerful and accepts all AK-47 AEG magazines including my 2500 round drum magazine. Overall it isn't great and it isn't terrible it is fairly good for the price.
by George B. on 02/04/2010
"I bought this gun a few months ago from another site and I have to say it IS a very realistic looking gun with the it being almost all metal except the imitation wood which also looks well done,except of course that VERY obnoxious and large orange tip that really puts me off.

Now the gun itself,it's not as powerful as i thought it would be,i shot some cans from different ranges,even at point-blank,it couldn't rip through a sheet of a cheap-o can,compared to what my spring PISTOL does to the can at 50 feet,i found it a disappointment in power.

Cocking the bastard can be a pain at first but it gets easier as continue using it,the magazine is a dual-chamber system mag so it holds quite a bit amount of BBs,but sometimes after a few shots i found myself have to wind-it up again just so the BBs can push-up to the guns chamber.

all in all,It looks good,no REALLY good,but as skirmish gun,i say get something else.

Looks very realistic
Full metal
comes with a speedloader too!

not a powerful springer
HUGE orange tip
Strap that comes with it can NOT be trusted
Hard to cock at first