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Model: GP-WG-NB4601-B
Location: U13-131 WO7-05

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by Max R. on 2014-10-03 05:35:53
"I love this thing! long range, nice accuracy, and I clocked it at 450 with .25g bbs. Wide range hop-up and i've never had a single thing happen to it. You can also buy blowback mags for it, which is awesome. Need a nice secondary? I would get this. I even use it as a primary by putting a foregrip on it. Best gun you could get for the price. Easy dissasembly. Needs some frequent cleaning. 6 star AT LEAST.
by kyle r. on 2014-07-11 10:08:45
"My friend has this gun and I've been shot by it and i can say only a couple of things about it,
It is great
Ludicrous FPS (bbs stuck in my arm from 50 feet away)
Ludicrous Accruacy (this is a good thing if I didn't have to pull out bbs with payers
Looks nice
And the only cons:
Trigger is weird (on a 1911)
It feels kinda cheap
by Davis O. on 2013-10-10 19:55:41
"got this gun awhile ago used it in a couple wars. overall great gun at first. good fps can shoot straight through a full soda can. i loved it until the trigger slowly stopped working. i was going to send it in to be fixed but my warranty had already ended. i decided to open it up and look inside. i then realized the springs in the trigger had broke. if you get this gun always be sure to fully release finger off trigger between shots.
by Steve W. on 2013-08-06 15:40:52
"This gun is awesome. You cant get a better gun for this price.

13 clips on a co2 tank
shoots 425 fps consistently
looks great
extra mags are cheap
very durable

by bradley m. on 2013-07-18 12:28:58
"This is a great pistol. it shoots hard and has a good range for a pistol. ive only used it in 3 matches but it got the job done. mine trigger broke though and it went from double action to single action. i can now only fire it if i manually pull the hammer back. this however gave it a higher fps. other than the trigger breaking it has served me well and i will continue to use it.

metal internal components
good weight(not to heavy Not to light)
high fps
decent magazine size
Co2 lasts a few reloads

its not all metal
the grip can be uncomfortable( i had to do some sanding a filing to get rid of rough edges)
the trigger broke and i have to manually pull hammer back (might be the only one with this problem)
the safety is finnicky
the mag doesnt eject you have to pull it out.
by Ben L. on 2013-06-03 21:32:06
"I just got this today, so I can't say anything on long lasting quality, but it has a good weight and shoots great. The CO2 lasts about 5 clips for me. Its not blow back which is nice, and you can pull the slide which is nicer.

Real feel
Shoots hard
High FPS
Good side arm
A little off to begin with
CO2 in the clip
Hard to pull the trigger.
by Jonathan M. on 2013-05-26 10:01:16
"Very great gun got it 5 days ago and is awesome
Full Metal
Deadly FPS
Magazine is also full metal
Slide moves manually though
Few plastic parts
Slide release
Safety/Fire switch
Pistol grips
Trigger is hard to pull unless cocked back other than that a awesome looking gun
by Michael K. on 2013-04-08 17:30:29
"Awesome! This gun is amazing

Powerful (could be con)
Co2 in clip (could be con)
High fps
Slide moves and s able to lock back (manually)
Loud (I live next to small children. Pro depending on ur personality)
Hard to pull trigger.
Not entirely metal

This gun is amazing! I would highly recommend it! If u want it blowback, get the $88 one.
by Robert R. on 2013-01-11 17:50:47
"I've owned this pistol for 2 years now. the pistol is very realistic in nature.


great fps
has a great look and feel to it
smooth clip release


paint easily chips
internals problems(springs breaking)
fps can be to high for certain fields
screws easily strip

Don't Just buy a side arm for price and looks is what i learned
by Taylor L. on 2013-01-06 10:25:13
"this is a extreamly good gun for the price! the realism is outstanding! i brought this to a pick up game and a guy asked me "why would you bring a 45 to a airsoft match?" i had to explane to him that it was not a actual firearm. This another reason why you should also be safe as possible with airsoft guns! amazing fps!

Vary high FPS(not good for indoor use)
full metal

hammer dose get lose over time (easy fix)
gas hog (but i can see why)

overall- a amazing gun! totally worth the price!
by Jesus M. on 2013-01-02 19:58:27
"I got this gun today right out of the box the fps was 520.This gun is well worth the 60 dollars.Pierces right through a empty aluminum can both sides in one shot.I would recommend .23 gram bbs because .20 are okay but curve a bit and .25 bring down the fps to 480.So .23 are the best good fps (500) and excellent accuracy.

Good FPS
7 mags with one co2 cartridge
Mostly all metal
Adjustable Hop-Up
Full Metal magazine

by Manuel G. on 2012-12-26 17:40:53
"2nd Review:

Great gun my first review was a little off and I only used it once.
Great fps!
Feels really really smooth and good!
The only con is that you have to pull the mag down but idgaf because its a hell of a gun.
The c02 lasts a very long time and .23 or .25 for the bbs anything lower will curve and not be very accurate.

If you are deciding to get this gun or not then theres not really much to think about.

GET THIS GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and the airsoft places that I go to don't check fps so yeah ;D

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