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WG Co2 Powered Special Combat 1911 Airsoft Gas Gun (Color: Black)

129 Customer Reviews

by Nick A. on 06/02/2018

This thing is an absolute hammer. it shoots very straight and true. Chrono's in around 500 with a fresh co2. Its heavy, nice metal slide, and I like that the mag sticks a little. (I see people losing their airsoft mags from running all the time). This gun is great, pick it up asap.
by Christopher B. on 04/22/2018
"I bought this gun a couple years back and I just took it out of the box for the first time. I bought this as a backup to my backup weapon. Needless to say I love this gun, if you need a nice weapon that shoots awesome this is it. It uses CO2 instead of green gas so thats a plus to me. I do know they make a refillable CO2 cartridge now but before anyone says thats great, every forum that Ive read about them say they are not worth the money as you cannot fill them to capacity like a 12 gram cartridge. I know the reason behind that and its because unless youre using a scuba tank to pressurize something that small, you wont have the pressure behind you to do so. So stick to CO2 cartridges, I mean you can get like 14 for like 7-10 dollars at Wally World. Other than that the gun is awesome.
by Samuel C. on 04/19/2018
"This pistol is amazing. I was a little skeptical about the price at first and accidentally drunk ordered it, BUT man alive I AM SO GLAD I DID. This pistol performs AMAZING out of the bow. It has great power and shoots extremely accurately. The weight is really nice and it feels real. The only downside i can find in just personal preference about the pistol grip. It feels cheap and plasticy, but it is still durable. That's the only thing i don't like. Other than that this pistol is just great!
by simon c. on 12/29/2017
"This thing shoots hard. My double action broke, so now I feel like im using a colt .45 Single Action Army.
by Malachi C. on 07/26/2017
"This gun is great! I love the heavy weight, the fps, and pretty much everything else about it. I got this gun last Saturday and have shot with it every day since then. I love it. Once my brother shot me in the back with his at 60+ feet and it left a good sized welt, which I think is great in an airsoft gun, but is something to keep in mind if you have younger players or are playing in an arena. The one thing to be careful about is taking care of your co2 and stuff, so that your gun doesn't overheat/freeze up. The other thing I didn't like was the fact that spare mags cost $25, so I won't be able to afford another one.
by Elijah F. on 06/21/2017
"Just got mine yesterday, odd that it had a different package but it's the right gun, all nice, mostly metal, trigger is easy to pull, sounds real, looks real, haven't shot it or see it's accuracy yet sadly so this is review number one. So far so great! Looks amazing and yes it does come with an orange tip, which unscrews out.
Pros: looks great
Feels good
Weights good
The wooden part is plastic, not even red it's kinda brown but still nice IG
Some parts like the hammer, chrome parts, are oily, just wipe them off
The clip has the screw in thing out so it doesn't look too realistic but you can get a blow back mag which hides that
by Dakota M. on 05/24/2017
"A lot better than I expected
by Dakota M. on 05/09/2017
"This gun is awesome I mean awesome!! Love it haven't been able to test out at range yet but outside very accurate was expecting to have to adjust sights and hop but dead on right out of box
by Alec C. on 04/05/2017
"I got this gun a few moths back and it has been amazing! It has great range, great accuracy, and good weight. I have been able to make shots with this pistol that people with rifles struggle to make. I would probably suggest getting at least one extra mag. Well worth it.
by Elan B. on 12/29/2016
"I have 9 of these.. its an amazing gun, it lets me go 470 fps, buy it
by Jessie S. on 09/07/2016
"Very Fun to shoot, hits hard (Left good sized dents in metal), and good weight

Hits hard (Call Your Hit!)
Low cost

Torn-up Package
Greasy look/feel on metal

Anyways, It is a good budget CO2 pistol and I would buy again.
by Kellen B. on 05/14/2015
"Amazing gun! shoots crazy far, shot my friend from around 75 meters!
by Brendon C. on 11/15/2014
"I own multliple Co2 powered pistols at a range of different prices. For this pistol to be priced at only 65$ blew my mind when I started using the one I ordered. The quality of this pistol is very high, top notch. It has a weight and a feel that is SPOT ON realistic to what a real 1911 would feel like to hold in your hand. The construction of the gun is solid, most parts are metal and this is definitely a gun that is built to last. Not to mention the two toned detail is a very stylish look.
As far as performance and practicality on the field:
for one thing this gun has an fps right at about 400(give or take 15 fps depending on if its a fresh Co2 cartridge or if your Co2 is low).
This gun being a non-blowback means parts aren't moving when it shoots making for deadly accuracy. I own many Co2 pistols at ranges of prices. One is a Co2 GBB which I paid 165$ for. I love that gun its a very effective efficient sidearm to have. This WG 1911 out ranges That 165$ gas blow back, and it is more accurate. It even has a more realistic feel!
This gun does have an adjustable hop up, but I do not even think you'd need to use it because its perfectly accurate and will out range most any other pistols and probably most smgs on the field just the way it is as stock.
Another great feature of this gun is it has a very very low consumption of Co2. Co2 cartridges last longer in this pistol than all the other high quality Co2 pistols I own. that will be handy, it means less times you will have to worry about swapping a cartridge on the field! (this is not what you want to have to do often when in the heat of battle).
also, the bb loading into the mags for this weapon is the smoothest I've ever experienced or seen on any airsoft pistol. the bbs pretty much just roll right in. Grab a speed loader for 4 or 5$ (I think evike sells them for $3.20 or something) and you're set to go. even if you didn't have a speed loader you'd still be set to go because you can load this pistol fast and efficiently even by hand due to how smoothly the bbs just roll right into the mag. loading with virtually no pressure application necessary.
All in all this gun is high quality and it performs absolutely excellent for it's price. a price tag of 65$ on this item is honestly a gift!!!
p.s. If you're more into Gas blowbacks, Evike has this same exact model as a gbb version too! I don't own that particular model but if you like gas blowbacks check it out!
by Max R. on 10/03/2014
"I love this thing! long range, nice accuracy, and I clocked it at 450 with .25g bbs. Wide range hop-up and i've never had a single thing happen to it. You can also buy blowback mags for it, which is awesome. Need a nice secondary? I would get this. I even use it as a primary by putting a foregrip on it. Best gun you could get for the price. Easy dissasembly. Needs some frequent cleaning. 6 star AT LEAST.
by jack s. on 08/04/2014
"This gun is amazing. Ive had it for about 2 years now. People are saying that the fps is a little too high, (which i agree with) but if you throw some .25 or higher bbs you can drop it to around 380 fps and shooting perfectly straight (due to the increase in weight)

Solid construction
VERY accurate
easy hopup mechanism
metal slide
16 round mag
attactchments are easy

co2 in mag