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WG Co2 Powered Special Combat 1911 Airsoft Gas Gun - Black

95 Customer Reviews

by Justin O. on 02/12/2010
"This gun is awesome!!

Quality-4\5: I give it a 4 cause the bottom half of the gun is not all metal. Though, the plastic on it is very sturdy. The weight of the pistol with the clip in it is very nice, close to the real one. The one thing I wish was that the trigger was like a classic 1911 trigger.

Performance-5/5: This thing shoots awesomely, its a monster. When I shot it I was amazed, I wasn't expecting it to be that good. It shot a bit to the right at first, but I messed with the hop-up a bit and it was right on. This pistol shoots far, accurate and very very hard. I was shooting through a plastic milk carton from 20 yards away! Another thing that amazed me was that I shot 100+ rounds out of it with ONE co2!

So over all, this pistol is damn good, 4.5/5. Im going to go ahead and throw a nice tight bore in it...(not that it needs one, but im a jerk and like to kick allot of ass on the field).
by Adam A. on 02/09/2010
"2 thumbs up. This gun is way worth the price. If it was blow back, it would have to be in the 200$ at least. this gun holds consistant fps and accurracy(good aim). The mag is just as big as the gun. The gun is very good, metal upper reciever, very relistic writing and design. About 150+ shots out of a co2. And the hop-up is one of the best i had, reason why i like it so much is the location! I could not find it even by readin the manual!? WELL ONE DAY I WAS MESSING WITH THE GUN AND I RANDOMLY COCKED BACK THE UPPER RECIEVER AND IT WAS LOCATED IN THE PART WHERE YOU SEE THE MAG AND BARREL! i felt so stuipid. NOTE: LUBE GUN BEFORE YOU SHOOT! FOR BEST PERFORMANCE! lube the mag cuz it tends to stick a lil, lube barrel, and lube in the location of the hop-up.

*orange tip is easy to detatch, just have some plires. Also easy to put back in!
*accurate hop up

tHE SCREW FOR THE co2(makes the co2 puncture) is sticking out out the mag in which givine it a chance to brake if it hit or bumped!
by Matt F. on 11/15/2009
"I have to say, that this gun is a beautiful work of art, and not only that, it is 450-500 fps at only $65!!! If you do not take advantage of this deal then, you obviously are not serious about airsoft.
by Emmanuel M. on 10/11/2009
I think I've found my calling in life.
by Rob T. on 01/08/2016
"good accurate gun, hard trigger pull though
by Rob T. on 01/08/2016
"good accurate gun, hard trigger pull though
by kyle r. on 07/11/2014
"My friend has this gun and I've been shot by it and i can say only a couple of things about it,
It is great
Ludicrous FPS (bbs stuck in my arm from 50 feet away)
Ludicrous Accruacy (this is a good thing if I didn't have to pull out bbs with payers
Looks nice
And the only cons:
Trigger is weird (on a 1911)
It feels kinda cheap
by TRAVIS W. on 01/03/2012
"This gun is awesome!! It shoots so fast that I could not see black bbs on a white background.

PS sometimes my slide catches on the hammer, locking it back. Also my magazine got caught insie the gun.

10/10 buy this gun!!
by Carolyn D. on 01/01/2012
"This pistol is awesome, I have used it in numerous battles and have beaten guys with full auto's. It's range and accuracy is amazing! In one war I had with about 9 other friends (5 on each team), they had gone to the opposite side of a lake which was about 120ft away, and after a few shots (Using .20g) to get a feel for where the round would go, I actually hit 3 out of 5 before they got away, and let me just say I was shooting from way out of their range.
Nice weight
Full metal
High FPS (Which may be a con depending on you)
Nice construction
cool look

Like I said before, maybe FPS
and that's all I know
by Miriam O. on 08/11/2011
"I got this gun about a month ago and it is still kickin' ass! It clocks at 480-520 fps and a co2 cartridge lasts over 100 rounds. USE .25!!! very accurate even at a distance. Realistic feel (heavy) and look. For $70 it should not even be a question.
Powerful (could be a con)
accurate with .25
only $70
looks and feels realistic
mostly metal
lots of shots before co2 even begins to go empty

mag sometimes won't come out (might be my fault)
paint chips in some places
could be considered too powerful
hop-up is hard to judge
spare mags are hard to find

the only reason a star comes off is the sticking magazine. I had to reload in a battle and the mag would not come out, so i wound up taking a bombardment of ak-47's :/
Overall a great gun. if you have $70 either get this or save up 40 more for the Wesson 6" revolver ;)
by Andrew G. on 03/02/2011
"I just got this gun and so far I am very impressed. The FPS is incredible. I shot 100 rounds through it and bb's were still going through thick cardboard from about 25 yards away. The only thing I found wrong with this gun is that the site says the frame is metal but it is not. It is plastic, the good thing is that it seems like tough plastic, not cheap china plastic. Also the safety is a little sticky at first but with time I think it will loosen up. Other than that this gun is a steal for the price it's at. I would recommend this gun to most everyone.
by donna p. on 04/08/2010
"i love this gun it is one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen the only thing i do not like about this gun is that the accuracy is not that good do to the amount of power it has. im thinking maybe if i use .25 bb's opposed to .20 it might be more accurate. this is a good gun though it dose not leek Co2, it is powerful, and it lookes good
by Thomas T. on 12/19/2009
"I have had this gun for about 4 months now, used it in backyard scrimmages and field matches, there are some good pros and bad cons about this though, 1. the pistol is CO2 so no need for green gas 2. the pistol hits extremely hard for the first about 10-15 shots, after that though it fires a pretty decent 3. the pistol is mostly metal, the plastic orange tip and grip on the handle are plastic

-Good FPS
-CO2 powered
-Very Reliable (atleast FPS wise that is)

-This gun is extremely inaccurate with anything less than a .4g round, i tried .2s and .28s and they curve too much to hit a man size target from 20yds a .28 is slightly better than a .2 but the .4s give you the most accuracy
by Jack D. on 03/29/2016
"I got mine for 50 off of Amazon so it was a better deal. Overall very good gun for the price. I'm not the best with my gun but many things have broken on it. The mag catch broke, safety, and the whole top slide cracked in the back somehow and would not reliably stay on. I took the whole thing off just exposing the barrel hammer and mag. The gun still functions as normal however. Just be careful with the slide
by Jefferson R. on 08/31/2015
"I want to start by saying that this gun is fun. I liked using it, it shot very hard, and was super accurate, and a CO2 canister will last you 7 magazines. My only complaint is that it did not last long! I played three indoor games with it, worked perfectly, but one outdoor game and it fell apart. The trigger no longer functions, and to fire the gun I must manually cock the hammer and press the trigger a few times for it to shoot. For the life of me I cannot find the replacement spring I need to fix the issue, if I could, it would be perfect. Overall I like it, just wish I could fix it.

1. Metal slide
2. Heavy "real feel"
3. Heavy hitter (Hurts)
4. Accurate
5. Looks amazing

1. Breaks easily
2. Replacement parts are impossible to find
3. Not wild about the chrome hammer, and trigger.
4. Magazines are expensive.