Reviews: Modify Torus 8mm Reinforced V.2 Gearbox Shell w/ Tappet Plate


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Model: GB-Mod-8mm
Location: U11-042

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by Patar W. on 2014-01-16 18:13:26
"Awesome gearbox for the money. I have owned several of these because i just love them so much. They are much stronger than stock gearbox's but they arent as bulky as some *cough-KWA-cough* gearbox's because of the reinforcement. What i love most about this is the inspection ports, so much easier to lube gears, and to check AOE when building the gearbox. The torque screws are unbelievable.


well to be honest i have found some parts need to be modified because of those slight differences between parts, Specifically im talking about G&P trigger systems. The safety arm was too long in my experiences so it wouldn't engage properly, so i needed to shave that down a bit.

This also uses a proprietary tappet plate because of the grooves within the gearbox. So, its possible to make groves in another tappet plate, but its best to try and keep with this one.

Set up:

VFC High speed motor
Bravo standard ratio gears
Silent piston head and cylinder head
340mm rated ported cylinder
11.1 lipo
Angel custom THOR piston
Prometheus m120

i get about 450fps with .20's @ around 27RPS. I would definitely recommend this gearbox for any project, or just replacing a cracked gearbox.

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)