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by Zack T. on 2011-12-27 19:50:56
"This gun is AMAZING! For $350 you are getting a ton more than you are paying. This gun is like an assault rifle (because you can use it in place of an m16 or ak47 and it will do fine), sniper rifle (because the barrel length is so long that with a good susat scope this gun will get you accurate to about 250 feet), and light machine gun all in one. The select fire is excellent, except occasionally it doesn't work, but you can fix that by just switching to auto and shooting for a bit. Auto is incredible, I got mine to about 16 rps. Like they show in the video you can change the fps by the pin system in the gearbox, and it helps a lot. It is a bit heavy, but on the upside considering it is a light machine gun 9 pounds is nothing.

-Great rate of fire
-All metal and plastic is high quality
-Great range and fps
-Iron sight is okay
-Comes with good bipod
-Worth a lot more than $350
-For those of you who have m4, m16s your mags are what this gun uses (m4 style)

-A bit heavy, but with a sling your fine. Plus for a light machine gun, your not getting a huge weight life from an m249 or m60
-Rear grip wobbles, not a big problem though

So ya if you have the money this gun is a great investment, very nice job ICS.
by glena g. on 2011-08-15 17:32:35
"Initial Response: Wow, such a beautiful rifle. Fully stamped steel with legitimate trade marks. 350$ well spent.

Now, I've had this for about 4 weeks. So far, Its a great gun but like all airsoft guns, it has its faults. One of them is the grip. Mine has become loose and slides back and forth. Not terrible but c'mon ICS. Pay attention to detail

Externals: Very nice. The plastic used for the grip and butt are high quality and extremely durable. the steel is extremely nice, no scratches in the paint yet. So who ever painted this gun did a great job. the outer barrel isn't steel. I do believe it is aluminum, still nice. The Bi-pod is NOT steel. At least the footings aren't. They have already begun the early steps to rusting sadly. ICS is good but they need to chip in the extra cash for a full steel gun. Not 90% steel, 5% aluminum, and 5% iron. But to stop the rust, just keep it clean and make sure to use some gun oil or rem oil and clean it often.

Externals: Charging handle/magazine: The charging handle is nice but the tip is kind of sharp, so watch out all of you easy bleeders. It has a piece of steel on it. Its purpose? I have no clue, but it looks nice so I'm not going to complain. The charging handle can lock but it is kind of odd. You have to pull it back and then pull up on the lock. Then to unlock, you just pull it back again...simple.
Magazine is extremely nice. They sell extras here on Evike for a decent price. The magazines are fully steel with a great winder on the bottom. I've dropped it on the the ground several times and is hasn't skipped a beat. Miss feeds are common but its a hi-cap, what do you expect.

Internals:I'm not going to lie, this gun is extremely easy to take apart. Two pins and BAM! open up. Both pins are Never Lost Pins. But the one near the center of the gun is really hard to get out. I suggest a small rubber mallet to tap it out. Then pull both pins.

Internals: Trigger Assembly: I'm not totally sure what, or how, or why but this thing rocks. It is separate from the rest of the gun. At least it keeps the gun from jamming so I'm good with it.

Internals:Gearbox: Wow, is this thing a sight. It is the easiest gearbox I have ever worked on in my life. The FPS is adjustable here. Just pull out the pin, adjust the setting, and put back in. I have yet to take the entire thing apart and I don't plan to. The gun is so solid, it doesn't need any fine tuning.

That's it for my review. I'm not putting in a Pros vs Cons. Reason being is that you should read into my review as much as possible and make your own list. If your going to spend 350$ on an airsoft gun, read into it as much as possible. So everyone, this is callsign Dax_7 signing off. Happy Airsofting!
by Thomas H. on 2011-05-01 17:34:41
"Absolutley the best AEG I have every bought.

- Amazing rate of fire.
- Extremely accurate even after 130'
- Useful bipod.
- Lots of battery space.
- Lighter than an M60 and M249 and still considered a LMG for your mil sim games.

- I dunno.....don't use it for CQB I guess...
by Peter C. on 2011-04-20 07:02:56
"I love this gun, it is the perfect support weapon! :D

+Metal on most parts of gun
+2 part gearbox
+easy field stripping(except going into gbox)
+bipod(can move in almost any direction, legs can extend downward)
+shoulder support thing
+feels surprisingly light w/o mag&battery
+balanced(slightly front heavy, recc. an auto winding drum mag)
+adjustable spring compartment/FPS
+610mm barrel (6.05mm wide i think)
+realistic markings

-weight is a little bit heavy on front hand when in prone(w/o bipod, w/ normal hi-cap mag)
-no rails(would be nice to have a holo sight on this thing, and maybe a forward grip)
-does get a little heavy after a while(so get a 2pt sling)
-no threads/flash hider is extended down barrel a little bit, so i'm pretty sure no other F.H./mock silencer will work. again i'm pretty sure but i could be wrong.

Neutral(pro/con at your discretion)
=silent shooter(con b/c support weapon is more like the "shoot at me i have a big gun" role)
=plastic handguard and pistol grip(can be nicer feel than metal, but i hate untextured plastic, rubber coated moe stuff is the way to go in my opinion, but plastic feels nicer than metal when it comes to handguards.)

Why is it worth the money?
to get something different from your average m4/ak assault rifle.
to get it from a great brand like ICS.
other sites have it up fr grabs at $400 (i.e. airsplat....)
Rating:9.5/10 (would have liked a silencer on this gun)
by Richard R. on 2011-03-20 03:02:55
"I acquired this a couple of months ago.

1. Not a common gun on the field, so you do get 2nd looks
2. if you need a support weapon or LMG, this is it. Lighter than an M249 or M60 - I've owned both - this definitely has advantages in its lighter weight. It can even be used as primary for those with good upper body strength.
3. uses MOST M4 type mags - although I was disappointed to find it will not accept an A&K 5000 rd. box mag, which would be ideal. I assume the C-mags should work - need to buy one.
4. build quality - par none - definitely worth the price

2 cons so far:
1. small battery compartment - considering a larger battery in an external battery bag. For now, my 11.1v buffer tube lipo fits with room to spare; would like a higher mAh rated one though.
2. the pistol grip now wobbles and tightening requires a complete breakdown of the gearbox area to get to the bolt or screw - poorly designed IMO.

Otherwise, need a support gun ? Buy this one !!!
by Alex B. on 2011-01-10 19:14:58
"If you are looking for a bullpup design (one hand operation gun) and mainly to get away from the traditional M4 or AK, the ICS L85 or L86 series are definitely something I recommend.

This model definitely works as a sniper as it is accurate at 150+ feet with the bipod and extremely long barrel. For those who never used an ICS gun, they have one of the best finish, internal and design. If you like to work on your guns, ICS is a great gun to work on.

Definitely something different and stands out in the crowd.
Awesome looking

Heavy, so consider something else if you are a kid or small.
by Matthew J. on 2010-10-04 23:41:56
"I have had one of these for a while now. I have used it both stock and with several upgrades. Stock configuration, this thing is great. It runs like a top. Out of the box it is able to take a LIPO due to the non-standard trigger contacts that it has. It has a great Rate of Fire and great power. The adjustable spring guide allows for adjustable FPS on the gun which is a great feature.

In a heavily upgraded version, the gun isn't as good. the 7mm mechbox isn't able to take hyper ROF upgrades. Mine was pushing 35 rounds per second at 385 FPS and I kept grenading the ball bearings. I was about to switch back over to solid bushings when the motor cage for the gun broke.

Evike has some parts for the gun available, which is nice. I had my trigger contacts break on me due to the overly tough safety. But the motor cage is proving to be a complete pain in the butt to get at this point. No one offers the part. I can't get it from any retailsrs, even special order. It's infuriating.

Great construction, very solid.
No barrel flex when using bi-pod.
Great FPS and ROF.
Flawless feeding.
Long barrel length for great accuracy.

Doesn't like hyper ROF
parts can be a real pain to find.

Displaying 13 to 19 (of 19 reviews)

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