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ICS Full Metal L86A2 British Military Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle

19 Customer Reviews

by Noah K. on 03/20/2016
"I owned this model for a few years, stock, and as a bull pup lover, this gun suited my playstyle. It's heavy, it's unique, and chugging bbs downfield was always fun. The quick spring change system is nice and with three settings; low, medium, or high, you can easily change what you need depending on the field. Mind you, high settings for me were reaching 405-410 FPS and medium was within the 380 range. My spring now fires about 360 on medium and 380-390 on high. Misc info: it has a rear grip which is realistic and fun to hold while firing just for the sake of using it. It has a rubber cheek rest and is relatively comfy with balaclavas. It has a shoulder like brace located on the butt pad. Great if you don't want it slipping much (it won't be anyways).

The gun is stamp steel and you can feel the durability. My gun has been dropped, banged against trees, run into trailers, slammed into the ground due to running and falling, played in rain, etc. The only thing I have not tried is dropping it from several feet high, and I wouldn't really recommend it. I'm sure it would run fine regardless though. On the other hand, this thing is relatively heavy. Not as heavy, as say, an M249 with a box mag loaded, but still weighs in around 11lb. With a susat and loaded high cap, you're looking at about 13 lb. I may be off, but last I checked my gun was over 10lb. What's good though, is that the length of the gun makes it decently balanced and easy to handle. Personally, I slung this over my shoulder, held it by the rear grip, and ran.
This gun also features a bipod on the front with adjustable legs, also made of steel.
I would like to say this gun should not also be put into the sun. This thing can get hot.

The accuracy is ok, not great. The barrel is a wide bore as far as I know, but with proper hop and .25s or .28s, you can get a pretty decent distance. I would only suggest .25s or .28s on the medium or high setting for the spring. .20s or .23s for the low or medium setting.
The selector switch makes a nice clicking into place, but I wouldn't play with it too much. The tooth can wear down, thus making the switch between auto and semi a little more of a hassle.
The internals are pretty standard, but nothing has shredded itself and the hop up system is still in good condition. Taking the body apart is rather easy, but putting it back together takes some practice as the upper and lower pieces must be inserted correctly or else it will be misaligned. Forcing you to take it back apart and do it again.

The iron sight/handle can also be removed and replaced with a SUSAT. You will need to modify or purchase a rail adapter for that. I think MATRIX sells two variants. G&P used to sell one but it seems to be discontinued.


Unique look
Not an M4 or variant
Easy to change spring with 3 settings.
Incredibly durable
Well balanced despite weight
Decent battery space - 8.4 brick, 9.6 nunchuck, small lipos. ICS recommends the 8.4v. I wouldn't go higher than a 7.2 lipo if your running stock.
Does a decent job suppressing with a high cap.
Can be turned into a DMR
Easy to take apart, put together
Had success with ICS, Elite Force, and KWA magazines
Comfy cheek rest


Not an M4 or variant
Everyone thinks its the L85.
Relatively heavy, over 10lb fully equipped
Not the most accurate thing I've shot.
Needs slight modifications to accept a drum mag.
Putting it together make take some practice
Fire selector switch can wear down pretty badly
Lack of choice between brands for a SUSAT
by Jarod G. on 05/01/2015
"The ICS L86a2 is nothing short of spectacular.
I looked for a period of 6 months before making the decision on what kind of support weapon I wanted and this took the cake. As far as price, it is completely fair at $429.00... but by all means a steal if you utilize a 20-23% off coupon to knock it down to around $340.

The build quality is exceptional. Can and will take almost any abuse you throw at it. Apart from the poly grips on the front barrel, stock pad, pistol grip, and the "behind-the-magwell" grip... all metal. The orange tip is painted on, so if you don't like it use some matte-black nail polish. The front bipod is very study and attached to a post that allows it free rotation (which means unless you prop it up the rifle does not freestand upright), so it allows you to plant it and have a very large angle of fire without readjusting too much. The bipod feels integral to the L86. I removed it to alleviate some weight (bipod is the majority of it), it doesn't quite feel right without it on... the balance is off. The front sight post is easily removable, as is the rear sight aperture/carrying handle. The poly KWA M4 midcap mags that I use for it fit snug and do not wiggle.

The battery compartment on the front of the gun fits a 11.1v 1450mAh easily and it is what I ran in it for 2 months, or 5 all day events. But running that battery caused the gears to bugger up, and I had to re-shim them. while I had the gearbox apart there was no sign of stripping on the gears because of the LiPo.

As for what I put with the rifle, I took off the stock 19mm rail and outfitted it with a 20mm rail and a SUSAT sight. It looks great, and definitely drew the attention at the field when wearing full gear and fatigues. The L86's amazingly long 590mm barrel provides accurate fire at 100 feet and can still reliably hit a human sized target in 3-5 round bursts at 150 feet. Has the same range as all but the most upgraded springer sniper rifles (in terms of putting a 3-round burst down range and getting the same result).
Maneuverability isn't meant for close quarters, even if it is a bullpup. If you go into buildings, get a backup. If you have 1-2 people with you and you move together this rifle is perfect for keeping heads down as they move up and check corners. The suppression is real.

In part from the mags I use, the L86 has never jammed, dry-fired, or had a malfunction in an active game situation (apart from not tracking ammo and popping a corner only to come up empty, that other guy was right about the fat-kid in a candy store).

If you don't like having ammo cans full of mags for different guns or changing out pouches and loadouts just because you are going to a different scenario this is definitely up your alley. I have it as part of my permanent use loadout for those very reasons.
I have the KWA KM4S, JG P90 T-mod (with some heavy modification after that), and the L86a2. All of which use the same KWA M4 midcap mags.

I would go into details about the adjustable spring, reliable hop-up, and the built-in fuse that the gun has for the battery and everything, but you can refer to Steven L's review on that. It's spot on.

- Very Sturdy, all metal
- Long 590mm barrel
- Easy to maintain
- Definitely eye-catching
- Accurate
- Deceivingly lightweight
- Everything that can be removed, is very simple to do so
- Comfortable ADS
- Is not front heavy
- Secure mags
- Large battery compartment
- Intimidating
- Built in fuse for battery cable

- Gearbox had some trouble after extended use with 11.1 LiPo (what gun doesn't)
- Makes you a target
- Is a little louder than most, but that's due to motor placement (and that's just nitpicking)

In conclusion, there is no other gun I'd rather have than this one. Later on down the road if I want to upgrade it, its even compatible with the V3 P* motor.
by Steven L. on 02/07/2015
"Hands down, this is the best rifle to buy for those who want a big gun but also want to run a bit. It is light for a big gun, weighing in at about 10-11 lbs. It's very solid. I had it on a sling on my back while running to our next objective. When I took a turn with it, the sling caught a door and ripped off. The whole thing slammed into the ground. I suffered more trauma than the gun did. Everything still worked just fine. Not a scratch.

This L86 feeds like a champ with flash mags. It eats through them like a fat kid at the candy store. Every time with no jamming, no misfires, and without complaining.

This gun is accurate and consistent. The hopup needs a little fine tuning, but once you click it into it's sweet spot, you're hitting your target every time. The closest gun I have owned to this for accuracy would be the G&G m14 veteran. I would take this L86 over the m14 in any accuracy shooting competition.

The bi-pod on this gun is amazing. It swivels from side to side, so you don't have to reposition it when you want to shoot people who are running off to the side. It also adjusts height easily and tilts from side to side. Also, it makes a good makeshift front grip for when it's running and I want to hip fire the L86.

The iron sights are good. You can remove them and put on a rail for adding different optics. I switched it out for a scope at first, but then I missed the convenience of having a carry handle and soon put the iron sights back on.

The vertical grip in the back makes using the bi-pod your main objective while playing. You just set up the bi-pod, raise the shoulder rest, and then use the back grip to steer the L86 while firing like a mad machine gunner. It allows you to have more control while you are moving the gun while you are firing from the deployed bi-pod position. It also makes for fun jokes when you tell your friends that your gun goes: Barrel, trigger, mag, vertical front grip, then the stock from the front of the gun to the back.

This gun is also easy to work on. Need to change the spring? No problem, 5 minutes and no tools needed. Just pop out the two pins and remove the gearbox. Then remove the spring pin and replace the spring. It's that easy. The spring guide also has 3 settings so that you can adjust your fps a little when going to fields with weird FPS rules. For example, switch it from 415 (high) to 385 (low) on an m120 spring to get it below 400 FPS. Low setting on a m100 spring shoots at about 309 fps which is what I use when I go to CQB fields. With an m100 spring, I was still shooting as far as the average airsoft player in outdoor fields. I did not feel hindered by my lower fps even though I had forgotten to bring my m120 spring.

Solid construction
FPS adjustment
Quick change spring
Long inner barrel
Excellent hopup
Long range
Best bi-pod on the market
Only 36" long
Easy to lift and maneuver
Does not jam (don't invite it to play in your band)
Gets you attention on the field

Does not like Earl grey tea in the gearbox.
by Landon H. on 08/07/2014
"My $0.02 on the ICS L86.
This is one serious airsoft machine. Opponents will think twice before engaging you and in the right hands this thing will tear up a battlefield. I have had my L86 since 2013. It is very reliable as both a DMR (it has the same barrel length as my Echo 1 M14!) and a light support weapon, if given the right magazines (I use an Echo 1 850 round mag if I play light support). I have modified my L86 with the ICS rail for optics and a rail I have fitted to the right of the gun (I disassembled it and put a polymer M4 hand grip rail in the holes beside the iron sights). Unfortunately, these are the only rail-estate options at the moment that don't require permanent modification to the replica.

Speaking of disassembly, this thing is a piece of cake strip down. It is very easy to maintain the gearbox thanks to a removable spring guide and ICS has built the internals like a tank. It comes pre-installed with an M120 spring, well shimmed and well greased right out of the box. The motor is a short-type ICS Turbo 3000 (which has neodymium magnets like the ones from high end aftermarket motors, such as Lonex).

The back grip can be removed with 1 screw. If you play your cards right you can put it on the front of the grip by attaching a washer to the screw and closing the hand guard. It is tricky but it can be done. Be warned though, it will scratch the plastic.

The flash hider can be removed but it is bulky and longer than normal flash hiders. It is large because the front support rail and the bipod clamp onto it for stability and support.

- Built like a tank.
- It will handle any gearbox upgrade you can put in it.
- Nice external finish, high quality plastic.
- Can hit targets at 150 feet. Longer with some upgrades.
- Scares the snot out of new players
- Receives lots of attention at airsoft fields.
- Looks like a boss when you put rails on it.
- Very easy to use and maintain.
- Disassembly is a piece of cake
- Can adjust FPS without opening the gearbox
- Easy to swap motors
- Takes M4 magazines

- Electric harness design may prevent the use of a MOSFET
- It is power hungry. Be sure to have 2 batteries per all day event.
- I honestly can't think of any other cons...

If you want an airsoft gun that truly catches your attention, can be used as a semi-automatic sniper or spew rounds down the field, and you require nothing but the best out of the amount of money spent in an airsoft gun then the ICS L86 is a serious contender. Don't take my word for it though, take my friend's words for it. They have the scars to prove it lol.
by Jonathan C. on 10/17/2013
"I have owned this rifle for almost a year now. It is by far my favorite AEG so far. Being a bit power hungry I have installed a few upgrades like a 610mm EDGI barrel, maple leaf and SP140 spring. The internals handled all of it great, and reached 200-250 foot man sized shots.

Solid Externals and internals
adjustable and quick change spring
lightest support gun out there and can run DMR as well
Very crisp trigger mechanism
Extremely easy to work on
Compatible with Version 2 cylinder, cylinder head, piston, and gears.
Battery replacement is very easy

The nozzle is weak and prone to break during gearbox removal and installation
Motor connectors are very weak (easily replaced or soldered though)
Aftermarket flashhiders/mock supressors would require some very creative work to mount
Magazine well is longer than normal. Makes adding drum/box mags challenging
Drum and box magazines are awkward and cumbersome
by Nanea S. on 09/10/2013
"Had this gun for a year. Never went down. Hands down one of the best guns I own.
by Brandon B. on 07/04/2013
"This gun is definitely worth it. i got it on sale for 300$ and let me tell you this thing is a complete beast. it shreds through trees and brush like i was hoping it would without dropping. It could be used as a sniper or LMG because of its external features (ex: fully adjustable bipod, back grip for prone, comfortable handguard, flip up shoulder mount for stability) although the iron sights arent great, it could easily be replaced with a susat scope or a conversion for a regular rail. overall, its worth the price.

strong externals
great accuracy
great power
suprisingly good range
adjustable fps
good ROF
feels realistic
kinda heavy (pro or con)
shoulder mount
durable bipod
badass looking
easy to disassemble
great battery placement

sights arent great (get a susat to complete the sniper role)
drum mags would be uncomfortable (get a fat mag)
by Adam P. on 04/27/2013
"A question to an owner! Does this have a thread underneath the flash hider cause i think it would look sick with a silencer. Just wondering.g if there is a thread let me know
by Robert P. on 06/14/2012
"Just got this gun today. I love it. I swear its to the point now that I won't even buy a AEG unless ICS makes it. And I promise you I have owned them all. KWA, CA, JG, King Arms, on & on. From the insides to the outside, they are the best feeling/shooting guns on the market.

This gun is very tight tolerance, extra secure. It's solid as hell... everything metal, good metal. Anyone who says that barrel length isn't that much of a difference maker in airsoft, well.... they have never shot a "machine" or "tool" like this beast.

You must be of solid upper body and mobility, and need to adjust to your basic weapon proficiency to use this gun, which is a definite pro, as it only enhances the realism, milsim level of muscle memory to essentially be training with the real thing. So yea, you need to understand a countersniping / DMR role to be comfortable with a bullpup light machine gun. I paired this gun with a 11.1v , 2300mah, 12c Firefox lipo, right out of the box, and it has been running flawless, and smooth as silk. I'm sure it could handle more, but I adjusted to high spring setting, and it shoots great, no need for upgrades . 5 Stars !
by Jason Z. on 05/04/2012
"Love this gun. Fires solid, easy take down, sounds mean. Ive sniped from 200+' through brush and pulled head shots. Only issue is the top rail, it is thinner than the standard so you cant just drop any optic on it. I ended up drilling out a standard rail so I could put my illuminated scope with a small riser on it. People have told me that they have taken other routes to avoid me, if they think I'm on the left they go right just because of this rifle. Would buy it again in a heartbeat.
by michael s. on 01/07/2012
"I have had this gun for 3 months now and still shoots fine. i love it! out on the field people know me as the longshoter since i hit people at 250 ft plus acturatly. i would suggest getting a 9.6 small type with it so it shoots a bit faster. also use only .25s with this gun or you shoot to inaccuerate.


Nice look, no one else were im at has one!
great fps, changable
super long range, i once consdered puting a sniper scope on it
lightish weight for a lmg, if ya carrying it around for more than 6 hours it gets a bit heavy but thats not a problem for me


only one: the gear box is right by your left ear so it a bit loud but if you are in a war and you were a mask this should not be a problem

overall i woud highly recomend this gun to all but qcb'ers since the barrel is long
great gun ICS! and way to go Evike for having it!
by Austin M. on 01/02/2012
"This AEG is the best purchase I have ever made from this site. I have had much experience with different airsoft guns, from SMGs to LMGs, and I must say that this is one of the very best! It isn't too long, it isn't too short (thanks to the revolutionary bull-pup design), it extremely accurate, it has adjustable power, and is overall a very sexy rifle. In the U.S. this is a very rare gun to see on the field, and gets lots of looks. However, not so much in Scotland, England, or Ireland (for obvious reasons). You can always count on ICS on making quality guns, and the L85/L86 series surely proves that. Every-time I fire this thing, it feels like a cougar is ripping from under me, tearing down everything I aim at. Although the best feature on this thing is the adjustable power, in which you have to to open up the gear box (which is easily done, thanks to ICS's system) and re-adjust the piston, making it right for universally every field. The only thing that I found lacking in this deal was a battery. No proplem, just But don't take my word for it, study up, and I guarantee that you will find that people love it.


Adjustable FPS

Great Sights

Beautiful Construction

Accurate Fire

Accurate Range

Accurate Markings

Bull-Pup (Well, depends on your preference)

Surprisingly Light

Strong Bi-Pod

Powerful Bark

Powerful Bite


No battery

Slightly confusing battery placement

A little bit back heavy

Price is pretty high

If you are thinking about getting this rifle, do it, It is worth every penny. You won't be disappointed.
by Zack T. on 12/27/2011
"This gun is AMAZING! For $350 you are getting a ton more than you are paying. This gun is like an assault rifle (because you can use it in place of an m16 or ak47 and it will do fine), sniper rifle (because the barrel length is so long that with a good susat scope this gun will get you accurate to about 250 feet), and light machine gun all in one. The select fire is excellent, except occasionally it doesn't work, but you can fix that by just switching to auto and shooting for a bit. Auto is incredible, I got mine to about 16 rps. Like they show in the video you can change the fps by the pin system in the gearbox, and it helps a lot. It is a bit heavy, but on the upside considering it is a light machine gun 9 pounds is nothing.

-Great rate of fire
-All metal and plastic is high quality
-Great range and fps
-Iron sight is okay
-Comes with good bipod
-Worth a lot more than $350
-For those of you who have m4, m16s your mags are what this gun uses (m4 style)

-A bit heavy, but with a sling your fine. Plus for a light machine gun, your not getting a huge weight life from an m249 or m60
-Rear grip wobbles, not a big problem though

So ya if you have the money this gun is a great investment, very nice job ICS.
by glena g. on 08/15/2011
"Initial Response: Wow, such a beautiful rifle. Fully stamped steel with legitimate trade marks. 350$ well spent.

Now, I've had this for about 4 weeks. So far, Its a great gun but like all airsoft guns, it has its faults. One of them is the grip. Mine has become loose and slides back and forth. Not terrible but c'mon ICS. Pay attention to detail

Externals: Very nice. The plastic used for the grip and butt are high quality and extremely durable. the steel is extremely nice, no scratches in the paint yet. So who ever painted this gun did a great job. the outer barrel isn't steel. I do believe it is aluminum, still nice. The Bi-pod is NOT steel. At least the footings aren't. They have already begun the early steps to rusting sadly. ICS is good but they need to chip in the extra cash for a full steel gun. Not 90% steel, 5% aluminum, and 5% iron. But to stop the rust, just keep it clean and make sure to use some gun oil or rem oil and clean it often.

Externals: Charging handle/magazine: The charging handle is nice but the tip is kind of sharp, so watch out all of you easy bleeders. It has a piece of steel on it. Its purpose? I have no clue, but it looks nice so I'm not going to complain. The charging handle can lock but it is kind of odd. You have to pull it back and then pull up on the lock. Then to unlock, you just pull it back again...simple.
Magazine is extremely nice. They sell extras here on Evike for a decent price. The magazines are fully steel with a great winder on the bottom. I've dropped it on the the ground several times and is hasn't skipped a beat. Miss feeds are common but its a hi-cap, what do you expect.

Internals:I'm not going to lie, this gun is extremely easy to take apart. Two pins and BAM! open up. Both pins are Never Lost Pins. But the one near the center of the gun is really hard to get out. I suggest a small rubber mallet to tap it out. Then pull both pins.

Internals: Trigger Assembly: I'm not totally sure what, or how, or why but this thing rocks. It is separate from the rest of the gun. At least it keeps the gun from jamming so I'm good with it.

Internals:Gearbox: Wow, is this thing a sight. It is the easiest gearbox I have ever worked on in my life. The FPS is adjustable here. Just pull out the pin, adjust the setting, and put back in. I have yet to take the entire thing apart and I don't plan to. The gun is so solid, it doesn't need any fine tuning.

That's it for my review. I'm not putting in a Pros vs Cons. Reason being is that you should read into my review as much as possible and make your own list. If your going to spend 350$ on an airsoft gun, read into it as much as possible. So everyone, this is callsign Dax_7 signing off. Happy Airsofting!
by Thomas H. on 05/01/2011
"Absolutley the best AEG I have every bought.

- Amazing rate of fire.
- Extremely accurate even after 130'
- Useful bipod.
- Lots of battery space.
- Lighter than an M60 and M249 and still considered a LMG for your mil sim games.

- I dunno.....don't use it for CQB I guess...