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Heckler & Koch / Umarex Full Metal USP Match NS2 Airsoft Gas Blowback Gun by KWA

10 Customer Reviews

by Michelle B. on 04/18/2014
"Please read this all the way through. It may seem like it gets off track, but it will lead to something, I promise.
I have had this gun for quite some time now. I just ordered the challenge kit for an m4, meaning I've only had this gun to use, and no other gun. This gun is so good I use it as my primary, and believe it or not, I have sniped a few people cross-map with this pistol.
When I got into airsoft, my friend let me use his pistol and that is all I used. I decided I wasted to get a pistol, not a rifle for my first gun. This is the gun that I got for my birthday that year.
I give this gun a 5 out of 5. I have used my friend's ups Compact, and to be honest, it isn't that great. This, however, is unique, durable, well put together, and very effective on the field. THIS GUN IS NOT FOR CQB UNLESS YOU BUY A NEW GAS VALVE. I play at a cab place and when they used a working chromo, it shot 390. So, for a few hours, i couldn't play airsoft at all. Then, my parents came and talked some sense into the guys to let me play with the pistol with a slight modification/changing of the gas valve.
There is multiple downfalls to this gun, however the downfalls are not bad enough to drop the gun to a four stars.
This gun is big. Like, desert eagle big. Smaller airsofters may not like the size of this gun. I personally have large hands for my age, so I have no problem with this.
That being said, this gun is so big that it does not fit in all the holsters that I have tried with it without modification to the holster itself, and even then it was really hard to get the gun out of the holster.
Last downfall: the front sight. The glue that they use to secure this sight down is not very good. After a few sessions of airlifting, the front sight literally fell off. So, I took it to the technicians in the back of the place and they hooked me up with a cement-type glue that secured it down to the gun perfectly.

Overall, a great purchase and a definite buy.
by Emerson S. on 11/14/2013
"The KWA USP match. I got this because if you are going to spend this kind of money on a gas pistol, why not go with something different? I got this to be my main gun in CQB, and as a secondary in woodland fields. it's also my favorite pistol, mostly because of HALF LIFE 2 and Tomb Raider :3
Quality is very good, and It fits my hand very well. I feel it shall serve me well in many a game to come.

Looks very cool.

Crisp blow-back.

Large mag capacity.

Official HK trademarks. makes it look MUCH nicer!

nice metallic sound when shot.

good gas efficiently, you can get 2 mags out before running out. (that's 29 rounds per mag)

Fully ambidextrous. (it's very lefty friendly)

It's a USP match. Need I say more? :3

Extra mags can be expensive

Compensator and left slide release requires Allen wrench to remove, which may be a problem if you need to field strip it in a hurry or on the field.

Might be a little large for some peoples hands. it also might be a little heavy for some.

finding a holster to fit this might be a problem.

Don't let this discourage you from buying this pistol! It is a large, intimidating, and It will definitely turn heads at the field!
by Jeryn M. on 10/02/2013

This gun...makes me want to cry. I was looking for an intimidating secondary to replace my M9 after I gave it to my girlfriend...and this is where I landed. First off i've got to mention the obvious fact that the gun looks beyond intimidating right out of the box (partly due to the sick barrel weight included). It's actually SO intimidating that i've had several guys ask me before a session to please "surrender them" on the field as opposed to shooting them with it. It actually does hurt my heart a bit whenever i hit someone with this gun (not really). And as lame as it sounds...this gun really performs exactly how it looks. It's actually so powerful I use it as my primary at my local CQB arena. The barrel weight actually hides an extended barrel, making the Match a bit more accurate than it's brothers (or so i've heard). Accuracy, Power, Awesomeness. Ever KNOWN you've hit someone with your secondary from 100 ft out...but they didn't call their hit? You think to yourself..."ok maybe they didn't feel it...wearing tac gear and all..." Well i guarantee catch one round from the Match...and you're going to call your hit. Nuff said.

1) Intimidating Appearance
2) Very Powerful/High FPS
3) Sounds Amazing
4) Extremely well put-together
5) Perfect Weight
6) Accurate enough to use as a primary

1) Somewhat pricey
2) Mags are expensive
3) Barrel weight renders the stock rail useless. You'd need to run it without barrel weight in order to use the rail for a laser/light, but it would look awkward with the extended barrel sticking out.
4) USPs are pretty large pistols. Some may find the Match too large to carry as a secondary
by Birgit d. on 04/19/2012
"I freakin love this gun just got it today what can i say wow just wow


sometimes ur finger hits the left slide catch

over all love it and get it!!
by Jonathan L. on 12/29/2011
"So i love KWA!!!! i picked this up yesterday and wow!!!!! i wanted to take it to an indoor CQB field to break it in! gun says it is around 350FPS, and the field cant have anything over 350FPS, when i went to Crono with .2 bb i was shocked when it was over 420FPS!!!! THIS GUN IS A BEAST!!!!! i wasnt able to use it at that field, but my local field is fine to use! this gun is VERY ACCURATE! plus looks BEAST on the field! would really recommended this pistol if you play on a field that allows pistols that shoot over 400FPS!!!!!
by nicholas b. on 12/13/2011
"my first thought of this gun is wow its heavy my second thought was, wow this is amazing, my third thought, was absolutly outstanding, i ordered this for x-mas and my parents gave me around 10 or so minutes to look at it and what i thought of it, metal, polymer, wont break, are these bb's good and wow, i havent had a chance to chrono it yet but i hope its good
by Dillon S. on 06/12/2011
"I love this gun, it is THE perfect sidearm to have. KWA states that it shoots around 340-350 fps but mines clocked in at a surprising 425 fps with .2g bbs and Propane. This gun fits in my NC Star Crossdraw vest holster and I haven't had any problems with it yet.
by Meth s. on 01/30/2010
"This gun is overpowered, it's stated fps is in the 330s, i had mine clocked at 407 with average in the 380s. Major league door kicking, and they are going to feel it. It looks really cool, when I'm not shooting it, im just holding it and admiring it :). I'm getting the Robocop one next.

pros: looks amazing cool, killer power (in the high 380s average),

con: oversized ( not for small hands), hard to find holster
by Li X. on 04/22/2012
"It's a very big, very heavy, also very good airsoft pistol. Some features are better than expected!

Four stars, because
1. one minor defect in the compensator thread hole
2. safety and decocking mechanism seems kinda delicated and flimsy.
by matt b. on 12/16/2010
"this gun was great. a little pricey but well worth the money for its outstanding accuracy and great durability. only thing that i would say about it is that the slide lock/release breaks after awhile, therefore meaning that the slide WILL NOT lock back at all :T
But, even though its happened to some people that i know, im sure that it can be fixed.
It performs extremely well, especially with the ns2 gas system just making it better and more efficient on gas. accuracy 5/5 durability 4.5/5
all in all, i wud give it 4/5 -cant find replacement part for the slide release :T