Reviews: Matrix Sniper Camoflauge Mesh for Airsoft Sniper Rifles

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Model: ACC-MTX-CamoMesh

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by Andrew G. on 2015-02-08 02:14:29
"I like this product, as it does a perfect job, I cover up just the front end of my rifle which is the part I stick out of the brush.
by Ben C. on 2013-10-09 18:56:09
"At first glance, Its El Cheapo. But really, For 6$ It would serve its purpose. From a distance nobody is going to tell the difference, and if you put grass/tree/brush clippings in any of the holes this thing would make your gun Invisible. Mind you it doesn't help much when you got a bright orange tip on the end of your rifle.

4/5 because theres always room for improvement.
by Louis P. on 2012-12-14 13:18:45
"When I got this for my sniper rifle, I tried to put it on, and it was to small. I'd recomend for an entire gun, to buy at least two of these, which shouldn't be a problem.
by Hank P. on 2011-12-22 19:05:56
"I got this today and I can say it is pretty darn cool for only $6!!!! I didn't really know what to expect but found it's just a rectangle that has two differant shades. All I can say is by itself it's pretty blahh but on my gun it looks amazing!! good for any gun and can be easlily stored if you dont need it at the moment. All in all... Get IT for only $6 it's a steal!

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)