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Model: MagClamp-PA-P90
Location: U2-099

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by EMMANUEL G. on 2011-12-12 09:25:22
"Works fantastic! I think you should buy one if you have a P90, E90, any Tokyo Marui compatible FN P90 AEG.
This is a top secret device that will clamp two of your mags together like nothing else can.

How does it work:
Imagine you have a mag inserted in your P90 - now imagine a 2nd mag upside down where the BBs hole is in forward direction. This means that the two mags are clamped together sort-of head over head. When you're firing and you run out of BBs, pull the mag out and flip it over and insert the other mag and you're ready to fire again.

The benefits are - if you have the standard 70 round mags you can speed load the 2nd mag because it is already upside down and mounted and is stable on top of your P90.
If you have the high capacity 300 round mag - and you didn't wind it enough, flip it over and insert the 2nd mag and now you are free to wind the first mag. The time to swap out mags is the only time you're not firing. Reload at your convenience.
The only difference is your cheek weld is now touching the 2nd mag that extend almost all the way back down the stock - but I got used to it. You'll probably be using a red dot scope anyway.

I'll try comparing hi cap and lo cap mags to see which works better. Low cap mags become really easy to speed load with BBs like this so it might work going to battle just having the two mags clamped together. You don't have to wait until your mag's empty - just flip it over! Speed load at your convenience and flip!

Now get a 363mm inner barrel for your P90 and hide it with a suppressor and be the envy of all those you survey!

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)