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Madbull Airsoft Powder Shot Gas Powered Foam Simulation Sound Grenade

3 Customer Reviews

by Jd d. on 01/01/2010
"I do not own one but, is it just me or does that not look/sound like it's going to scare anything/anyone.
by Donovan D. on 04/30/2016
"As cool as it is to have a reusable sound grenade, you are much better off just getting a Thunder B with some spare shells. Technically this grenade does exactly as advertised, as in only making a MODERATE detonation sound. If you aren't within a few feet of the grenade, you will not be affected in the slightest. Due to the foam that the grenade is made out of, it WILL eventually begin to deteriorate/tear/whatever. This grenade requires a lot of work to make it even semi-reliable, as the delay timer tends to get stuck and detonate at the most inconvenient time. Again, for sound grenades, just get Thunder B's.

Technically a sound grenade

Sound is not loud enough to be effective
Made of foam, making it less durable and prone to bouncing
Definitely not reliable; the timer can get stuck and not detonate
by Khanh T. on 11/12/2009
"Bought 3 of these on 11/6/09....very light weight and looks good. The quality of the internals also seems to be good (aluminum). However, when using in real skirmishes, all 3 units failed to function as tuned. I cleaned the internals and tuned the timing right before each games. I tested the unit to make sure the timing met my needs (~5sec). Each worked great during each test, but when the game started (~15-20mins after the tuning), I launched the grenades and 1 didn't discharge, 1 exploded right away as I threw it in the air, and one was super long delay (~15 sec). Basically, these were unreliable. It worked great as I was tuning it, but all 3 of mine didn't work when they counted the most...during games. I was so disappointed that I gave 2 away at the end of the day and kept one to remind me not to buy another one. Maybe the $100 version is better (all aluminum), but I am not going to buy another Madbull until I see some good reviews. Don't look at the video reviews of people testing the unit because they would work fine. Mine did too when I was just testing it. I think that's because as I was tuning it, the trigger mechanism doesn't get "sticky". Let the unit charge up and wait 15-20 minutes before you launch to see if it works as you tune it....that's what count in a real game.

Light weight
Sturdy aluminum internals
reasonably loud
easy to disassemble

NOT reliable when it counts.
Can get dirt/sand in the lower portion if you play in sandy fields.