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G&P Limited Edition Sentry 10.5" Shorty M4 Airsoft AEG (Magpul/Black)

18 Customer Reviews

by KENNETH d. on 03/09/2011
"got this about 2 weeks ago, and i love it!

the gun is full metal and real steel quality Victor stock. real steel troy battle sights (they can retail for 100 bucks), a VLTOR upper reciever and a magpul lower. both are highly impressive quality and very good looking. the gun is wired to a dean connector and WILL NOT take the 2300 Mah crane stock battery, only the 1600 Mah. ROF is a monster on this, and the FPS is a solid 300 -330. making this ideal for CQB.

high quality EVERYTHING
ROF is insane with a 9.6
marui compatible

charging handle is iffy, cant close the dust cover


takes 9.6 deans 1600 mah battery ONLY (unless you get lipos)
there appears to be a smart phone scan code on the top of the upper reciever?

Overall highly recomended weapon system (coming from an AK fan too that should have some weight)
by Michael R. on 11/15/2010
"The basic review; its a great gun with only minor problems.

The longer review; I've had this gun for about 4 months now and used it in a couple dozen games and fired thousands of round through it. I'll start with performance then talk about externals and internals.

-Shoots 340 fps w/ .20s
-Range is about 125ft
-At 125 ft you'll have no problems shooting specific parts of a person
-At 150 ft you'll have no problems shooting a torso sized target
-RoF is insane, on a 9.6v 2300 MaH battery I was getting 24 rps

-Beautiful externals as with every G&P I've owned and seen
-Comes with a glued on flash hider that comes off with a good grip and pliers
-Barrel is incredibly solid and the VLTOR flash hider looks great
-RAS VLTOR sight looks great and easy to adjust of elevation, does not snap into place though and a bump will cause it to fold up or down. When its down, the rail is the same height as the RAS handguard
-Mock 7' Daniel Defense rail system that looks great and with the slim rubber rail covers that come with the gun feels very comfortable.
-Stubby vertical grip is too short to grab with a full hand, but with 3 finger on the grip and your index along the rail is a very comfortable position for shooting
-G&P Magpul lower receiver matched with the VLTOR upper looks amazing and very unique, lots of people want to buy that part alone.
-The bolt cover looks great, but does not snap closed like you get on other guns and you have to press the charging handle forward to get it to close over the hop-up unit which sometimes causes the dial to move adjusting the hop-up
-Molded trigger guard looks great and very comfortable with or without gloves
-Pistol grip is incredibly comfortable, however the motor height adjustment screw does not stay and will need to be adjusted often or you will strip the pinion gear, thread lock will fix this
-Rear sight is very nice and can be adjusted for windage and has day and night settings, unlike the front sight this snaps into place and youíll need to press the side button to flip it down again
-Does not scratch easily, but if you open the gun a lot then expect to see some
-QD sling attachment point is a very nice touch and is very easy to switch hands with the sling attached
-VLTOR stock looks great and is incredibly solid with no wiggle, but if you want to install a normal crane stock battery, you will need to modify the stock by cutting the plastic on the back of the stock to allow the wires to fit

-8mm Gearbox runs amazing on a 9.6v and would run just as well on an 8.4v
-Hop-up is ok, replace the bucking with a systema to get better control
Upon opening the GB
-Gears have shown absolutely no sign of wear and no metal shavings have been found
-Piston is the G&P white piston with the G&P explosive piston head and forms a very tight seal in the cylinder, very little signs of wear on the 2nd tooth
-M120 motor spits out an amazing RoF, but since it's a high-speed motor the trigger response is a little slower and if youíre in a longer firefight it will get pretty hot
-Has Deans wiring so make sure you have the right connectors

Overall this gun has been great for CQB, but due to the range, I donít plan to take it outdoors. The performance you get from the gun means you have a great set-up for most CQB arena. The externals looks amazing and are very comfortable for prolonged use. The internals have run great and show little to no signs of causing problems. If you want something that looks unique thatíll run very nice out of the box this gun would be a great choice.
by Michael S. on 10/10/2010
"first think i want to say is that the pictures of this gun do not do it justice. the externals of this gun are PHENOMENAL!!! the 416 style grip is actually much larger that i first thought, and the Daniel defense rail system is something to behold. Over all the gun has minimal wobble. when i say minimal wobble i mean, im Trying to find bad things about this gun. the rail move no more than a micro-meter, and if everything like the sling attachment and magazine are remover it feels like one solid piece of steel. witch brings me to its major flaw, witch would be the magazine well. the mags wobble around a good .5cm, witch doesn't sound like much, but after a while gets annoying. on the flip side it allows for easy mag installation. with a quick wrap of electrical tape the mags fit nice and snug. this gun is actually amazingly accurate with .25's (i wouldn't use anything less) oh yeah i also forgot to mention that with a 9.6v 1600mh v shaped battery (witch dose not fit in the gun) this monster pumps out about 23bps. overall this is a beautiful gun with excellent features , but some may find it rather odd and futuristic. personally im going to have to put some money into it to make it perfect, but then again i do that with all my guns.
by Romulo F. on 09/06/2010
"I had this gun for about six months now and i gotta say tha it's my best gun. I ordered it because of the Magpul body and I just went Magpul crazy and bought everything Magpul that a can change on this gun. I kept it all black with 12 Magpul PMags MidCaps. I know that the rate of fire is crazy already but I wanted it even crazier so I had the internals worked on so all you see is a line of bb's running at 350fps, which is great for CQB.
by Devon R. on 04/28/2010
"Ok, THIS GUN IS AMAZING! it is worth every penny and has a CRAZY ROF even with a nearly dead non lipo 9.6v battery. around 23 bps on a dead battery, not lipo. although, i dont know why they say that the fps is in the 200's, out of the box, mine was shootin' at around 360 ish. but when i put a longer, tight bor barrel in it, it was shooting at exactly at 400fps. this gun is amazing, just leave it at that.
by Brian W. on 03/11/2010
"Got this in last week. I re-routed the wires to the front for my PEQ2 battery box. Also replaced the crane stock with the SopMod one, Madbull tightbore inner barrel (M4 length), mock silencer (to hide longer inner barrel). ROF is pretty quick with a 9.6 battery, haven't crono'd yet-my local shop's crono was broken.

1. Full metal Magpul body is HAWT!! (it'll definitly turn heads-hard to do with an M4 sometimes)
2. flip up sights are nicely made, don't feel cheap at all
3. high rate of fire (better than my ICS or my CA)
4. shoots pretty hard (for CQB anyway)
5. included sling mount is great feature-perfect for the single point sling I use

1. FPS may be a little low for the cost (can't verify-just going off the listed one)
2. linking a battery that's useable with the crane stock would be nice (I ordered the wrong one and had to put on different stock to use it).
3. wish it came with the Magpul triangle foregrip instead of the stubbie (I don't like it personally)
by Heson O. on 02/26/2010
"This is a beautiful and outstanding AEG. Definitely worth the price. The metal body is outstanding: looks, feel, and durability. The VLTOR body looks unique and sexy. Nice sturdy build. Not wobble at all (expected from G&P). It's nice and heavy (approx 9-10 lbs). The sights are great; I prefer them over my red dot (but that's just me). The bolt make a decently satisfying sound. The QD sling swivel is great for my one point sling. Comes with a deans battery plug. Any mag will feed smoothly into the gun. I got a box set of midcap pmags and it looks fantastic. I do have to say that mags wobble around in the magwell, but it's an easy fix. Just put some electrical tape around your mags to get a tighter fit. The shooting is loud and the ROF is great with 9.6 1600mah battery. Make sure you clean the barrel when you get it because it will make your accuracy amazing. Or you can buy a nice tightbore barrel like me. G&P's internals are outstanding and it TM compatible. It can take up to M120 springs because of the G&P M120 motor. I currently have an M120 spring in my gearbox and it's giving out around 400+ fps with .25's. Overall great buy.

Full metal
High ROF out of the box
Great internals
Great for CQB

Loose magwell
Hard to fit battery
And that's it.
by Matt M. on 02/09/2010
"G&P is the best on the market. The all metal gearbox is top of the line, right down to the aluminum air nozzle. Most of the time, you would have to rebuild your mechbox to get most of the parts in this rifle, it's beautiful inside & out. I've been working on the ver. 2 gearbox for a couple years now and I haven't seen one that comes close to this mechbox. I've seen the "_"WA next generation X2 gearbox, but it's not a G&P gearbox! This rifle out of the box, shoots at 363 fps, has one of the best looking trademarks on a body to date. The rate of fire is serious, this thing with it's 8MM gearbox can put out more bb's than you can imagine. The rifle has been in two weekend wars and has performed flawless.

1. Best Mechbox in the world.
2. Rate of fire is superb.
3. Lipo ready, rec, 7.4 volt 1500mah. Seriously fast Rate of Fire.
4. Light weight, close quarter rifle.
5. All kinds of beautiful up-grades already done!
6. I'm the only person to have one, that I know of.
7. Aluminum Air Nozzle.
8. Up-Graded Trigger Assembly.
9. Solid Build, one of the best handling rifles.
10. "Is what this rifles rates at!"
by cody i. on 01/21/2010
"Bought this gun around christmas time. Not one complaint. I have around 12 magpul pmag high cap mags so i wanted to go with an m4. I really like this gun, I use a 9.6 and a 10.8 volt g&p crane stock battery. The fps is about 330 with .20 wich is perfect for where i play. The truly impressive thing about this gun is the rate of fire. On the 10.8 its just a steady stream of white. I havent chronographed the rof yet but i would guess on the 10.8 it is 1800 to even 1900 rpm. Feeds perfectly on pmags and kwa mags but NOT dboys, jg, echo1, and tm mags. it simply fires to fast for the mags to feed so it skips around every 5 rounds.

Pros- Rof is.....crazy
good weight
NO wobbles(maybe slight mag wobble but the real one does too soooo)
fps is perfect for cqb
everything i forgot

Cons- price...i guess
tricky battery installation

I would say if your on the fence about this gun, go ahead and buy it. I wasnt disapointed.
by Matt M. on 01/18/2010
"G&P Limited Edition Sentry M4. Got mine about two weeks ago. I haven't seen anyone with G&P at my field. These rifles are super guns, you won't believe the rate of fire with a 7.4 v lipo. The internals work smooth and quiet, plus you can see it has a metal air nozzle. I know now, G&P does a really nice job on the mechbox, that's just what I was looking for, strong internals!

Shooting this rifle is good. The grouping for a CQB is awesome, I was really surprised how well these guns are as a whole. I would say this rifle is every bit as good as a KWA new series model. Each company does something a little different, to make their rifle stand out, these stand out. Everyone has comented on this rifle, they've never seen the body, or it's just a super nice looking rifle; how does it shoot? Freaking great! Then I show them, it's an expensive rifle, not a newbie rifle. But, a newbie should save your money and buy quality! In the long run you will save time and money.

Superb Mechbox, metal air nozzle; plus!
Superb Build material, GOd this thing feels good!
Superb Grouping, keeps the bb's close together
Cronied at 363 fps out of the box!
Rate of fire is insane!
Rifle shoots super smooth, "Quiet"! Great for sneaking around!
Solid as a rock! This rifle will never break, no woobles either!
Takes a lipo with no problems! 11.1volt would be like a lazer gun!
Buy it, you will fall in love! Never let it leave your side.

by Matt M. on 01/12/2010
"G&P Limited Edition Sentry M4 AEG, Got mine last week! The first game was great, finally I have a rifle with zero problems, go big or go home, I have to say. Save the cash and buy high end aeg's and you'll have a much better experience in the long run. I had to sell over 6 rifle to get to a point where I could buy two great guns. This Sentry is super fast rate of fire, beautifully built mechbox, mostly all aluminum internals and the MAGPUL body is nice. I'm using the 7.4 volt lipo and this rifle has a perfect rate of fire. This is money well spent, buy this one of a kind aeg! You will love the feel, power 363 out of the box with .20 gram bb's. This gun is built to perform! MFI Team Idaho!
by Matt M. on 01/07/2010
"Hello Fellow AirSoft Players, Today my G&P Limited Edition Sentry AEG arrived by UPS. Opened the box to see a really beautiful rifle, very nice finish and feel. Comes with a deans connector, so I ran to the hobby store to get what I needed, installed the female end of the deans connector to my 7.4 Volt Lipo battery, charged it and out back I go. I filled my magazine, fired a few rounds to setup the hop up and it was ready to go. First shoot I cronied at 363, next 364 and 363, very consistent, so out of the box, it's 363 fps with .20 g bb's. Another thing I did was check all the allen bolts to make sure every thing was tight, it was good to go. This rifle shoots much smoother than any other brand I've owned so far. Four other models to be precise. Semi auto is perfect, super trigger response. Full auto is even better; "wow" is all I can say. This gearbox is ultra smooth, so the rate of fire is wonderful. I don't have any way to check that, but it shoots a solid stream very, very fast and smooth. The handling of this rifle is nice, to say the least. Very firm, zero wobble, other than the magazine, but it's like any other, not to bad. Again, the finish is exactly, like a real firearm. The Magpul body is aluminum die casting; not what I call "pot metal" like other rifles I've had. This is quality through and through. Looking at the mechbox, through the magazine hole, it looks like a polished body, re-enforced of course, looks very well built. I can't say enough about "Trade-Marks", if you like style, it's got allot of "bling"! Looks really cool and feels even better. Lipo batteries need to be sized correctly, I'm using a 7.4 V 1500 mah, sized at 95MM L X 27 MM W X 17 MM Width. I paid $9.95 for them and they work flawless. You can run the 11.1 Volt; but that would be a ridiculous rate of fire, from a perspective; some guys like that stuff. A big thing I learned with this purchase is. Wait, save your money for good quality, not bargain rifles. In the long run, you save allot of money and will have a great rifle to always be there come game time. In the beginning I went hog wild and bought several rifles and all I did was work on them, to keep them working; it was dumb. So now I have less rifles, but I only need two superb quality rifles and zero parts replacement. I'm 43 years old, learned the hard way several times, this rifle is very good quality, smooth, operates great. Highly recommend this weapon. G&P only needs to figure out the battery situation. Again, lipo size wise will fit inside the back stock tube, but it has to stay on number 5 open. I can't open and close the stock, till I figure out another battery option. The firefox long stick lipo would be perfect. Then you can use the folding stock. So look for a (Stick Battery) lipo preferably and you can have it all! One of the best rifles I've yet to play with. My KWA comes next week. It's my backup rifle, peace out! Be safe, play on. starcop
by Susan W. on 09/19/2009
"if i had enough money i would sooooo buy this sick gun
by John S. on 12/18/2013
"Very nice quality gun! There is no wobble on the body besides the mags in the well but some wobble is to be expected. The body is excellent and it even came with a metal flash hider (not VLTOR). The gun shoots very accurately for CQB and it has a nice ROF with a 7.4 lipo. There are some hiccups, the stock isn't VLTOR but Victor (still a very nice stock), the charging handle and bolt take lots of force to pull back and sticks in place when pulled back without the activation of the bolt catch. On the same note mine doesn't have a bolt catch! The motor grip isn't magpul even though this is a magpul style gun (again no problem with the motor grip just not what I expected, it is a tango down style). The dust cover doesn't close, but this is for all G&P's.
Great ROF
Great Range and FPS for CQB
Looks sweet!
Unique Crane Stock
Tango Down Grip
Came with black metal flash hider
Marked full metal rail
QD sling point mounts!
Came with black rubber ladder rails covers and vertical grip(not magpul?)
Charging Handle and bolt
no bolt catch(on mine)
stiff at first
magpul style gun with lots of magpul imitations
Trademarks aren't exact
Plastic trigger
by Perry F. on 11/11/2013
"Over all, a great gun.
Nice rof
Decent range(115 feet)
Wired to rear with deans
Full metal construction
Magpul pts trademarks
Vltor gas block

Most mags wont fit, I've found g&p mags and thicker m4 mags fit well
Rail guards are too long
You don't have it :)