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by david n. on 2010-09-19 19:25:07
"can the front sliing mount be switched to the left side to allow for a lefty to use a three point sling for this weapon?
by Joshua B. on 2010-09-19 15:21:15
"Alright check it.
The gun is amazing. I have been pioneering guns for 2 year from echo 1, g&g, we, jg, etc.....
But let me just say that.I Am KWA till it's over. I use t be the guy looking for a battery with the gun but now I will by my own battery. If you are looking for a gun with the externals and internals as well as the iron sights on point. I don't have any cons because there has not be a situation where I have died in a game since I bought this beautiful beast. If you don't buy this gun or another kwa than I will dominate u.
by Frederick E. on 2010-09-06 07:15:37
"The absalote best gun in the world the KWA KM4 RIS is amazing it has a very very fast trigger rasponse and has the new 2GX gearbox witch is amazing every thing about the KWA KM4 RIS is amazing KWA is in the top 5 best airsoft brands in the world. KWA RULES!!!!!!!

All metal
2GX gearbox
2GX hopup bucking

by Garren G. on 2010-06-12 12:21:32
"This gun is the most insane gun ive ever had ! This gun is full metal , and lipo ready , out of the box . This gun has the most insane Rof ive ever seen , probaly around 20+ bps with lipo battery . Which can fit basically any battery as long as you adjust the stock to the farthest back posistion.

-Full metal
-Insane Rof
-Azmaing accuracy, distance
-Kwa's stock battery holder
-Lipo ready
-Sounds very realistic compared to normal ellectric aegs

Cons :
-This guns Rof is acually to fast which causes it to kill the mag way to quickly so you might wanna lower fps or just get alot of mags.
by Cameron B. on 2010-01-31 20:32:35
"This M4 is a blast! I've had it a couple months and have no complaints. Am using Lipo and the rate of fire is scary. It is faster than a squad gun without the weight. My crew say they can tell wherever I am on the field just by the sound. The worst part is for my foes, a quick tap sends a stream down range and because it is so accurate, they often get hit more than once. I wanted a weapon that would hit hard, fast and straight, KWA is the way to go. When you buy this gun, get more BBs and Mags, you'll need them!

ROF (lipo ready, go for it!)
Real world looks and feel

Pricey (but worth it!)
Need to buy stock in a BB company
Opponents won't love you (so what???)
by jordan b. on 2010-01-09 08:36:34
"I got this gun last night at my local field.(gold eagle @ discover mills Ga). The gun is full metal and very heavy. Ive been shooting a Echo 1 g36 and the weight difference was huge.It weighs 6 and a half my classic army grenade launcher...and a scope..i weighed it at 11 pounds.

I am very happy with the feel..b/c it is VERY sold. but it had a SLIGHT(like 1/64th) inch wobble in the RIS rail. Performince is very fast with my 9.6 1600 intallect battery. I was shooting P.O.S. crossman .2's from walmart. They arent THAT bad but no good amo for no means. What im trying to get to is that it was mis feeding. even on simi if i pulled them off fast enough it would shoot with no bb. im not sure if this is b/c crappy bbs or my battery wasnt charged or i got a bad mag or what. time will tell.

-high fps(cronoed at 390 fps)
-high rate of fire. 20 plus with a 9.6
-grip is very comfortable
-RIS is solid
-11.1 lipo ready
-6 position crain stock is amazing
-kwa mags are solid metal, but as said in review were skipping shots.
-gear box is solid
-black mat finish is way better than the previous shinny black.
-14 mm. counter clockwise threads
-accuracy was really good with .2's and BALL ON BALL ACCURATE WITH .30'S.

-wobble in RIS
-cheap carry handle
-skipping shots

over all this gun is very nice! I need more time to really tell, but so far i feel like it is a good gun. buy one.
by John R. on 2010-01-06 16:28:32
"This gun is megan fox of airsoft. Kwa is built to out preform and they do out preform most co. Kwa has a good balence of externals and internals King Arms and RS are good but most of there focus is the externals kwa has passed my expectations for externals and the internals are great they are ready to take on a lipo battery when you are. STOCK. The metal body is a flat black like a real m4 i have compared the real steel AR-15 (M4) to the kwa m4 and i was blown a way by how much alike they were
the internals are great there kwa internals enough said. but over all this gun is a must have.

Great ROF with a lipo
full metal
and there are many many more pros

CONs: olny kwa mags work well AIM Mags are ok
by Eric R. on 2010-01-03 12:59:53
"I've had mine for a few months now, and we've gotten to know each other pretty well.

This rifle is great. Right out of the box, you can really feel the care that went into it. There is no wobble from the RIS (first I've seen without the RIS fix), and virtually no wobble from the crane stock. The stock is super easy and fast to adjust. I can fit a 9.6v 1500 mAh nunchuck or 9.6v 2200 mAh crane stock battery with very little difficulty, and when the wires are routed correctly (a little trickier on the crane battery), the stock collapses fully.

As for performance, out of the box the rifle was shooting very consistently at about 395 FPS, but it shot to the right with every shot. I opened it up to find a torn hop up bucking which Evike unfortunately wouldn't replace for me. A new bucking direct from KWA and an SCS nub fixed it right up. Note: ONLY KWA BUCKINGS WILL FIT. I installed a 407mm Prometheus tight bore (comes within 10mm of the end of the flash hider, visible through the slats), and now this this has some mean range and accuracy.

After about 4 games, my stock did start to come loose, but it was easily fixed with a long philips-head screwdriver.

Fast forward to now: The rifle still shoots at 385 FPS consistently. The RIS has a very slight wobble (still less than most other rifles out of the box) which isn't noticeable on the field. The stock hasn't come loose again since the first time.

In all, I would definitely buy this rifle again. It has one of the best feeling crane stocks I've seen, nearly as good as the Systema. The entire rifle is very well constructed and a solid performer.
by Kevin D. on 2009-10-10 03:42:53
"Bought mines a few days ago at the store. All I can say is "WOW!" This gun has an amazing ROF with a 9.6v battery. I tried it with a 8.4v as well and it still shoots pretty fast. It shoots around 390~ FPS constantly.

-Full metal
-Amazing ROF
-Worth every penny

-Can't really set the stock at it's shortest position with the battery inside. (Not sure if it requires some tweaking, but I just tried it out of the box so it might be different for other people.)

Displaying 13 to 21 (of 21 reviews)

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