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Evike Custom KWA VM4-A1 V2.5 / M4 RIS Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle

22 Customer Reviews

by john d. on 09/23/2017
"This gun is great.I have had it for a few months and it has porformed above my expectations.

Lipo ready


All in all this fun is a beast.
by Tim G. on 03/02/2015
"Have the SR7 and gun is a nice addition when yo want more fps and distance. Solid made KWA does it right. No need to upgrade its got it all.
by wesley c. on 05/11/2014
"this gun is amazing i have put 10,000 round in it with out a jam or any problem with a 11.1 lipo the cycle is extremely crisp and with a m120 spring it shots 380 to 400 i put .25 in it and hit anything i want within 120 feet kwa makes great guns if you get the ris sr10 or sr7 you will not be disappointed

crisp trigger
the 120 round mid caps fit like a glove
feed well

jest a little heavy (not a problem for me but for you maybe

ps if you think you want this gun and can afford it GET THIS GUN
by Josh W. on 12/06/2013
"Overall this gun performs absolutely amazing. I installed a TBB barrel, a raptor's full metal teeth piston and currently a matrix irregular pitch M120 spring. With an 11.1 lipo my ROF is 22-24 bps even with the stronger spring. I am easily engaging people at 75-80 yards, way outside of their range.

FPS (even before upgrades)
Full metal
Top notch internals

Heavy after awhile
Occasionally misfeeds
by Lisa H. on 04/28/2013
"One word: Perfect
Full metal upper and lower receiver
KWA's Crane Stock battery compartment
Full metal inner and outer barrel
Adjustable iron sights which are also metal
Little to no mag wobble (With KWA polymer 120 rd mid caps)
Full metal RIS with no wobble
Has not misfed a BB yet
shoots 430 FPS out of the box (put 2k rounds through it, it will wear down)
lipo ready
just the right weight
Solid and durable feel and look
KWA trademarks
45 day KWA warranty (better than any other company)
Smooth fire selector switch
About 28 RPS
Not ambidextrous meant only for right handed shooters

Thats the only con about this gun, it shoots 400 fps for me now and i've had this for about 4 months now and i can hit people at events from over 150+ feet with this which is really far. Get this gun it is worth every penny and you won't regret getting it. Search supahcrewairsoft for airsoft event videos on youtube.
by Akmal K. on 09/05/2012
"I bought this gun awhile back and I use it as my primary for outdoor fields. This gun performs beyond my expectations, shoots so smoothly and consistently. Accuracy while its very good, could be a little bit better. I wouldn't recommend putting a tightbore barrel on this because it shoots around 400 stock, if you put it in, its going to be shooting over 400 which means you can't use this at the field :( The motor messed up on about a month ago so I bought a G&P Motor now it shoots perfect. Gun is pretty loud too, kinda in a bad way. When they say this gun is solid, its SOLID. No wobble at all except for that damn sling point on the front sight (took it off :) )

Heavy, but not too heavy
Feels amazing to hold
Shoots straight and far
Looks sexy if you customize it
Consistent and trigger response is great

Can get a little bit tiring to hold after awhile
Motor isn't that great
Misfeeds sometimes

The PROS outweigh the CONS a ton. GET THIS GUN!!!
by Donna S. on 07/15/2012
"I have had this gun for a year and a half and it is amazing. This thing will shoot flawlessly out of the box. Perfect for field engagements but it still is short enough to be effective in CQB.

-KWA internals
-400 fps (good for field)
-Effective range of about 150 ft.
-Wired to the back
-Rails have little to no wobble
-Looks great

-A little pricy
-Occasionally misfeeds
-Sometimes the motor makes a grinding sound (could be because I have an aftermarket pistol grip and motor)

Seriously, if you have the money, do not hesitate to click ADD TO CART
by Morgan S. on 02/21/2012
"Great gun!!! Got it three days ago and used it in a war, and it was amazing! My friends were really jealous! There were only a couple problems...
Great rof (even with a 9.6 battery)
Good fps
Almost full metal
Accurate (with .20's)
Nice weight
My JG hi-cap mags don't fit in the gun
Doesn't come with a battery
Even the mag it came with has some problems going in and out of the gun.
Overall: 4.5/5 because of the problems with the mags
by Jacob M. on 12/26/2011
"Best gun i have ever owned, and i've had G&G's, JG's, A&K's and many others, but i have to say, after installing my 11.1v 1200mah lipoly battery, it shoots a solid 23rps, and 428-437fps. if you want a gun that is easily customizable, then buy this gun!!! i also recommend the beta project pmag's from this site, they fit better than the 350 round mag that is included with this gun.
by Clayton W. on 05/26/2011
"yes the sling mount can be switched to the left side, it can be changed the same way a real steel is (knock out the two pins) it also comes with a double sided 1 point sling mount on the stock.

this gun is AMAZING, realistic weight (Active Duty Marine here, i know how heavy an M4 is) shoots incredibly accurately I have a ACOG replica red dot and a PEQ laser sight zeroed at its maximum distance and i shoot tight groups. The crane stock is comfortable and the gun comes Lipo ready, only problem i've had is that my motor/battery heat up (to the point i can feel the heat through the pistol grip) with my 11.1v 15C lipo but im told this is normal.

KWA has INCREDIBLE customer service and the members on there forums are very helpful, get this gun! you won't regret it.
by john b. on 03/21/2011
"This is the best choice you can go for in a m4. i spent a good three weeks searching and browsing all kinds of m4 AEGs and this is no doubt your best bet for the 300-390$ dollar range. I have had the gun for 4 months now and i am in love with it. The RIS rails are very sturdy and only have a little wiggle to them but there is a screw on the front to tighten it. Everything on the outside of the gun is metal exsept for the hand grip and stock. Suprisingly it has a plastic hopup but all the internals are top of the line anyway. If your used to cheaper airsoft guns you will think it is kinda heavy, but its not in comparison to a real m4. Other then that this gun really tops matrx,g&g,and echo 1 buy far for the price range.
by kasey K. on 02/26/2011
"alright, so let me just tell you that this gun is absolutely amazing! I have had echo 1, AGM (not my best choice for a gun), ICS, and ARES. and this gun beats them out easily! lets just say you get what you pay for!

Alot of people say that if you have .2 bbs w/this gun its not accurate, but when i shot my matrix high grade .2 bbs it easily hits a human size target from 50 yards. although this gun is more accurate with .23 or even better .25, it will still be accurate w/.2 bbs for a pretty long shot.

Also i must tell you that this gun is rediculous with a 1600 mah 12c lipo battery! it shoots 27rps! but if you dont want to get a lipo, you cant go wrong with a 1600 mah 9.6 intelect battery, which shoots 20rps! the fps is perfect for field, so do not go to cqb unless you downgrade the spring. the ris system is great. i have a tactical flashlight, a grip and a scope and it has no wobble at all!

about the mag well. it fits all my m4 mags perfectly and feeds perfectly as well. BUT i got the holy cow 5$ special and the 2 mags i got did not fit, so i sanded them down and still no fit, but maybe you'll get luckier than me.

overall 5/5
lipo ready
insane rof ( even with 9.6)
good fps for feild ( thats a pro for me atleast)
accurate ( even with .2 bbs)
range is great
hopup is great
full metal
RIS rails
battery department is sooooo easy to get batteries in!!
2gx gearbox

really orange tip
No more! and i hope it stays that way

by david n. on 09/19/2010
"can the front sliing mount be switched to the left side to allow for a lefty to use a three point sling for this weapon?
by Joshua B. on 09/19/2010
"Alright check it.
The gun is amazing. I have been pioneering guns for 2 year from echo 1, g&g, we, jg, etc.....
But let me just say that.I Am KWA till it's over. I use t be the guy looking for a battery with the gun but now I will by my own battery. If you are looking for a gun with the externals and internals as well as the iron sights on point. I don't have any cons because there has not be a situation where I have died in a game since I bought this beautiful beast. If you don't buy this gun or another kwa than I will dominate u.
by Frederick E. on 09/06/2010
"The absalote best gun in the world the KWA KM4 RIS is amazing it has a very very fast trigger rasponse and has the new 2GX gearbox witch is amazing every thing about the KWA KM4 RIS is amazing KWA is in the top 5 best airsoft brands in the world. KWA RULES!!!!!!!

All metal
2GX gearbox
2GX hopup bucking