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KWA Full Metal KM4 SR10 / M4 Airsoft AEG (2GX 9mm Gearbox Version)

74 Customer Reviews

by April M. on 03/08/2018
"I've had this gun for a year and a half and it has never let me down. You'd have to saw it in half to wreck it. KWA is amazing at gun build quality and internals.

Pros: Insanely tough and solid gun, no way you would break it.
Internals are solid and it shoots accurately and far.

Cons: Takes a few shots to get it to engage the spring fully so it will shoot full distance.
by Tyler C. on 06/14/2017
"First off this gun is extremely durable and versatile I have a scope I use to play the gun like a dmr and a closer range reflex for when I want to put that 18 rps to use with some upgrades this gun shoots over 450+ for me and I don't foresee me ever needing another gun
by Trent W. on 05/18/2017
"Hands down best gun I have ever had!! I have had a lot of airsoft guns in my lifetime but this gun is one of the best it has great fire rate and never jams. I would recommend this gun to an intermediate player because it is not a toy and has to be handled by the right person.
by Hunter T. on 01/16/2017
"This gun is, well, truly great.

To start it is heavy and the weight is amazing, it is heavier than my real steal M4.

It is VERY balanced and the over all fell is good

with my 11.1 4000 mAh battery the KWA SR10 shoots 1000 RPM

Ready out of the box and only needs a battery

demands zero internal upgrades
by Chandler C. on 10/22/2016
"Great and reliable AEG. I've had this thing for about three years and it's still working like it was out of the box. All the other reviews have probably gone into detail the pros and cons of this weapon, but to put it simply, you won't go wrong choosing this weapon.
by ,melissa M. on 06/04/2016
"*there is a break in period for hop up*

Many men have traveled far and long for the perfect airsoft gun...
Many have died trying
But their work is not forgotten
For they have lead us to the promise land!
Its is here!
THE KWA SR10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looks like a Ferrari
Shoots like a Monster Truck
And has the trigger response of an angel

the wait is over my friends
so do not second guess yourself, you know you want it
this is NOT an dramatic review
only a glimps into the neer future
buy this gun now
by lee j. on 02/08/2016
"I figured its about time i give some reviews to good and bad products. So. buy this gun. Just do it. If you are a new player and want a great gun off the bat, this thing is perfect. Experienced player looking for a good reliable gun? Buy it. It has awesome accuracy right out of the box, a better than average barrel that adds to that, a sweet rof for a base gun( get a 9.6 starter or a lipo, not an 8.4), and a more than decent velocity, right around 370-400 with .20. The gun is heavy, solid and just looks bada** ( i have mine upgrade to be a dmr with an m130 spring, g&p bucking and an aluminum anodized piston)
PROS: Solid for days.
Sweet accuracy
Built incredibly well
Good stock rof
Good stock fps
Good stock range
Full metal construction
Picattiny rail system is awesome for adding stuff
Lipo ready

Cons: Your friends will hate you if you upgrade like i have.
You need a battery.
Heavy (con for some)

all in all, this gun is excellent in quality and performance and is even better when upgrade
i personally suggest an 11.1 lipo or a 9.6 with it , extra mid caps( dboys high caps work well with it too), a fore grip and sling
and maybe a red dot or optic if you like that. BUY IT,
by Garrett E. on 01/31/2016
"First off, I just want to clear up something I had trouble finding out; you can in fact put a Madbull Mk18 rail system on this rifle. Second off this rifle is great for Milsim, if you are typically sprinting up and down your indoor arena every other Saturday, I don't recommend you buy this gun. However, if you would like a nice rifle that will hold up for a long time and serve you very well, buy this rifle. The only internal upgrade I have in mine is a G&G green hop up bucking, and it fires great. I use this rifle for my assaulter kit, but due to the customizable nature of the M4 platform, this could be turned into a DMR, CQBR, or even a Sniper rifle if you really wanted. 10/10 would buy again.
by Kody W. on 12/27/2015
"I bought the SR-10 about a year ago and all i can say is PERFECTION FOR THE PRICE. I have had no problems with the internals of the gun yet, i have a 6.03 tightbore installed and i am hitting targets at 50-70 yards pretty easily. externally the only thing that has broken is the part on the crane stock allowing you to move it forward and backward, but is was an easy fix for lock-tight. also i have added a scope, bipod, Short mags, angled grip and rail covers and it looks nice. This gun is very durable and a have no fear of breaking it while playing. PS. my friends are scared of it

+Full Metal
+Under 400
+Great internals
+Great Externals
+Good range
+Looks amazing

-Heavy at Times
-Crane stock broke
-not upgradable
by Jonathan H. on 12/08/2015
"So I got it today and it is amazing! This gun will out perform any gun on the field! It comes with the gun a mid cap magazine, cleaning rod a barrel cover and the instructions.
Mag feeds well
It is a KWA model
2 gx gearbox.
Expensive, but worth it if you play a lot
very heavy
crane stock is a little wobbly but not bad

Other than that, this gun will please you thrill to kill.

It's loud and will scare the crap out of the competition. Evike got it here fast so I would buy it here. And maybe some mags for it but, KWA is truly engineered to out perform!

Buy this gun, It will support you through you battles!
by Broderick W. on 09/24/2015
"I've had this gun for over a year now and it's been a great work horse. I put it through temps from 20 degrees to over 100 degree weather. I've dropped it, ran into things, and just put it through a lot but it hasn't broken at all externally. It's held up great internally for a year now. No problems what so ever. I use a tenergy 11.1v lipo and i get great trigger response and good ROF. It's got excellent range. I love the range so much I often change between DMR and assault. Lots of room for attachments as well. This would be a great main rifle for someone experienced or someone moving up in airsoft. Would not recommend this to a new/young player. Since it is full metal it is expensive and can be heavy for young players.
In short.

-Reliable/Long lasting
-Good ROF
-Great feel
-Lots of rail space
-No need to worry about upgrades
-Great hop up
-Crane stock is comfortable
-longer than M4 but shorter than an M16

-No spring tension release
-No bolt catch
-For an all day match it can get tiring to run around with it unless you have a vertical grip and sling.
-stock iron sights are ugly

All in all, I would recommend this gun. I've been very happy with it. It has preformed flawlessly and I've had 0 problems with is the most important thing to me since I've had a lot of JGs break on me and I was tired of it. So i bought myself a KWA. You should too.
by gabe d. on 09/21/2015
"awesome gun, had it for about 6 months now. not a single problem so far. very accurate and can take a hell of a beating.
by matthew h. on 07/07/2015
In my time playing Airsoft I have had many guns. But this is by far the greatest gun i have owned. The range and accuracy are superb along with the rate of fire. The ONLY con is the rail it can get a bit front heavy
5/5 should buy
by ben m. on 06/09/2015
"If you are considering buying this gun, I highly recommend you go for it! this gun is by far the best rifle I have ever owned. I have had it for well over 2 years and still no problems with it. Also, if you are looking for a realistic weapon, again this is it. the weight and feel just fits that realistic category. the only thing I wish that KWA would add to it is a bolt catch. love KWA. Has always been my favorite brand.


heavy (could also be a con)
capable of running LiPo
solid construction (metal)
a lot of room for attachments
Looks awesome

by Logan L. on 03/25/2015
"Even I, a diehard pistol shooter, have my own M4; it is a necessary piece of equipment for any and every player. I tend to keep this model handy in a rifle sheath, just in case the odds are stacked against my team and we need more firepower. I'm often found wielding this with one hand when we run into trouble.

It also holds its own as a DMR or sniper rifle, and can reach a target at 150 feet with ease. My SR10 is also outfitted with a powerful flashlight and a red dot sight, in addition to a 120-round polymer mid-cap magazine.

Since AEGs are not my strong suit, I haven't tampered with my SR10's internals. That isn't much of a problem, though, since the gun fires at roughly 390 fps with a 9.6v 1600 mAh battery and .20g BBs.

This assault rifle has seen the worst of the worst, the ugliest possible situations: Dense forest, high humidity, rain, intense heat and cold. Not a single piece of this gun has been damaged since I bought it back in October of 2011. Of course, there is the usual worn finish, but aside from that, this gun is built like a tank. Expect a long life of distinguished service from this reputable KWA product.

- High muzzle velocity and rate of fire
- Long range (Accurate at well over 100 feet in the hands of a good marksman)
- Ample space for a 9.6v battery, which is to be expected from an M4.
- High-performance 2GX gearbox
- Bountiful rail space; can add anything, from grenade launchers to PEQ boxes.

- Hard to say which mags fit with it. Be careful when choosing your spare mags.

Overall, this versatile gun is a must for any player's airsoft gun stockpile. For best results, add a KWA M93R to your loadout. Although it is a gas pistol, it is built with the same quality as the SR10, and proves to be a trustworthy sidearm should the impossible happen to this great AEG.