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KWA Full Metal KM4 SR10 / M4 Airsoft AEG (2GX 9mm Gearbox Version)

74 Customer Reviews

by Sim T. on 03/14/2015
"I am an airsoft tech and have worked on a few of these and they are amazing! I have never worked on a higher quality gun. One of my clients has significantly upgraded his for a long range sniper rifle and as such has replaced a few things such as the inner barrel (to a 650mm 6.03) and the hop-up (to a r-hop). This AEG is well worth the money and with a little customization you can use it for anything from CQB to sniper to support weapon. I highly recommend replacing the stock hop-up unit (or at least the bucking) as it wears out quickly and has preformance issues.

Can be modified to fit any role/play style
5 star internals (less the hop-up unit but thats an easy fix)
Amazing overall performance, especially accuracy and range
ROF (not too high but defidentaly not too low)

Initial FPS (300 w/M90) so a M110 or M120 spring upgrade is highly recommended
Hop-up unit performance is a little shaky, I would recommend an upgrade
by Austin C. on 02/25/2015
"I love this gun, I have had for some time and it's performance is near flawless.
High quality gearbox
scale to real steal is almost perfect
accepts almost all M4 type mags
sound of gearbox is quiet and smooth
battery storage is great for a crane stock

G2X Hopup needs to be worked on before it performs as well as the rest of the gun
some parts can only be swapped out with KWA parts
by Lucas H. on 01/04/2015
"I recieved this gun a couple days ago and I LOVE IT.

-Fantastic polymer and metal construction
- Extremely accurate
- Extremely Sturdy
- It feels great over all

- Does NOT come with a battery
by Jim B. on 08/30/2014
"The KWA Sr10 is an great preforming gun, and its worth the money.

-KWA quality, preformance, and the great Warranty
-Shoots Hard (400 FPS)
-Full Metal Upper, Lower, Rails, Inner and Outer Barrel
-2GX gearbox
-Great Packaging
-Very Accurate
-Shoots far (250-300 ft.)

-Heavy for younger players
-Could be "expensive" for some budgets, but then i would suggest the Sr7 or Sr5
by Loren Y. on 08/15/2014
"As soon as I got this gun i took it out and shot it,it is the best gun I have ever bought.

Pro: Quiet,
Fps is pretty consistent
Feeds every mag I have tried even jg/CYMA high caps

Con: BBS drop pretty quick so hop up needed to be all the way up, idk if I had a dud or what.
by sheryl g. on 08/06/2014
"This gun is amazing great fps about 380 and 20 rps with a 9.6v. I recommend .25g and up.

Never heats up
Lipo ready
All metal
Pistol grip, stock= polymer
Feels cool and heavy
(For me) I had to switch to full auto than to semi to shoot in semi
Very picky with m4 mags
The mag that came with it broke after a while.
by Dawson C. on 07/10/2014
"Great gun!

full metal
can brake the top like the real thing
10 inch free float rails pre installed
contestant 398-400 fps
2GX gearbox and heat treated internals
wired to the rear

the hop up didn't kick in till after 10 shots
mag took some time too start feeding right

over all its a great gun and worth the money
by Christian K. on 02/25/2014
"By far the best gun I have ever used


awesome fps (400 out of the box)

ridiculously solid, very hefty

build quality is outstanding

Great ROF(18 bps with intellect 9.6 nunchuck)

Do not have to spend a lot of money to upgrade it


Can get heavy( not a big deal to me)

Rail has sharp edges( easy fix, buy rail covers)

Kinda pricey( but it's worth every penny)

I highly recommend using a vertical grip with this gun

Buy it ASAP
by Monse D M. on 12/28/2013
"this gun is amazing, so lets get down to it


hot rpm

high fps

10 inch free float rail pre installed

comes with kwa mag[ it just being kwa makes it amazing]


if you have the money, i would highly suggest getting this gun
by Allison c. on 12/27/2013
"For all my life, I've never had such a solid gun Its a perfect gun, You will need A Nunchuck battery for this gun, 9 Volt, Or 11.1 (Nunchuck) And it will fit nice and snug, Everything is metal, Sept for a little bit of the hand grip and the stock is all Polymer

High FPS
Metal Iron Sights
Lasered, Ingraved KWA Symbol
Sereal. Number
Full Metal everything
Working Charging handle
No Wobble

I cant seem to take off the Muzzle, Even though it's spost to be threaded.

I would Recommend this to Pros. Not begenner's
by Carson B. on 12/22/2013
"this is a fantastic airsoft gun. its build quality is amazing and it performs great as well. i highly recommend this to everyone.
by Collin A. on 12/22/2013
"Overall a VERY nice gun and well worth the price so far.

Nice ROF with a 9.6
Full metal
Nice range with .25s
10" rails
Comes with a midcap

Pricey (but worth it)
Rails are actually sharp so be careful if you play w/o gloves
by Rob F. on 08/06/2013
"I've had this gun since December and it has been performing very well. The only problem I've found is that the kwa bucking a tend to wear down faster than most others. After replacing it works flawless again. Also the same goes for the stock spring. Although the gun is pricy it is totally worth it. Some people say that most kids won't feed correct but I don't have that problem at all. Overall a very very good gun.

High fps
High rof
Easy break down
Full metal

by Brett F. on 05/25/2013
"Perfect gun straight out of the box, accurate, high FPS, durable, kick ass!. I took on the infamous airsoft team Dead Cell (2nd best team in the nation as of the last ACA) and I didn't get mowed down instantly I actually got one or 2 of them. Just add your attachments and this gun is BEAST. Extremely durable and well made this gun is reliable and it kicks ass! KWA did a very nice job on this gun no cutting corners for cost so its a little pricey. As AEGs go this thing is 2nd only to a systema but really who is going to pay over a 1000$ for airsoft gun that was intended as a training weapon. Not me but there are the crazy people and if you have one that's great but the KWA SR-10 works just fine for me. If you are thinking about getting a different brand DON'T! This gun will not fail you!

high FPS
well made
Kick ASS!
back wired

cant change pistol grip (it screws up the motors angle of alignment apparently but not a big deal)
by Cody G. on 05/23/2013
"Perfect gun. Just got it, shoots really hard and very straight. Very unique build and durability. I would give this gun a 20 out of 10. The free float rail is very sturdy and with an 11.1v lipo in it after I did a little teching the go shoots 32 rps. Can't get a better platform.