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by Noah O. on 2015-04-08 16:10:55
"Awesome gun!!! I've had it for about a year now and run it dmr style but it's very versatile so you can run it basically how you want.

I have mine upgraded internally pretty heavily and it's shoots 225-250ft (keep in mind that mine is upgraded so it doesn't shoot that far stock)

Full metal
High quality internals
Hi rof
Feels good in your hands

Only shoots a little over 150 feet stock(which is fine for some people not for me)
Scratches easily
U don't have it

Overall I think it's a good gun and it has served me well
by Logan L. on 2015-03-25 23:46:22
"Even I, a diehard pistol shooter, have my own M4; it is a necessary piece of equipment for any and every player. I tend to keep this model handy in a rifle sheath, just in case the odds are stacked against my team and we need more firepower. I'm often found wielding this with one hand when we run into trouble.

It also holds its own as a DMR or sniper rifle, and can reach a target at 150 feet with ease. My SR10 is also outfitted with a powerful flashlight and a red dot sight, in addition to a 120-round polymer mid-cap magazine.

Since AEGs are not my strong suit, I haven't tampered with my SR10's internals. That isn't much of a problem, though, since the gun fires at roughly 390 fps with a 9.6v 1600 mAh battery and .20g BBs.

This assault rifle has seen the worst of the worst, the ugliest possible situations: Dense forest, high humidity, rain, intense heat and cold. Not a single piece of this gun has been damaged since I bought it back in October of 2011. Of course, there is the usual worn finish, but aside from that, this gun is built like a tank. Expect a long life of distinguished service from this reputable KWA product.

- High muzzle velocity and rate of fire
- Long range (Accurate at well over 100 feet in the hands of a good marksman)
- Ample space for a 9.6v battery, which is to be expected from an M4.
- High-performance 2GX gearbox
- Bountiful rail space; can add anything, from grenade launchers to PEQ boxes.

- Hard to say which mags fit with it. Be careful when choosing your spare mags.

Overall, this versatile gun is a must for any player's airsoft gun stockpile. For best results, add a KWA M93R to your loadout. Although it is a gas pistol, it is built with the same quality as the SR10, and proves to be a trustworthy sidearm should the impossible happen to this great AEG.
by Sim T. on 2015-03-14 11:15:11
"I am an airsoft tech and have worked on a few of these and they are amazing! I have never worked on a higher quality gun. One of my clients has significantly upgraded his for a long range sniper rifle and as such has replaced a few things such as the inner barrel (to a 650mm 6.03) and the hop-up (to a r-hop). This AEG is well worth the money and with a little customization you can use it for anything from CQB to sniper to support weapon. I highly recommend replacing the stock hop-up unit (or at least the bucking) as it wears out quickly and has preformance issues.

Can be modified to fit any role/play style
5 star internals (less the hop-up unit but thats an easy fix)
Amazing overall performance, especially accuracy and range
ROF (not too high but defidentaly not too low)

Initial FPS (300 w/M90) so a M110 or M120 spring upgrade is highly recommended
Hop-up unit performance is a little shaky, I would recommend an upgrade
by Austin C. on 2015-02-25 15:55:31
"I love this gun, I have had for some time and it's performance is near flawless.
High quality gearbox
scale to real steal is almost perfect
accepts almost all M4 type mags
sound of gearbox is quiet and smooth
battery storage is great for a crane stock

G2X Hopup needs to be worked on before it performs as well as the rest of the gun
some parts can only be swapped out with KWA parts
by derek h. on 2015-01-10 14:54:55
"The gun was good for about a month then there goes the hop up which should have lasted longer for a $350 gun. The kwa midcaps are also horrible they skip shots all the time and more bad things will come out of it in time
by Lucas H. on 2015-01-04 10:11:31
"I recieved this gun a couple days ago and I LOVE IT.

-Fantastic polymer and metal construction
- Extremely accurate
- Extremely Sturdy
- It feels great over all

- Does NOT come with a battery
by Ollie B. on 2014-11-25 16:55:43
"Alright i've owned this gun for about a year now and here are my final and honest thoughts about it with a cheaper but better alternative to it.

1) It's a pretty heavy gun (6.5lb)
2) the hopup chamber can't hop .25 bbs which is the weight kwa recommends
3) the only thing that makes this gun "lipo ready" are the 8mm ball bearings.
4) the bucking is a cheaper rubber and wears down after about 8,000 bbs.
5) the stock spring only shoots around 345 fps and only held it's tention for 2 months
6) the stock barrel is aluminum and not very accurate at 100ft out
7) the paint scratches off very easily if you're not careful

1) the rail system - just feels beefy and solid in your hand
2) the style of the D-Ring

In all honesty you are paying way too much money for this AEG. GO LOOK AT THE KRYTAC CRB!!!!!! less expensive, and pretty much the best stock AEG on the market. KWA really shows off with their gas guns but their AEG's are a joke for the price.
by Justin N. on 2014-09-14 13:30:30
"I have both the KWA SR12 and the KWA SR10, I like the performance of the SR12, but the SR10 has some down falls on it. I noticed that when shot the pellets drop fast, maybe around 100-150 Feet. I noticed that many people have this problem, so it's not just a bad Egg.

Sturdy feeling
Very realistic
Removable orange tip

Not for young!
Does not come with a battery or charger
Early pellet drop.
by Jim B. on 2014-08-30 13:10:24
"The KWA Sr10 is an great preforming gun, and its worth the money.

-KWA quality, preformance, and the great Warranty
-Shoots Hard (400 FPS)
-Full Metal Upper, Lower, Rails, Inner and Outer Barrel
-2GX gearbox
-Great Packaging
-Very Accurate
-Shoots far (250-300 ft.)

-Heavy for younger players
-Could be "expensive" for some budgets, but then i would suggest the Sr7 or Sr5
by Jayben S. on 2014-08-25 10:44:52
"Great gun! Took out of the box went outside and shot it. My friend and I were a little disappointed with the range right out of the box. I think the internals are amazing. It shoots amazingly fast. The externals are a really solid. I'm pleased over all. It is a heavy so if you like fast run and gun play this isn't the gun for you.
by Loren Y. on 2014-08-15 12:40:12
"As soon as I got this gun i took it out and shot it,it is the best gun I have ever bought.

Pro: Quiet,
Fps is pretty consistent
Feeds every mag I have tried even jg/CYMA high caps

Con: BBS drop pretty quick so hop up needed to be all the way up, idk if I had a dud or what.
by sheryl g. on 2014-08-06 20:23:03
"This gun is amazing great fps about 380 and 20 rps with a 9.6v. I recommend .25g and up.

Never heats up
Lipo ready
All metal
Pistol grip, stock= polymer
Feels cool and heavy
(For me) I had to switch to full auto than to semi to shoot in semi
Very picky with m4 mags
The mag that came with it broke after a while.

Displaying 13 to 24 (of 70 reviews)

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