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Model: CG-E02-054
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by John Y. on 2014-12-22 08:31:57
"Thank god it is back in stock! This is absolutely one of the best airsoft guns I have ever had. It runs smooth and flawless. I love it and you will too. This gun is perfect for DMR set up.
by Brian T. on 2013-03-16 17:31:23
"I don't have this gun personally but my brother does, it is AMAZING. It is all metal which means no wobble in the frame at all. It hits hard and has a great rate of fire with a lipo.
very sturdy
all metal
hits hard
great ROF
great accuracy

the metal can make it a little tiring after a long day of airsoft.

Great gun and i would recommend it to everyone
by harlan s. on 2012-06-29 14:46:51
"the best gun i ever owned! there are so many advantages you can get with this gun because of the 20 bbs a second with a 9.6 and the ris is nice, everything is so nice on this gun i love it and recomend it to everybody who is considering a gun that will do its job. i play only outdoors and that is kinda why i bought this gun but the main reason was because its a dmr, kwa, sr12, lipo ready out of the box, and its huge ris.

Rof 10.0
fps 7.8
accuracy 7.9
stability 10.0
range 8.0
batterie space 10.0

total 8.9

the fire selector isnt the best
by Tim R. on 2012-06-20 07:17:21
"I have used this gun in 3 long matches so far. Durring that time it rained and i even dropped it once, and on a rock! THIS GUN IS DEADLY ACCURATE AND HAS A GREAT R.O.F. even without a lipo-battery (even though I just ordered one, might as well.). It is extremely sturdy and full metal besides the stock. At first, i did not like the stock, but i have to admit, it is growing on me. I have even had some friends offer a trade to me even though their guns cost more(never going to happen)! Overall this is a great gun that will out preform almost any gun anybody else brings to the table.

-Very accurate
-high R.O.F
-full metal
-everything you look for in a gun

cons- ABSOLUTELY NONE!! 10/10
by Preston O. on 2011-12-13 23:10:20
"I have had this gun for quite some time and I honestly have to say that it is the best gun I have ever used or seen on the field in my 7 years of airsoft. This thing is a BEAST. It has a solid RPM and FPS and is the perfect rifle for those who need good range on the field. This thing destroys any other weapon out there and it has been known to outshoot sniper rifles even. While it may be a bit pricey, I honestly have to say that this is the best gun for your money, and if youre smart, you will never need to purchase another gun again. although, i did experience a weird mishap when my piston broke after using a 10.8v 4500mah large battery, so i wouldnt recommend that. Im using a 9.6 now and it is shooting better than ever. i would recommend this gun to anyone, beginners and pros alike.
by Shane M. on 2011-12-04 15:10:09
"I have been into airsoft for about two years now, and even though when I first purchased this gun I definitely wasn't an intermediate airsofter, I knew I wanted a great gun that was going to last and not waste my money. Looking back at my decision, I am very happy I chose to buy this gun.

It is full metal, and by full metal, I mean the only plastic on this gun is the pistol grip and the full stock. The weight on this gun is definitely on the heavy side, weighing a little over 10 pounds. This gives this gun a very real feeling to it, and it is also very durable. The shooting on this thing is astounding, you can snipe over 200 feet with it on a partially charged battery and still hit your target.

So if you want a gun that is metal, very large, and shoots hard, get this gun. The price is definitely worth the product!
by Talbot S. on 2011-11-11 15:42:54
"Amazing gun! This thing is amazing and has tons of awesome features. I was going to upgrade the internals but once I got it I checked them out and found them to be nearly perfect. Also, I have a 5,000 mah 9.6 and a firefox lipo, and I must say to bring out the best in this gun you need a lipo. Another thing, get heavy weight BB's-I found .28s work best-and don't get a tightbore it honestly doesn't need one. Overall the gun has impressed me to the extreme, and it has become my favorite gun.
by Austin G. on 2011-10-07 23:01:32
"Ive had this gun for a little while now and all i can say is that if your trying to get a DMR with some range and sexy looks then you found your gun. This is amazingly accurate and perfect with a LiPoly. There are no complaints to be said about this gun.
by Rommel C. on 2011-09-05 09:29:58
"I recently owned this gun and all I can say is that it is a great one, made some "little" internal changes (spring, piston, 6.01mm barrel and a new lipo battery), a new 4x32 sight, tactical grip and a barrel bipod...that was just enough to have a very cool looking gun with a great ROF and fps increase.
Recommend it 100%
by Austin A. on 2011-05-17 22:58:54
"great gun very happy with it, before i upgraded the barrel and spring it shot pretty hard and decent accuracy, shot to the right a decent amount, plus the hop up took about 20 rounds to "warm up" but shot great after that, air seal was not as tight as expected but still shot around 400 so no complaints there, i would highly recommend it, but, get a tight bore, i have a 650mm through a silencer and it helped my gun immensly from shooting to the right to shooting straight
by Tim M. on 2011-01-28 20:49:45
"I have owned a JG S-System, Pulse R76, and Daniel Defense M4. This gun is just as good as all of them. Now that I own this miracle gun I will never go back.
-Super fast RPM (with a lipo)
-Shots hard (around 390 FPS)
-HUGE rail space
-Very good accuracy (range is about 125ft with .25's)
-Nice black finish
-Good field/woodland gun

-A little bit to big for me (I'm about 5'9)

Overall the best gun I've bought so far and I'm planning to get the KWA AK coming out. I recommended buying this airsoft gun. I give you my word this rifle is worth all of the money it's priced at!!!
by Brent s. on 2010-08-31 11:48:47
"I recently received my KWA SR-12 in the mail. The outer box was trashed but the KWA box only had a small gouge in it, and the Gun it self was in good condition.
Reading the reviews and description for this gun I was expecting it to shoot around 420+ fps and I'd have to put rounds through it to settle it down which wounded perfect. I couldn't wait to put on my chrono, Unfortunately it is only shooting 395fps out the box with .20's. The first 1000 rounds the Fps was all over the place from 280-395 And I was thinking I might have to send it in, but I kept switching out mags and now it has settled in shooting a consistent 390-400fps.
Rate of fire is really nice out the box, with a 9.6v large type I'm getting 20 rounds per second.
The butt stock is Huge! not having a 10 inch screw through it like my classic army, frees up a lot of space. I ordered a 10.8v 9 cell large type for it, haven't installed it yet crossing fingers that it fits.
Overall build quality is excellent. I really like the hop up compared to a CA/Marui design and the way the upper and lower receivers clam shell open like a real M4. I haven't taken the gear box out but it looks like it's held in with 3 pins instead of only 1 like on my Classic army M4's.
The magazine that came with the gun works flawless, and accepts all my C/A and ICS mags, in fact the mag well has a tighter tolerance so the mags don't rattle around as much.
Accuracy: I can hit a tree at over 200 feet no problem, full-auto spray gives a decent grouping at 200 feet maybe a 2 foot diameter spread in a shouldered standing position.
The one con I found with this gun is the first 10-20 rounds of the day act like there is no up, but then warms up and shoots straight. This might be the KWA bucking? it has it's own design, and I haven't switched out the bucking yet to find out.

Overall great build Quality! I bought this gun for more range, but I get the same range out of my Classic Army Stubby M4 with just a little less accuracy. Maybe if it shot closer to 420 fps out the box I would have been more impressed.

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