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KWA Full Metal KM16 SR12 / M16 Custom Airsoft AEG (2GX 9mm Version) - Black

23 Customer Reviews

by travis b. on 03/26/2010
"Awsome gun. Dead on at a 100ft. and can reach out at 175-200ft. Compensation needed of coarse. I use a 9.6 large type battery 3600 mah. fits nicley in the stock. seems to shoot around 23 bbs a second with that battery and the gear box handles it like a trooper. 400+ fps consistently. The barrel is close to a tightbore a friend put in 6.03 and didnt make a substantial difference so the stock barrel is very acceptable at a 6.05. If you want a reliable sweet looking aeg with sniper and support capabilities this is your gun. with evikes generous deal of two free mags which are two very high quality full metal high cap mags fix snug no wobble whats so ever.
by travis b. on 03/18/2010
"just got this gun. amazing. Im talking spring rifle accuracy. the only gun ive owned that is so consistantly accurate on semi automatic. usualy three shot bursts are more effective but this gun can pop some one off easily from 150ft on semi in 1 to three shots on semi. packaging from evike could be better but comes with a 10 percent discount and two free mags if they ever get off back order. but all in all best purchase ive in a while. run .25 good wind durance and still stay around 380 - 385 fps
by Alex C. on 03/15/2010
"If you are looking for an AEG that can used like a sniper or even a counter sniper. This gun is for you!


Probably one of the most accurate AEGs out there
Over 400 fps
Cool looking gun
Very realistic feel


Don't have any :)
by Kiel M. on 01/31/2010
"To put like Rob Zombie, this gun is a 'Superbeast'!! I immiately put in a 6.03, but am already going to a 6.01. I've used 9.6v batteries and 11.1v lipo's. I use it for a DMR and don't need a lipo, but I'd have to say it fires about 20rps with a 11.1v lipo and probly a good 15rps with a 9.6v. I have a scope and harris bipod on mine, and just last week was making 50yd (150ft) head shots with it. I use .25g's and heavier. I prefer .28g's. I was sighting it it at 25yds (a tad high for longer shots) and it was shooting through 4 layers of cardboard at that far with .28's, so I'd say the velocity is easily ~415fps. The gun is actually not as heavy as I'd thought it would be. The RIS rail simply does not wiggle or wabble at all! KWA is dead serious when they boast 'Engineered to OUTperform'. I now own two KWA guns and they do just what they say. I had a tad bit of trouble getting the gun to feed with different mags when I was firing my first shots, but functioned flawlessly with KWA, AIM, and a few Echo1 mags. It now will feed flawlessly with almost any mag. I think it just needed some silicone in the mags and the loading nozzle. This is the perfect DMR plain and simple. For the money you just cant get a gearbox designed as well and that's as strong as the 2GX. Plus the fps is already right at or slightly over what most fields allow. Plus the 2G hopup and bucking really is as good or better than the firefly!. So to put it plain and simple you get an already highly upgraded gun for less than $100 more than CA or a tad more than $100 more than the G&G. The only thing I'd do is go to a 6.01, but then again I use it as a DMR, so that's not necessary. I promis you be disapointed even the slightest little bit with this gun!
by Eugene L. on 01/30/2010
"I've had this for about 4 months and I LOVE IT. It has great rof ,accuracy, and power. The aesthetics are great. It is extremely heavy(I'm a kid).
F.Y.I. If you were going to use the Velocity Reducer to cut the fps for this gun for a field you can't, it will only last for like a hour then the inner flaps will break off.
by Andres L. on 01/23/2010
"Wow. How come no-one here has posted? Means no-one has bought it. Why not? This gun is amazing! it's Solid, awesome, and it goes great with Lipo's, Lima's. If you do get this gun, get a lipo, lima, for it, and you won't go wrong. Everyone will fear you. It's so smooth, it does not give away your position. By the time the enemy spots you, they have at least 6 bb's hit them, they'll never see you coming. it's durable, full metal, accessories look great on it, and you can turn it into a DMR no problem, givin' you a good 225ft accuracy with .25's or higher. I use it on the field with a hollow sight, with no less than .25's or .28's. You'll get perfect accuracy with .28's at 125ft no problem. This guy will look even better if you're a full-size man. If you're a youngster, this gun might be too big, too heavy for you, and you'll get tired from carrying it throughout the field. Other than that, it's a great purchase, and well worth it. If you don't have over $1000 to buy a Systema, your down-step from that would be KWA, all the way.
by Voss S. on 01/01/2010
"This High performance weapon from KWA is what I've come to expect from them.
The body is solid and has good balance
the internals are nothing but the best
accuracy, rate of fire and power are incredible (w/ 11.1 li-po)
I've owned TSD, G&G, and have have first hand experience with CA and let me tell you:
once you go KWA, there is no comparison
I will admit that i have seen better weapons (highly modified customs), but out of the box performance is unmatched.
If you want to open a box and take some names, the KWA SR12 is your machine

high rate of fire
excellent range
hits hard
flawless construction
battery compartment in stock holds almost anything
flip up ironsights
all the rails you could ever need
doesn't need upgrades

the fire select lever needs improvement
its long, CQB is tough
might discourage others to keep playing with you
by Brent s. on 08/31/2010
"I recently received my KWA SR-12 in the mail. The outer box was trashed but the KWA box only had a small gouge in it, and the Gun it self was in good condition.
Reading the reviews and description for this gun I was expecting it to shoot around 420+ fps and I'd have to put rounds through it to settle it down which wounded perfect. I couldn't wait to put on my chrono, Unfortunately it is only shooting 395fps out the box with .20's. The first 1000 rounds the Fps was all over the place from 280-395 And I was thinking I might have to send it in, but I kept switching out mags and now it has settled in shooting a consistent 390-400fps.
Rate of fire is really nice out the box, with a 9.6v large type I'm getting 20 rounds per second.
The butt stock is Huge! not having a 10 inch screw through it like my classic army, frees up a lot of space. I ordered a 10.8v 9 cell large type for it, haven't installed it yet crossing fingers that it fits.
Overall build quality is excellent. I really like the hop up compared to a CA/Marui design and the way the upper and lower receivers clam shell open like a real M4. I haven't taken the gear box out but it looks like it's held in with 3 pins instead of only 1 like on my Classic army M4's.
The magazine that came with the gun works flawless, and accepts all my C/A and ICS mags, in fact the mag well has a tighter tolerance so the mags don't rattle around as much.
Accuracy: I can hit a tree at over 200 feet no problem, full-auto spray gives a decent grouping at 200 feet maybe a 2 foot diameter spread in a shouldered standing position.
The one con I found with this gun is the first 10-20 rounds of the day act like there is no up, but then warms up and shoots straight. This might be the KWA bucking? it has it's own design, and I haven't switched out the bucking yet to find out.

Overall great build Quality! I bought this gun for more range, but I get the same range out of my Classic Army Stubby M4 with just a little less accuracy. Maybe if it shot closer to 420 fps out the box I would have been more impressed.