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Model: Pouch-MA54-TN
Location: U3-226 Y9-M11

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by Thomas B. on 2012-10-11 14:34:14
"As stated below, this pouch is VERY LARGE! You might, like me, think "oh well I wont have much on my chest anyways so it doeskin matter" but it DOES MATTER! Its not about loss of molle space, and more of not being able to shoulder your rifle because its so bulky! Just keep that in mind, other than that, amazing pouch! Very nice.
by Brian W. on 2010-02-25 13:08:38
"Just got this in, great quality. While in Iraq, I had one like this before from TAG (Tactical Assault Gear) that cost me $65 (called the "EOD" pouch). This is just as well made, if not better, as the straps on the TAG pouch actually ripped away from the back in combat. The molle straps are removable, so if you're like me and use the "speed lacers" from Blackhawk, you don't need em. Another great product from Condor.

Really rugged, durable
Straps are removable
Great price
additional velcro straps to hold it closed if you want to leave the zipper open for quick use
velcro on front for patches

A little large for chest area (like other review said)
didn't come full of cash, hehe
by Christopher M. on 2010-02-09 20:47:10
"I just bought this for my new Condor Special Operation Compact Molle System Ready Plate Carrier that was also purchased here but if you want it installed in the front top of your vest it's a little too big. It will work in the front still just have to install it in the lower area of the vest and carry smaller ammo pouches above it like pistol or smg mags so it doesnt get in the way.

Still the pouch itself is great quality 5 stars. Just a tad on the bigger side so please measure your vest first before buying so that you know it will fit your application and your actual set up.

No biggie I installed it on the lower back area of my vest and will use it to help my team out when they need a map, first aid gear, etc. since I like to be a team player.

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)