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by Dustin P. on 2010-05-15 22:27:55
"Totally awesome. I've been buying Systema hop up buckings and a tight bore barrel with every gun I buy, and I always put them in before I even shoot the gun... I had no idea of the true potential until I got this spacer.

This spacer makes a clear night and day difference in your accuracy. Specifically, you wont see any more flyers.

I'd recommend .23s or heavier with this, as even when your hop up is all they way off, you may still be getting a bit of hop up... maybe too much hop up for .20s depending on your guns setup.

6 bucks well spent.

Buy it.
by Edgar O. on 2010-05-15 19:41:38
"Super upgrade!!!! Really low price for such a boost in performance. This with a Systema Hop-up bucking (sold on Evike for an equally low price) gives a really tight grouping. Throw in a tightbore, and you're all set.

Low price
Increase accuracy

Can be a little difficult to install (check out reviews on YouTube) however, just needs a bit of patience
DON'T LOSE IT!!!!!! (Dropped mine while installing, but I found it)

In conclusion, awesome little upgrade (I mean LITTLE) for a great price. ROCK ON EVIKE!!!!
by Alex L. on 2010-03-19 18:37:19
"I bought a shredder for my KJW m700 after some of the guys at ASF recommended them to me. Someone at a different store had said that it wouldn't fit, but for 6 bucks I figured "why not... it cant hurt to try" so I bought it. After installing, The increased accuracy is amazing. I 1000% recommend!
by tony t. on 2010-01-21 05:42:40
"what can i say it really works!

increase accuracy
increase range my jg t3k3 went to 120ft to 200ft with the stock bucking
cheap for upgrade
one solid piece it not made of rubber

none for right now

this is a must have to improve your gun accuracy and range!
by Paul C. on 2009-09-14 17:11:00
"This product is tenfold worth it's price.

I am an experienced airsofter, being that I have repaired and upgraded just about every common AEG and Bolt-Action Rifle, and I can tell you that the SCS is an amazing innovation. The concave shape allows to the hop-up rubber to be conformed in the most even way to the bb, allowing the most balanced contact with the bb, thus resulting in an consistent hop-up that results in tighter grouping and increased range.

The SCS can be used with any AEG, and is also able to be used in a Bolt-Action Sniper with some modification, which can be found on your favorite airsoft Form, or Shredders own website.

I have bought 4 of these, 3 of them being a direct drop-in to an AEG, and all have shown impressive results. The other one was installed in my Bar-10 and has wielded great groupings!


Displaying 13 to 17 (of 17 reviews)

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