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WE 52rd Extended Magazine for WE Hi-Capa Airsoft GBB Gas Blowback Pistols

21 Customer Reviews

by Joshua B. on 12/19/2017
"Love this in my WE Hi-Capa TREX, looks great, and has some weight to it. this thing is about the same weight as my Gun!

I Come from SpeedBall with an old DarkCocker that was 10-15 pounds fully loaded (Halo hopper with ripe drive, 68ci/4500psi), so this is nothing compared to that.

1. Lots of ammo to help with Players refusing hits, or to hold your own against an AR Guy

2. Sticks out about 3in from bottom of the gun to let others know your here to F* S* UP!

Cons: During loading, a plastic square tit broke off that is on the BB Spring Follower to stabilize the slide, but no major issues with function of the Mag.
If EVIKE could send me another spring Follower would be great, or get some Replacements in the Shop.

by Neo K. on 07/20/2017
"Great mag no leak of gas Love it but the box says that it holds 50
by Tajae O. on 09/05/2016
"I ordered two of these and one of the mags was leaking from the top. I didnt have valve key to remove the valve so I dropped silicone in the rubber seal at the top of the magazine and used green gas to fill the mag. I then dry fired it a a few times and BAM the mag stopped leaking. I have taken these to a game and the are perfect magazines and a lot bigger than I expected loool 10/10
by Nicholas K. on 03/01/2016
"I bought this magazine in hopes of using it in CQB because my rifles are too powerful. It arrived on time and it slotted right into my Black Ops Scorpion 1911. It was tight at first, but after doing several reload drills it started to slide in and out very nicely. The mag loads and fires perfectly. My old magazines used 12-gram CO2 cartridges, and so my fps was around 390 with .2 grams. This magazine loaded with greengas and .23g bbs was firing a competitive and legal 320fps, with 52(+1) rounds to boot! Unfortunately, the balance is heavily toward the rear now, but I have a bottom/top rail and a giant muzzle brake so it didn't matter to me.

Fires the entire mag with no discernible FPS drops
Fits perfectly, no rattling or shaking
You can fire the pistol for a week without reloading
Fits in my leg holster without falling out
Unbalances the weapon
Takes a week to load the magazine
Sometimes doesn't want to take in gas (probably a faulty nozzle, not the mag's fault)
Occasionally the follower doesn't lock back the slide (Might be my aftermarket release, but my short mags don't have that problem).
by Jose V S. on 09/23/2015
"Great magazine!! Very good mag capacity and holds plenty of gas. I recommend changing the original valve to a after market hi-flow valve to get a bit more power out of your mag. Tends to leak a little but is an easy fix.

-bb capacity
-gas capacity
-price isnt to bad on sale

-mag tends to leak from time to time. I have found putting a little bit of silicon oil on the fill valves o-rings fixes the problem.
by dan s. on 09/20/2012
"Good magazine. But as stated before by other reviews, being as it is a large mag, it is hard to keep in the gun, and in a normal holster. Also, mag won't fit in standard magazine slot. I recommend getting P90 mag holsters. They work great.

also, if you have an older 4.3 or baseline 5.1 (PHX series 1911's) then the "gas amount" won't last as long as some people say. (you do get the 51 rounds out, but that's about it..) It all depends on the weight of the slide and quality of the rubber "o"-ring to contain the gas amount.

51 rounds is awesome, and having the extra 21 rounds over standard WE mag gives the upper hand in CQB fields. I play primarily CQB, and I greatly enjoy extra rounds. All personal preference though.

It's a good mag, and at $35.00, it's a good deal. The weight and size are cons in a way, but worth it for an extra 21 rounds. I'm happy.
by Jill S. on 04/06/2012
"WOW i have these for my we hi capa 5.1 and absolutely love them! i have dropped them so many times and they still work like new.
by Roger T. on 03/03/2012
"What's better then making reloading faster?

Not reloading at all!

- Large capacity and holds more then enough gas for it
- Don't have to reload as often or at all sometimes

- Bulky
- Other player may see how many rounds u have cuz the spring sticks out of the gun
by QUANG D. on 03/16/2011
"A necessity for full auto Hi-Capa Xtreme users. There's nothing much to say, other than it gives you more ammo to work with.

enough gas for 2 clips.
High Quality metal
VERY sturdy.
Lots of replaceable parts.

Mag wobbles.
Paint scratches easily (no biggie)
Oh and the baseplate doesn't come off like the normal 5.1 mags. I'm sure it can be taken off though.
Big, doesn't fit in standard pistol mag pouches (get an SMG magazine pouch)
by Chris N. on 11/09/2010
"I bought this for my TM 5.1 and i am planning on getting 3+ more. It hauls ass in cqb and exspecially in semi only matches. It took like 1 min to fill with my propane bottle but it was worth it, it lasted about 4 rounds in my indoor match.
High capacity
Long uzi like look
Fires every shot per gas fill and sometimes plus

Don't slam it into ur gun, because its so long it might lodge itself into ur gun. I found this out the hard way when i slam it in.
by Wade P. on 06/12/2010
"Great mag!!!!
Lets you stay in the fight longer.
A must have!
by chris h. on 04/15/2010
"I am very happy for 30 bucks. I have had no leaking issues with this mag and it feeds great. It will fire all rounds with a charge of propane. Only downside for me is it is way long and difficult to have holstered in gun and of course it will not fit in a standard pistol mag pouch. Not practical to have in a sidearm but fun to use in pistol matches.
by Nicholas Y. on 01/15/2010
"AWESOME! I bought this magazine for my We-Tech 1911 4.3 Hi-Capa GBB pistol because my other magazine started leaking (my fault). I saw it was on special so I thought since I had to get another mag, I might as well get this one since it costs only $5 more than the regular Hi-Capa mag. And I have to say DEFINITELY a great buy! It holds approx. 50 rounds and, since it hangs out of your pistol it looks very intimidating. If you want to upgrade your secondary to your primary, this is the solution.

The only con is that if it remains as your second, it can get a little heavy while its in your holster. (Easily fixed by keeping it in a pouch while not in use.)

P.S. It takes around 2.5 seconds to fill without over-filling the mag too much and shooting off your 50 rounds.
by Allen C. on 01/07/2010
"If you have a Cqb master or any other we-tech hi-capa's i would recommend getting this mag it is a really good mag. on a scale from one to ten Id give it around a 20 (But i would suggest getting a speed loader).
by Rick A. on 12/13/2009
"Will this work for the HFC full metal gas blowback M9??? bc I rele need a high cap mag for it

Webmaster: Yup!