Reviews: SoftAir Licensed IWI Jericho 941 CO2 Powered Airsoft Pistol


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Model: GP-SA-150300

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by Eddie L. on 2015-02-09 23:40:53
"This gun is SO GOOD for beginner airsofters this was my first airsoft pistol. After having it for a year the magazine started to break and the magazines are quite expensive as well. Another con is that the trigger pull is really hard I don't know if this was just mine but I could barely pull the trigger with one finger I almost always had to use two. The gun does shoot very hard and somewhat accurate. This gun is a good beginner pistol and would recommend this to anyone for the price.
by Jordan D. on 2013-11-19 20:48:37
"This is a great pistol as far as performance goes. I have had mine for a few months with no problems either. The slide is actually all plastic and does not slide. The magazine with a CO2 inside weighs the same as the rest of the pistol. The fps is actually more like 405-425 with .20s. It is very accurate for a pistol and the max effective range is 90 feet. Also it is louder than other CO2/Gas Pistols, and can scare the willies out of noobs! Awesome, cool looking Israeli Pistol!
by Brenda H. on 2013-06-20 01:07:17
"This is a good gun.This gun has a high fps for a pistol.The things that i like about this gun is the structure and the looks on it.The sights on this gun are pretty good.I like that the CO2 is in the mag so the mag is not a skinny mag. But the problem is that all the weight is in the mag.So when u pull out the mag the gun is super light.I don't like that the gun is plastic, durable plastic,except for the mag.

1.good weight
2.good sights
3.high fps
4.looks kinda real
5.kinda accurate

1.all weight in the mag

by Andreas A. on 2012-08-17 21:49:28
"This gun I got at outdoor world. Holy crap this is a great gun. For starters on airsoft and for pros.

Non blowback
No kick

Heavy mag ( I love it)
No cons for me
by liam w. on 2010-09-21 18:27:11
"is this blow back? because the fps seems to high to be blow back?
by bobo` b. on 2010-01-04 18:49:23
"its a great gun for the money don't use .12g use .20g bt the fps goes down to like 350-420fps with .20g!

great feel

can't find extra mags:(

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews)