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Matrix / AIM Lipoly Ready 8mm Complete Gearbox for M4 / M16 series Airsoft AEG ( M160 / Front Wiring)

6 Customer Reviews

by erik m. on 12/10/2016
"Fantastic! I put it in an asg m15 that I use for practice only and its a wonderful upgrade to the stock gearbox. Runs like clockwork right out of the box and hits HARD! Man this thing is blowing through thin plywood and heavy gauge coffee cans @ about 50 feet. If you are looking for power and not shooting people at close range this is a really good bang for your buck. Oh, I almost forgot, paired it with the recommended high torque motor, and a good 12 volt LIPO, which I'm fairly certain is a necessity.

Here are a few mistakes I made (I'm kinda new to Airsoft): Be sure to upgrade your hop up, the 160 spring blew a hole through my bucking and knocked the gears off my hopup unit, I replaced it with a good quality rotary unit and its holding up well, get a hard bucking. Mosfet, mosfet mosfet! lol, After about 3000 rounds the switch contacts fried. Funny, I had a mosfet just laying around that I could have soldered in, but wanted to see how long it could go (testing forum theory). Get a good barrel, my stock aluminum barrel flopped around like a wet noodle, fortunately, the local brick and mortar sold me a used brass one real cheap which is closing my groups a lot better.

Can't think of much else, If you want a lot of power, and don't want to order a million mid grade parts it's for you. gonna go shop for some new switch contacts and a nice barrel now... ;)
by Jamey M. on 02/28/2012
"I just got this gearbox and it appears to be great. I had it checked out by a certified airsoft technician to ensure it was properly shimmed. To my surprise it was in perfect shimming condition so that was awesome. Unfortunately the piston broke as soon as we tested it. Upon further investigation the spur gear lost one or two teeth. Not sure why this happened even though I used the recommended Matrix Magnum motor with it. I am waiting on Evike to respond to exchange the unit or the broken parts. This appears to be a solid gearbox. Even though I had a misfortune of events, I believe this to be an awesome piece of gear. Not to mention that Evike stands behind all their products and have a great customer support base. The grease is very minimal so if you are opening this gearbox then you will need to add some grease. Please be advised that I was fortunate in getting a properly shimmed gearbox. You still need to have it checked prior to using as stated in the product description. I also highly recommend you use a certified airsoft technician to do this work unless you are very familiar with gearboxes. I hope this review helps out. Have fun!
by william g. on 01/12/2012
"i must say this is an awesome gear box for the money the best buy for someone that doesnt want to put in the time to build from scratch very strong and hard hitting nice rof shoots about 480-525 fps with 30g bbs im very happy with this buy was a drop in and play assembly i would recommend this to any advanced air soft player out there i have personally bought 2 of these gear boxes
Port City Air soft Team
by Noah W. on 08/08/2011
"Well to be real, I love this gearbox it is hard hitting strong and reliable after a little tuning. I bought this drop in for a build project using a G&P body, it doesn't fit perfectly however, the dust cover latch will not close properly. I assembled everything from scratch to weapon system hooked up my battery to tune the motor and.... the gear box was frozen, I was in a bit of a predicament as it clearly states that if you open the seal on the gear box the warranty is forfeit but I needed fix for a huge event that was in 2 days!.... So I decided to take the gamble, I opened up the box and discovered it was too tightly shim so I re shimmed the gears removed the factory grease and added my own, it shoots like a champ and I couldn't be any happier.

Great gearing
high quality parts
Impressive durability
Overall Excellent construction

Needed to be re shim
factory grease is .... sub par (usually used to hold in parts during fabrication)
by Eduardo G. on 08/31/2010
"This is the best Gearbox than i saw, i got it with the Matrix High Performance Magnum 300, and works perfect together, testing with Lipo 11.1v 2800mAh and 11.1v 5000mAh, and works awesome. Chroned 560fps and the internal parts are so much better than other gearbox than i saw before.
I should only change the piston head for a better one but the other parts are excelent quality and performance.
The trigger system it's something weird for me, too much sensitive and if i pull it too much and strong or fast, doesn't work good in automatic mode, but if you pull it down slowly will work perfect.
Greetings from Chile.
by Greg I. on 06/28/2013
"I replaced my existing gear box that has a m120 spring with this one and all was fine at first.
I donít have a chrono but I can tell the BBs fly a lot faster.
The motor that came with M4 S-System was adequate(using 10.8 v batt) to work the new 160 spring.

But in less than 50 rounds the new gear box locked up... I was really bummed out.

What I found is that the piston head screw had come loose causing the spring bearings and baring alignment nut to get jammed up in the cylinder locking up everything.
So much for QA.

Anyway, I re-assembled the piston/bearing and used red lock tight on the screw to make sure this didnít happen again.
Got the gear box back together and into my M4 and so far itís been working fine.
Eventually I'll need a stronger motor as the rate of fire in auto is relatively slow.

As a result of the total jam up caused by a loose piston head screw, I can only give it 3 starts as it was a lot of work to fix it.
The gear box is really good, donít get me wrongÖ, its feels solid and appears to have excellent parts, but a loose screw?