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Matrix / AIM Lipoly Ready 8mm Complete Gearbox for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG (M130 / Rear Wiring)

13 Customer Reviews

by michael l. on 03/27/2014
"I love this gear box I built my own custom dmr I used a g&p upper n lower receiver it fits perfect its super solid im using a Evike "Monster" Torque-Up High Performance Airsoft AEG Motor its a little loud but its not big deal to me im also running a 9.6 numchuck and it has agood rof 17bbs a second trigger response is pretty good better then most

1.sounds smooth
2.solid build
3.amazing power
4.460fps w/9.6v

2.460 fps feels like 550 from 60ft away shot through my friends bdu n stuck in his arm w/.28
by Francisco S. on 11/25/2013
"This gearbox by far worth the money i put it on my Javelin M4 CQB and it has well over the power to punch through two soda cans! 5/5
by jeffry m. on 11/26/2011
"Well, this gearbox is awesome. I put it in an M16, without any other upgrades at all. I can't field it. FPS is 505. I thought this was going to get me ~460 fps.
by Eric B. on 04/29/2010
"I purchased this GB about 3 Months ago and installed it on a Frankenstein TSD/SRC M16a2 with a King Arms Hop-up, Matrix TBB, and 11.1v/4000mah lipo. My first mistake was to use a hard bucking (4-5 bb's would shoot/roll out at a time). Contrary to what many say on here, a soft bucking is best for this GB. The construction is very sturdy and it seems to handle my lipo well. I've used it in the field maybe 10 or so times and it performs well, although it shoots a little wild even with .25's. I'm installing a better quality bucking with a concave spacer in an attempt to fix this. I didn't know how powerful it was until I got it chrono'ed at an op last weekend: consistent 435 fps with .28's! The fps limit was 420, but luckily my friend was working the chrono booth and let it slide.

-Great quality for the price
-Sturdy/well built

-A little noisy
-May be too "hot" for some ops.
-Shoots a little wild (probably not the GB's fault though)
by Susan M. on 04/19/2010
"This thing is great! It's just as thick as KWA's gearboxes, and has great reliability and POWER. LOTS of power. Get it! You won't be sorry! It's without a doubt THE best gearbox I've had to date. Handles the M130 in stride, and is easy to upgrade (though I don't know why you ever would!)

5 stars, absolutely love it, zero cons whatsoever.
by Heidi A. on 06/24/2013
"Well, I'm not usually one to write reviews, but I was so impressed by this gearbox I couldn't help it. I chose this gearbox because I had previously bought the AIM torque up motor and was very impressed with it, so I decided this gearbox would be a great match for it. I'll stop boring you with why I got this and get right into the breakdown.

The shell is a real nice heat treated matte finished shell that looks great and fells really sturdy. The gears are also very good quality, but are fairly loud even when shimmed properly. This is probably just because they're new and will probably quiet up later. The 8mm bearing are just your standard bearings, and look like they have nice build quality. The trigger is a standard M4 style trigger, and makes for great contact with the wiring for pretty decent trigger response, even though the wiring does not even contain a fuse. For reasons I can't explain, however, when shooting in semi mine always stopped about one quarter rotation further than it should, even with corrected AoE (get a sorbopad with this, you'll need it). This really isn't that big of a deal, but it does put more strain on the gearbox when not in use, but it cycles cleanly, so I can forgive this. The spring guide was a little lose when I opened it, but it was fine after I tightened it. The spring is heat treated, and pretty good quality. The piston had some raised marks from manufacturing, which can be cut off with an exacto knife. If you want to but a new piston head on though, your out of luck. I tried my hardest to loosen it but that damn thing wouldn't even budge! At least the quality is decent and the O ring has perfect seal. The cylinder is a type O (non ported) aluminum cylinder and is very good quality. The cylinder head is a one piece steel head that is very sturdy. The air nozzle is fantastic, perfect air seal and has the plus looking thing (no idea what the proper term for it is) at the end which is great. Unfortunately I couldn't use it with my SCAR because the air nozzle is too short, but I wish I could. Tappet and selector plates are just standard, nothing fancy or special there.

Overall, this gearbox exceeds expectations, but just barely falls short of a tenouttaten because of the noisy gears, lack of fuse, slightly off semi cycling, and sub par manufacturing on the piston. I'm using this gearbox with a 363mm 6.01 tightbore, and .28g G&G BBs and I'm hitting 375 fps and getting a 4 inch cluster at 25 yds. Very impressed, you will be too.
by william M. on 06/30/2012
"i got this gearbox and i put it in a m16. with the stock hop up it was shooting 430 fps. when i upgraded the hop up to the mad bull ultimite hop up the fps went to 500 with .2s. i use a 11.1v battery and it has some missfeeding. the shim job is bad.

lipo ready
500 Fps with the right hardware

bad shim job
needs a mosfet for lipos.
by Douglas W. on 12/14/2011
"I bought this Gearbox to go into my G&G CM16. Had no problems with the install at all except for the fact the the wiring to the back is so short. I had to snip the connectors and rewire the back wiring. So if it wasn't for that this GB would definitely be a great upgrade to any AEG. 4 stars for the wires being so short.
by christopher r. on 03/14/2010
"I would say this is a great deal. However it has no grease on the insides and the shim job is OK not the best or worst. The gun shoots WAY to hard. On my dboy scar it shoots through shirts, house siding, curtains. If you take it apart it will probably take 2 people to re assemble it. The back wire to the battery is extremely short. Overall this is great, id buy it again but i would get the m120 this one is shooting 500-600+ no one will play with you. i gave it a 4/5 because of the wire shortage
by Chris M. on 01/26/2015
"I have three of these gear boxes and the last one made me rather angry.

The first one has worked out fine.
The second one had way too much wiring in it! And was fitted to large taymia. I dont do soldering so this just made the wires even longer when I put a conversion set on it.

The last one though has made me rather angry. Since I dont mind taymia connection that was not the issue. But what was the issue was the wiring to the back! It wasnt even an inch long! This is a problem if you run a buffer tube and crane stock! So now im having to have the whole thing rewired. Please someone tell them to do better quality control.
by kyle c. on 12/05/2014
Gear box was fully assembled
look good at first

wiring is shotty and motor wires are not long enough
Motor cut threw wires
connectors fell off easily

Stock classic army wiring is 10 Times better
For the price could have bought the good parts in it plus some
would not recommend unless you have wiring with no gearbox than its a perfect fit
by Maxim K. on 10/06/2014
"solid gearbox, 8mm .
Too bad semi doesn't work, it doesn't align properly to line up with the motor.
The after 3 month of shooting every other weekend and metal teeth rack on the piston broke in half.
The gears and the bearings are not compatible with any other brand gears or bushings/bearings.
Cylinder and cylinder head or good, as well as the spring guide.

ended up selling the shell for parts and scavenging the guide, spring, switch and wiring.
by alex j. on 05/03/2014
"This gearbox is useless. After only owning this for less than 8 months the front part of both halves of the gearbox shell fractured off, this obviously is not all. I ran this completely stock for the whole time I have had it. What I am trying to say is that the gearbox was run stock with no modifications so I was not at fault for the failure, it was the inferior materials they call "super reinforced metal" that are the problem. I cannot express the anger and frustration this gearbox has caused. Please don't buy it. It is a waste of money.

The only pros to this are the internals, I cannot lie. They are very well made and very strong, I even put them in the new gearbox shell I bought as a result of this breaking.