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Condor Large Utility / General Purpose Pouch (OD Green)

9 Customer Reviews

by Brendan M. on 12/16/2015
"This pouch is great but hard to open with one hand the inside is very roomy so you could hold what ever you want and its great for the price i recommend this pouch for your needs.
by Bailey B. on 08/17/2013
"This a great pouch for universal use.

The pouch is pretty big, and I used it to hold my speedloader, 4K BBs, Dead rag, and spare batteries. And I still had space in this pouch for stuff.

It comes with MOLLE straps, and are pretty stiff. They won't break anytime soon. There is also a big flap to close the whole bag, and 2 buckles to secure it. You won't be losing anything put into the pouch with all of these secured.

- Lots of space
- Great quality
- Very secure pouch for various items.

- None at all.

5/5 stars
by Nick D. on 07/25/2012
"Love this pouch, it one of the most important parts of my rig. I have two, since the first one was so useful. It is big, holds mags, bbs, gas, anything really. Looks cool too! I really recommend it. 5/5
by Debbie B. on 02/14/2012
"This pouch does exactly what it is meant to. It's really spacious, mine is currently holding four extra m4 mags, pocket knife, a dead rag, a couple speed loaders and still has room leftover. A good buy to hold whatever you need, and it's cheap too.
by Durk S. on 01/27/2012
"I just got this pouch to add to my vest. The price is very affordable, and I would almost be willing to pay twice the amount for this pouch. It's great for anyone who needs a pouch that can hold almost anything. Besides, for nine dollars it's a great deal. When I got it I was a little nervous because the picture made it look very puffy. After seeing it in person however, this thing could two pistols and a water bottle without puffing out that much.

-Very good price
-Can hold a great amount of things
-Doesn't puff out much (such as if your concealed in the woods)
-Has a velcro spot on the front of the pouch between the buckles for patches, etc

-There really aren't any. This pouch could be used by anyone and has such a great price, I can't believe it's not 20 dollars

Bottom Line: I would recommend this to anyone because you can use it in any scenario. Get it, you won't regret it.
by Dustin M. on 03/19/2011
"VERY high capacity, good build quality, shock cord to hold everything in place, and very functioning, high quality retention straps.
by Joshua S. on 05/09/2010
"I got this pouch to be the general catchall in intense games, and i really couldn't argue with the price. That and i couldn't find ANYTHING else that fit the criteria. Do you know how hard it is to find a basic pouch like this? Give it a try if you think I'm bluffing.

The pouch itself is made with a solid construction out of durable materials. Plus it ended up being somewhat larger than I'd expected. Definately get this if you're like me, and found yourself in need of a basic pouch do dump your empty clips in (instead of pockets that have a tendancy to be unhandy and drop stuff).
by Sonny Z. on 03/02/2010
"This is actually large and inexpensive enough to serve as a butt pack. It will hold a gas mask or just about any secondary item you need to carry on the field. It comes with an adjustable two piece stretch rope that blinds down whatever's in there. The velcro patch comes with a cover and will accept any regular sized flag patch.

Great buy. Pick one up if your MOLLE vest looks a little empty in the back.

S.Z., 3/02/2010
by Trey C. on 12/30/2009
"The Condor Large Utility Pouch is by far one of the best pouches out there. They aren't messing with you when they say large, because it is large, I am 13 years old and if I stretched it a little bit it could go over my head. You can easily fit 3 M4/M16/AK/G36/MP5/G3 magazines in here and still have room for a 5000 pack of BB's and some more space for possibly tools or a gas can. The MOLLE webbing on the back is great and easily attaches to my hydration carrier. It is protective against small amounts of rain, and the OD finish iz very nice. AND ITS ONLY $9!
If you want a seriously low priced, good quality, MOLLE ready, huge load bearing pouch, buy this. An extremely good deal. PRAISE CONDOR!