Reviews: KJW Xcelerator 6" Hi-CAPA Full Metal Airsoft Gas Blowback Gun (CO2/ Black)


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Model: GP-KJW-KP06-B-CO2

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by Ryan B. on 2014-03-14 20:20:14
"great pistol as far as looks and performance goes it looks just as sexy in person as it does in the pics (props to evike for those)
looks great
its a high capa
gas and co2
gas hog ( with both co2 and greengas/propane ) but dont let that turn you off
by miguel p. on 2013-05-28 21:06:57
"Bought this gun 2 mouths ago and its amazing. This gun has really good accuracy and hard kick. Every aspect about this gun i awesome. I have not found 2 vins for this gun first one being that it doesn't fit many holsters. Second con being that the mag release is easy to hit and them releases the mag them it falls out your gun. Other then that this gun is epic.
by ron o. on 2012-11-21 23:09:00
"I got this gun a few weeks ago and i ove this gun it has a good weight and feel to it and a hard kick the co2 last 2 1/2 mags and its very accurate .....

Pros :
Looks bad ass
hard recoil
mags are good on gas
Co2 last 2 1/2 mags
its a sexy gun

Cons None yet get this gun .....
by Cory H. on 2012-04-16 17:40:04
"i got this mag for Christmas and i absolutely love it. it has a nice kick to it and it is loud, its very intimidating and it always makes me grin when i shoot people with it.

the only thing i have bad to say about it is that the mag it came with was faulty and i had to replace it, i managed to find a special on them for $20. but for the most part they are gona be $30 each.
by alan c. on 2012-04-01 16:30:16
"I have this gun it is insane feels almost real and is the ultimate side arm

bad ass
full metal

Mags are expensive

there is one thing i am not sure of can you add a suppressor to it
by christine R. on 2012-03-02 17:32:56
"I just got this gun and it's awesome. I did the holy cow special and I got a green has mag and when I shoot the green gas mag it only works sometimes. But other than that it's great and kicks hard!
by jake m. on 2011-10-17 14:46:53
"its a very good GBB, but the co2 mag i got dident work so evike sent me out a new one, but they didint work ether so im wating for a Green Gass on now.

hard kick
very accurate
looks awsome

( other than the 2 defectave mags)
none so far
by Graham D. on 2011-07-16 03:57:45
"I got this gun over a year ago, used, and it hasn't failed me yet. Just remember to clean and lube it frequently (before and after a day of use) and it will last a while... a long while. I put so much faith it this pistol that it's practicaly all i use in CQB... AND I PWN!

-full metal
-blow back is the strongest i've felf for a pistol, but managable.
-none of the mags have leaked in the past year and i have over 5 of them.
-long rail for mounting an accessorie (laser _3)

-the fps goes over 350 for .20g bbs... so for CQB use, use .25g bbs.
by Holden g. on 2011-03-15 18:48:07
"i just got this gun today and its first gbb and i love it i have the real 45.cap and this thing wights more then it not by much.
fiber sights
and all the upgrades it has
eats co2 like no other
i had three mags but one liks so im down to two
other then those two cons i love it
(i think its some thing to do with the value in it if u can help thanks)
by Andrew W. on 2010-10-18 18:08:28
"This gun is awesome. First of all, its size is intimidating, but the noise it makes when it shoots is even more scary. This gun has nice blowback and great accuracy. The mag has great capacity, but there should be a tool for closing the cap for the co2 canister. Otherwise you would have to use either a very wide flat screwdriver or a hex tool that fits. This gun does consume a lot of gas for the strong blow back. Each 12g co2 canister will probably provide for up to 1-2 mags worth of shooting. Lastly, this gun does have an actual working hand safety which is really nice. If you're considering this gun you should buy it because its a great secondary gun and it strikes fear into your enemies.
by Rachel K. on 2010-03-09 18:56:01
"First of all, this pistol is just awesome to look at. It came very well packaged, and the gun has a performance that blows your mind. The accuracy is fairly good, from 50 feet with .20's. The fps is very nice for a pistol, it's not high, but its a pistol. The only real problems that I've had so far is that the slide catch broke, but the good thing is Evike sells the exact ones you need for like $8, and the mags eat CO2 like that was there job. Overall great gun highly reccomended.

Full Metal
Grip has great feel
Sights are AWESOME
Fps (for a pistol)

Slide Catch Broke (only for me, it was my fault though)
Mags are hungry for CO2
Good luck looking for a threaded barrel

5/5 High Reccomondation

Displaying 1 to 11 (of 11 reviews)