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KJW Xcelerator 6" Hi-CAPA Full Metal Airsoft Gas Blowback Gun (Gas / Black)

10 Customer Reviews

by Felix B. on 05/20/2016
"I own this gun since about two years and I must say it's awesome!
Great capacity and the mags hold gas for about two mags.
No leaks, no jams and it's very robust.
by nathan D. on 02/29/2016
"Overall Good gun
If feels sluggish due to the heavy slide but if you run this gun on nuprol black gas it runs great
by Dexter A. on 09/03/2015
"I love the hicapa series, and I usually just buy Tokyo MArui Hi-capa's as they tend to have a "cleaner" kick and better feel overall. So does this KJW Hi-capa come close to the TM Master hicapa? Close.

The kick is not as crisp as a TM, it feels sluggish and slow and even after HPAing my magazines and shooting it at 120 psi, it still feels a tad slow. This is due to the heavy slide it has and overall heavy feel. Where this gun does succeed is the accuracy and power department. Out of the box it shot 350fps. So I put a Angel Dyna piston and modify bucking and I got 370 consistently with 120 psi HPA. It's accuracy is also excellent out of the box, and rival my 5.1 with all the upgrades. So is it worth the buy? Yes, absolutely!

- Accurate
- Powerful at 350fps
- Pistol grip feels comfortable
- Upgradable with all TM upgrade parts
- Night sights are excellent

- Sluggish and slow recoil when compared to an upgraded Tokyo Marui Hi-capa
by Oscar R. on 05/04/2015
"Got this gun a week ago and it operated amazing! its awesome how bread and butter it is to change externals except for the slide because the gun is 6 inches and its quiet hard to find a good 6'' slide for this also i had a problem with firing trigger group and hammer when i was replacing the magwell but its pretty easy to fix if you know what to do unlike me i was struggling 2 hours to put a curved silver thing above the silver part , but overall 9/10
by adam c. on 10/21/2013
"5 stars. Hands down. I got this gun from a friend, the only problem with it was that the outer barrel can come unscrewed, and the inner barrel will hit the front and lock the slide, and the slide is really heavy, so it barely finishes the mag. I've used this as a hammer, literally, my friend has private property, and we were breaking through plaster walls, so I didn't go all the way through, and I used this to pound out the walls. Still fully functional.

Outer barrel occasionally unscrews, locking the slide.
by Declan C. on 08/22/2012
"This gun is great! I've had it for 3 years now, and knock on wood, I havent had one problem with it to date! definitely worth the price, plus its completely TM compatible.
-great accuracy
-amazing fiber-optic sights
-awesome FPS, around 350 with propane
-easy to find extra mags and spare parts
-it is a big gun, and its really hard to find a good holster that fits it, I recommend one of the Tornado-style wrap-to-fit holsters.
-other than that, the only other complaint I have is that this gun isnt very gas efficient, you'll be lucky to get through a whole mag if your firing quickly.
by corbin c. on 11/03/2011
"I got this gun last week and i have to say its the best looking and most B.A. pistol i have ever purchased its a must have! Its full metal and 400 fps on the first shot from a clip full with gas!
by Garnet R. on 07/18/2011
"I love this gun! The weight and feel cannot be matched! Looks gorgeous! Adjustable Fiber Optics puts the cherry on top! I love that it works with green gas and Co2, Co2 i believe works better with it. I have a Co2 Desert Eagle that I used before this, thinking that was the best handgun you could buy in the airsoft game, but this gun tops it! More KICK than the Deagle, First time I shot it I actually Flinched hahaha and i shoot my Glock (Real gun) at the range every week! So that shows how much kick this gun really has (with C02) BUY THIS GUN!! I PROMISE YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED!

Con: Only one, the Mag that came with it has a slow leak after 1 month of use, I suggest you get multiple mags and use equally to reduce wear and tear on just 1.
by Graham D. on 06/04/2011
"i got this gun used, from a friend, but it was amazing right off the bat! now, 1 AND A HALF YEARS LATER, it has never given me a problem... EVER. just remember to clean and lubricate it after an 8 hour use.

long barrel- accurate
weight- feels like the real thing
easy disassebly (for cleaning)
illuminates sights (look BA)
you can buy hi-cap mags for it that hold 50+1 rounds
by william m. on 01/25/2011
"got this gun a month a go and it is AMAZING i mean AMAZING

great size clip
awesome sights
great for cqb

should come with a case