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Matrix Illuminated 4x24 PSO-1 Type Scope for Dragonov SVD Sniper Rifle Series

13 Customer Reviews

by Dominic F. on 06/20/2016
"Fun and good scope! Great retical and perfect illumination, despite having one setting. The rifle, however, came broken so I will be returning it. For that reason, I cannot give a long term review but its initial impression was a high quality scope that is realistic and full metal. The box is great and will be great for storage. Overall good buy, despite the price and I wish I could have used it more.
by James R. on 01/26/2016
"If you want a great scope for an SVD, and you don't want to get a real one, then this is the one for you. The quality is almost as great as the real version, and it's cheaper than one too.
by Kenneth C. on 01/26/2016
"This scope is well worth the money got mine and It really completes the look of my svd the metal box it comes in is cool and all the little things in it really make the package from the extra lights and battery to cleaning brush and screwdriver. It fit on my rifle with a little adjustment and it sits solidly with no movement on the gun. Its really cool to watch the BBS soar through the air and hit their target through the scope. I really like this scope and I and definitely going to get my moneys worth out of it.
by Shanden G. on 06/21/2013
"Great scope for the high price, Fit my King Arms SVD easily, no need to bang it with a hammer or anything and it looks AMAZING. Worth it for any SVD.

by Adam C. on 06/22/2016
"This PSO scope is the

+Looks amazing on SVDs and AKs alike.
+Very easy to dial in.
+Functional sun shade.
+Very handy scope cover.
+Illumination works pretty well, most of the time.
+Heft of scope balances the weapon well.
+Awesome eye relief.

-Adds a bit of heft, but could be a pro.
-Illumination straight-up refuses to work on occasion.
-Tough to get on the first time. I actually had to use a rubber mallet.
-Sun shade became loose after some time, and would fall off. Some gaffer's tape fixed this easy, though.

All in all, a wonderful PSO replica. For airsoft, you can't really go wrong.
by Kevin M. on 08/22/2015
"I got this scope a few months ago, and it works pretty well. It zeros well on my AIM TOP svd, and i like how i don't need to get a screwdriver or coin to adjust windage and elevation (i mean seriously, why would anyone make a scope that doesn't have these as dials). My issue with the scope is the lens size. For me, 25mm is not enough to get a good picture without pressing my entire face right up to the scope (which might be its intended use, but I am not a big fan of). The silver colored aluminum arm to tighten the scope onto the PSO rail is VERY soft. My advice is to put the scope where you want it, and never take it off, because when you try, the arm will bend if you want the scope to be tight enough to take a hit and not slide. Also, when putting it on, lube the rail a LOT, because its a tight fit.

For those who don't like reading paragraphs, here is a brief synopsis:

-great windage/elevation adjustments (albeit you have to turn them very far to zero)
-rubber lens-cover is a nice touch
-metal slide keeps me from being blinded from the sun
-looks amazing
-very sturdy

-small lens
-non-adjustable zoom (only 4x)
-tightening arm bends very easily
-not very good for the money, but there aren't really available alternatives
by anthony h. on 08/06/2015
"excellent scope!!! i guess i got a good one and everyone got the lemon scope. this scope is on my svd bolt action gen2 and it works perfectly. a little tight to install i had to tap it in slightly with a rubber hammer but it zeros to the dot. the adjustments nubs dial in and are functional. adds another element of awesome with looks and makes your range farther and more precise. if i had to complain about anything it has to be the illumination feature. the battery and wire is loose and flickers on and off from time to time, but i don't use it to begin with anyway so i am fine with it being off. highly recommend!!! i give it 9/10.
by Michael C. on 06/30/2015
"Fits great and looks great on my Real Sword Svd, but the scope won't zero in properly. I twisted the knob as far as it could go to make the cross hair go left but it won't adjust far enough to be lined up correctly.
by chris g. on 03/11/2013

hey everyone, I wanna clear up everything about this scope. 5 guys on my professional team have this scope. It is an astounding copy of the SVD PSO-1 DMR scope, this is, classified as a DMR scope being only 4x zoom but that is all you need for it. And as I said, it is a COPY. all these issues I hear about the scope not going on are user error. If you look at the latch that on the mounting system you will see a small silver bolt that looks like a round castle. Called, a Castle Bolt. (Large concept I know) you must hold down the castle bolt. And turn the screw to raise or lower the height of the rail latch. It will fit on ANY SVD without filing or modification IF you adjust the castle bolt. Look on YouTube for simple tutorials. "How to adjust the castle bolt on PSO-1 airsoft"

The ONLY issue I have seen with this scope is a very rare factory defect where the Chevron reticle is tipped sideways, and is not fixable unless you entire disassemble the scope, and realign the lens with the fiber optic on it. It is rare but can happen. Before you even attempt to get this scope on, take the scope, turn it upside down and balance it on the wordage knob on top on a flat surface, turn on the illumination, and look thought it. If its not entirely parallel to the table send it back and the next one will be perfect.

Other than that I have no complaints about the scope. If you know anything about wiring I would solder the wires for a tighter connection, and maybe even simplified, tape them together, because there are two wires that power that optic, just put a piece of electrical tape to hold the two wires tiger, then tape them to the actual scope wherever they fit and look nice. This will eliminate any issues with wires snagging and tearing.

I give this scope a 9/10. It is nothing compared to the true USSR Issue PSOP which I run on my AIM GBB SVD. But it is astounding airsoft quality reproduction. The chevron reticle is spaced perfectly, and is easy to use if you know how.

Here is how you use the chevron I aiming system. If you google a chevron reticle and look for reference it is easiest.

1: the bottom line that is running all the way across the scope, line that up with the curved line. Whatever you are aiming at, place their feet at the line, and they're head should hit the top of the curved line. When you get your reference point, slide your scope over just a tad, to where it reaches center wi the arrows, and there's your theoretical headshot. For airsoft it works absolutely perfect of you know how far your gun shoots at varied distances. I hope this review aids many people in buying this scope and keeping the SVD True to its beautiful look.
by Thomas S. on 03/02/2013
"Great scope. I love it! Designed for quick reads and scoping on the move.
It was loose on my rifle but it's easy to adjust. Under the locking hammer there's a
spring with a little plate. Push the plate up compressing the spring and you can turn
an adjustment nut. It's right next to the plate. Tighten it for tighter fit and loosen it for looser.
Only issue I have is inconsistant current for illumination.
by Braydon G. on 11/10/2012
"I got this for my A&K SVD and it wouldn't slide on properly. I had to file down the scope so it could slide onto the side rail on my rifle. It is also very easy to make scratches on the metal, but once I finally got the scope on, the rifle looked so awesome with the scope on! I gave this scope a 4/5 because I had to file it down a bit, but it works like a charm!
by Tomas P. on 12/08/2011
"I got this one for my Matrix SVD Dragonov.

It was very hard to get on. Even after I figured out that I need to place the front bolt of the scope into the center grove of the gun rail it would not slide in all the way.. I lubed it and finally had to gently tap it in with a hammer.m, good thing its full metal

The objective has a lens cover which is great but it has begun to rub off a thin film on the scope. I don't know why the film is there and the gun does not look bad without the film. It might be to protect from rust?

The lens is very clear and scope works with or without illuminating the target sight.


It is a bit expensive but with the 20% off coupon it helps


- Full Metal = VERY STURDY!
- Clear Magnification
- Sight can be used with or without illumination
- Batteries are installed and it came with an extra set
- Comes with Front Lens cover


- The outside front of the scope has a plastic film that has already started to rub off from the friction
of the objective lens cover
- A Bit Pricey.

Final thoughts,

It is a very nice scope, I am not crazy about the design but then again it is Russian.
So for this scope

I give it 8/10
by Frank B. on 09/05/2015
"Bought the scope awhile ago, sold it within a few weeks. My PSO didn't zero or even move when adjusted. Barely fits on a RS SVD even when adjusting the nut. Would make a good movie prop.