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WG High Power Full Metal 1911 Compact Airsoft Co2 Powered Gas Pistol (Color: Black / Black Grip)

12 Customer Reviews

by Kevin R. on 04/04/2011
"Bought this gun to go with a costume for holloween because it was cheap and it looked like the gun the character used. Also I wanted a smaller sized sidearm (I collect many handguns) Of all my handguns this is by far the strongest. I have a co2 m9 that I fired with .12 for laughs that fired 550+ I fired this gun with .20's and it was wayyy over 600 so much id dont know why its on evike. This is not recommended for cqb or even matches. It is a very good gun, but it is way to dangerous for play.

Pros: High Fps, very accurate, basically a heavy hunk of metal but very well built, bottom rail for flashlights or laser, fits almost all holsters. co2 rarely jams, doesnt need to be cleaned.

Cons: Built in mag, Not recommended for shooting at people, kind of cheap grip. One piece.(literally, no spare mags, no upper slide)

Overall a really good gun, well built and powerfull. Highly recommended for collection or mild home defense. Not for in game airsoft.
by Ralph M. on 03/10/2011
"i got this gun and as soon as i played the next air soft game i won leavin a mark on every one

pros,feels reel extremely accurate and no one cheats saying there not shot with this baby.

cons,realy loudd!!!

i recomend buyin it has a built in magg and every thing!! WORTH 55 BUCKS!!
by vince j. on 09/03/2010
"I bought this gun thinking cheap just whatever side arm. well we chronode it with .42g bb it shot
608fps at nashville airsoft. do not shoot people with this gun! we are known by this pistol now,
everyone wants to look at it but quickly denys getting shot by it. its very loud and scary befor we
chronoed it at nashville we used it one cqb match. upon firing down the hall i heard my friend
scream "WTF IS THAT" they thought i was firing a m203 at them. This gun is def worth 55 dollars for
the wtf factor of it. i recomind it.just please do not fire at someone with it, it will cause serious harm.
i really dont know what they were thinking making it so powerful but i love it.

PS. Shot through my bedroom door at 10ft.

Glenn-Mississippi Heavy Metal.
by Leang H. on 08/22/2010
"Got this gun last week and have shot around 12 mag fulls.

First impressions: the pistol has a great heft and seems to be extremely durable. The only plastic I can see is on the grip plate, which has a crisp texture. Pressing the mag eject button slides open the grip plate to reveal the CO2 slot on one side and the BB loading slot on the other. Safety is located near the trigger on the right side and can be conveniently accessed by right handed shooters.

- Insane FPS and good accuracy with heavier BBs. 450+ on a pistol! Initial test was done with .20 gram BBs at 25 feet. 2" groupings were no problem. Moved to 50 feet and tested .20, .23, and .25 gram BBs. The lighter .20 gram BBs started to drift a bit, but the .23 gram and .25 gram BBs were still grouping beautifully. To show you an example of 1911's crazy firepower, I had one errant .25 gram BB that spun to the right and ricochet'd off my target's frame. When I examined the spot, there was a nice BB sized hole that spider webbed out. I opened the frame to see how bad the damage was. Apparently, the BB broke through the first plastic outer layer, cracked the inner plastic layer, and rebounded back out of the original hole. At 50 feet away. The target was pretty shoddy plastic to begin with, but it was an impressive display of force.
- Full metal construction aside from the grip plate. The weight of the gun imparts a feeling of reliability and durability.
- Extremely efficient gas. I didn't keep track, but the first CO2 cartridge easily surpassed the 100 shot mark.

- Full metal construction is kept simple and comes at a cost. There are no functioning external parts aside from the mag eject button and safety. No moving slide, no working hammer, nothing. Just 2 metal halves held together by screws. I actually consider this a plus since it means virtually no maintenance and worries. But should something happen, I can imagine getting to the innards to fix the problem would be pretty difficult. There's no access to the workings of the gun without unscrewing it completely.
- 12 rds. Since refilling it is not something you can do quickly, the low rd count can be a big issue if you're planning on using it in a skirmish (at 450 fps, I hope your enemies are wearing protection).
- Pulling the trigger past a certain point and then releasing it can cause a BB to stick. It's only happened to me once, and I was able clear the barrel with a shake, causing the BB to roll out the front tip. Once you start seriously pulling the trigger, you'll have to stay the course and fire.
- The plastic slide grip. The one true fault I have about this gun. You could say it gets the job done. It's textured and blends in nicely with the rest of the gun. Slides open quite quickly on button press. But with the gun's full metal construction, the fact that this piece is made of lightweight plastic stands out. And if you press it in a certain way, it has a slight wiggle. Definitely not a deal breaker though. Once you have the 1911 in hand, you won't notice the plastic.

Closing notes:
If there were an aftermarket metal grip plate, I would buy it in a heartbeat as it would make this pistol perfect (if authenticity is not an issue of course). The ridiculous FPS coupled with heavier weight BBs results in very good accuracy. Completely metal construction comes at the cost of a non functioning exterior, but also gives it rock hard durability and good heft. If someone were looking for a full metal gas powered pistol with intimidating firepower and no maintenance, this is definitely an ideal gun. At this price point, you'd be hard-pressed to find any pistol with the same qualities that Win Gun's 1911 does so well.
by joe m. on 01/06/2010
"this is a great gun. i just wish that they made it more clear that it had a built in magazine, meaning that there is no removable magazine which can some times be hard to reload with out a speed loader. other than that there is nothing bad about this gun, and is a great side arm for anyone especially for the money.
by Andrew Z. on 10/07/2009
"OK - all in all, this is an excellent gun. Shoots well; it has quite a bit of weight to it, especially compared to those ten dollar WalMart plastic excuses for a pistol.
The description says this gun holds 15 rounds - I only managed 12 .20 grams in the internal magazine, which, consequently, is the only other problem I have with it. An internal magazine means, as most of you have no doubt gathered by this time, that you can't reload the gun in the field. This is indeed a backup weapon only.

- Weight is amazing; feels about as real as could be expected
- Hits hard; did the 'poor man's chrono' with the bottom of a coke can, punctured it effortlessly
- Officer's variant makes it an inch or two shorter, making it easier to wield than the normal version

- Internal magazine means it's a backup weapon only

All in all, this is an excellent gun that I highly recommend, and look forward to using for many airsoft games to come.
by William B. on 10/03/2009
"Great buy, sweet shot! Other sites offer this little beast for over $100. I've used this with great success in multiple scirmishes. Each time teammates comments on the power and accuracy. Two of my team have since purchased it. Weight, power, and accuracy A+...price, well can you beat it?
by Jack B. on 09/17/2009
"I got this gun a couple of days ago and i have to say this is a pretty good buy. Its full metal and has a lot of power behind it for its size. for mine .20 g. bbs are too light for this power monster and mainly spin down. I used some 25g and it was better...(id recommend getting heavier) i can hit targets fifty feet away with this thing. this thing looks painful at close range. i was shooting some plastic boxes about 25 ft. away from me and the bbs would bounce off and almost hit me!i think the only drawback some people would say is that is has an internal magazine that holds like 12 bbs but i really dont think that is much of a problem.

full metal
decent accuracy with 25g
great for CQB
internal magazine
about 125 bbs per Co2

internal magazine
short magazine
decent accuracy

In my opinion the pros definably weigh out the cons and i buy it, i mean its only 40 bucks!
by Ben I. on 09/04/2009
"Wow! this gun is actually all metal with the exception of the orange tip (obviously) and the plastic grip which slides out of the way for the ammo and Co2 area. But it weights a ton for a kinda smaller gun so i t was really surprising but awesome. I haven't shot it yet but i bet its going to be amazing as is the quality.
by tyler c. on 09/04/2009
"man i want this gun it looks cool and its full metal also ive heard that it shoot about 500 fps with .20 bbs thats pretty good for a co2 pistol
by Elijah K. on 12/25/2010
"Pros: High FPS, very accurate, all metal except for the grip, compact and over all a good gun

Cons: dose not take mags loads by a built in mag in the slide able grip,
by Benzion S. on 01/07/2010
"This is a great gun. I only purchase full metal airsoft guns so this gun fit the bill. I love the weight and feel of this gun. I haven't dropped it yet but I'm sure it would easily survive some rough handling.

Pros: Built to last
High fps
Full Metal
ok accuracy
about 100 bbs on one CO2

Cons: internal mag
15 BBs per mag

Overall this is an excellent gun and for around $55 its an ok deal. Based on the previous reviews I'm assuming it used to be $40 which would have been a better price. The only problem is the low capacity of the mag. Does anyone know where I can find mags for this gun?