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Heckler & Koch / Umarex Full Metal USP Tactical NS2 Airsoft Gas Blowback Gun by KWA (Threaded Barrel)

20 Customer Reviews

by carter p. on 01/24/2015
"I bought this in March last year and it still performs like new


LOUD (scares the crap out of the enemy)
very gas efficient
amazing performance
mag holds 24 rounds
perfect weight (1.5 pounds probably)
extremely durable


16mm threaded barrel, not 14mm
iron sights are all black, no white iron sights
can be a pain putting on lasers and flash lights
by Ralph F. on 11/24/2012
"My first impressions on this gun were very good. And i was right, not to much maintainence, only a cleanining now and then. It shot great, i think around 340 on green gas. the hopup was ok, but it was still eceptionally accurate. But like any other gun, about after a year of use, some problems really started to be present. the magazine would not go in the mag well all the way, the gas inytake valves kept on breaking, and a couple other problems.
good fps
high, realistic kick
very gas efficiant(thank you ns2)
light weight
reasonable price
hopup a little off

Well, this gun is AWESOME i give it a five out of five. I could only find one con!
by Josh K. on 08/27/2012
"I have had this 2 of these pistols for 2 years and they both still run strong. By far the best, most durable pistols i have ever owned. I have put each one through about 100k shots and i have not had to replace anything. The hopup rubbers still have great spin and cleaning and maintenance is easy.

-Durable. Will last forever. Not even kidding

-KWA. Quality that you can trust.

-Full metal! Very durable

-Very gas efficient (2 mags usually)

-KWA hopup is legendary. I run .3s and can hit people 150ft away. its nuts

-Insanely accurate with heavy BBs (again, .3s)

-Threaded tip, looks more legit than the compact or standard one.

-16mm- threading means most silencers are incompatible. I found a rare KSC SOCOM silencer that fits just great (yes it is 16mmCCW. Dont listen to the people who say its 14mm, Its not)

-As usual with quality guns, the mags are expensive, But you are paying for quality with KWA mags.

-Hopup simply does not work with .2s. Even with the hopup on minimun setting a .2 bb will go spinning off into the heavens and never be seen again. The minimum engagement of hopup is designed for .25s and heavier (KWA tells you that: "Designed for .25 gram bb and higher" This is why.)

Could go either way:
-Kinda big. Not for someone with very small hands

-Kinda heavy. Make sure its secured well in a holster or else you risk it bouncing out if youre running on the field.

Overall, these are the best pistols on the market. They are practically indestructible, and you wont have to change any parts out unless you seriously abuse the gun. Clean and lubricate often and these pistols will last for years. Best pistols money can buy!
11/10 stars in my book!
by Liz N. on 07/10/2012
"Iv had this gun for a few weeks now and have to say it is incredibly impressive to say the least. the build is a KWA so u can expect exceptional amterials and aweosme internals. this thing so so efficient on gas you will not be able to go back to a non NS2 gas system again. seriously, if you want to invest in a really good side arm that will not let you down on the field, go for any KWA, especially the USPs

-Heavy (good weight)
-Great Gas System
-Mag Doesnt woble too much
-LOTS of trades and cerial #s (if you like that realism)
-Nice GBB Action
-Comes with BB's, lube, and tools
-Nice texturazation on the grips and trigger gaurd

-I know it says that it come with the 'three white dots on the front and rear sights' but that is not slightly true. there is no 3 dot combat sight and if u look losely you can see it on the last pic they have of it.
-saftey can sometimes take a bit of force to engage
-Reassembly can suck (took me a half hour to get the gun back together but it was not simple as i didnt realize the spring guide collapsed on itself to get back in the gun_)
-the threaded orange tip is a 14mm so barely anything fits. i think 2 barrel extensions on are 14mm
-mags are quite expensive (BUY THE REGULAR USP MAGS; THEY WILL FIT IN THE GUN)
by Thomas C. on 06/23/2012
"I've had this handgun for over 3 months now.

It has never given me any trouble, the build quality is amazing. It is relatively accurate and KWA's NS2 system is amazing.

-Amazing Build Quality
-Solid, very little wobble
-Good solid weight
-Nice Trademarks

-The barrel is not a 14mm threaded barrel, it is a 16mm.
by Jonathan H. on 06/05/2012
"This is a great GBB! It's pretty expensive though. ANd I haven't bought another magazine for this because KWA magazine's are so expensive. Comes with a manual But I do recommend this gun.

Full Metal
Orange threaded barrel tip
Big grip, but that's okay
Grip Patterns
Holds enough gas for more than one magazine
Heavy weight (good for me at least)
Study (no wobbling)
Durable (dropped both the gun and magazine on accident and functions well)
Entire hammer degrades, instead of just the tip of the hammer; when slide goes back
Comes with lubricant
Comes with BB's
Comes with hop-up adjust
H&K and Umarex licensed
Good blowback

Expensive magazine
Wobbly/loose magazine (as every airsoft gun does)
Front sight on mine slips off too often
External hammer (I like handguns that don't show the hammer)
External slide release (the part that keeps the slide back broke off, and I can't replace it)
Magazine is a little loose (My brother actually flipped his nail the other way when putting the magazine in because the magazine is part of the grip)

5 stars because only MY USP had some defects
by David T. on 01/14/2012
"My friend has this gun and after using it I will say that I am most definitely purchasing this gun. If you have the extra money, BUY A KWA! KWA simply has the best support and products. You may think your WE is an amazing gun (which they are) but once you use a gun that has the NS2 system, you can't go back. With non NS2 system guns, your FPS drops per shot, but if you watch chrono videos of KWA NS2 guns, the FPS only changes by DECIMALS per shot. I am not exaggerating this. The gun shoots about 2 magazines per gas fill. Most other guns shoot 1.5. Recommended you get a propane adapter. And if your wondering why the mags are expensive, take note that the mags use the NS2 system, which in the end saves you money for gas. And the mags for most guns are 1/4 the price of the gun, so be ready to put down extra money on mags for an extra pricey gun.

Full Metal
Extremely consistent FPS
outgun everyone
Sounds amazing

I have yet to find a good way to quadruple wield these.
No extended mags.

by Jeremy B. on 11/18/2011
"I got this gun about 6 months ago. Its AMAZING. Its very accurate and has a really hard kick. Plus it sounds really intimidating when being shot from it. I also go the mock amplifier for it, it was cool, nice construction and made my airsoft life really great...until i traded it. . . . worst mistake ever. once you have this gun, no other will feel as good to you. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Heavy Weight
Nice saftey
Very accurate
Hard kick

Sights are plain and hard to see in dark areas
Makes you feel like any other pistol is garbage after trading or selling.

Overall, Amazing Gun!!!!! Buy it! I'll probably get another one soon.

Happy Hunting
by Alex Y. on 08/06/2011
"I have had this gun for about a year and a half now. Overall, this is an excellent gun. My version is not actually the fancy "fully licensed" H&K version, it's the "KP45" Tactical; although the two are the same thing, just with different trades. I've been to quite a few skirmishes with this thing, and it almost never lets me down. (There was one case where it jammed in the heat of the battle, and I had to drop it and switch to my rifle.) It's pretty durable, and has a very realistic, solid feel to it. I've even had someone say that it felt like the real steal, so be careful with this thing.

One major problem I had with this gun was that the trigger actually did break about a year and a couple months into owning it. It was a stress fracture that was largely my fault for dry firing it (without gas or BBs) while it was brittle from the cold. I sent a ticket into KWA and was able to purchase a replacement trigger for 6 bucks. Seems easy enough, but I actually had to disassemble the entire firing mechanism to get the new trigger on. Luckily, KWA provides detailed diagrams for all of their guns. Other than that, I've had no real problems with it.

- Hard kick. Feels like a .22, and sounds like one too.
- Realistic feel. I've shot a USP .45 a few times before, and this thing comes close as far as construction goes.
- The FPS is adequate. It hits hardest after you put fresh gas in.
- Quality construction; nothing wobbles too much after a year + of use.
- Even though my trades are lame, they still have serials which is nice. And the new trades are awesome.
- Disassembling it is easy. I can field strip it in less than 20 seconds.

- Has a healthy appetite for gas. I'd recommend getting a propane adapter and some silicon oil. Propane tanks cost ~$2, and hold more gas. The downside is that it smells horrible, so get green gas if you're shooting inside (CQB)
- Slide has jammed up or locked on a few occasions. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, I have to field strip it and put it back together. Hasn't happened since I replaced the trigger, though.
- Accuracy is hit or miss (no pun intended). Sometimes it's dead on, sometimes I'll waste a mag hitting nothing.
- Spare mags are expensive. $40? Yikes. Suffice to say that I haven't needed one yet, so it's no big deal.
- The safety no longer works. This happened after I replaced the trigger, so it must have been a mistake in reassembly on my part.
- The de-cocking mechanism has never worked for me.

Overall: 4.5/5 stars. If you like the H&K USP, this is the best of its class. (Besides the other variants)
by Justin R. on 05/28/2011
"when i compared this to my real kp45 it was perfect down to the size weight materials and trademarks.
also the real steel takes out targets i miss with a rifle and this gun stays true to the accuracy too
by Shannon P. on 05/09/2011
"This is my 4th gbb sidearm and I must say I'm very impressed with the KP45. Keeping the review short, lets move to the pros/cons.
Extremely light slide allowing for quick firing and fast blow back.
Good recoil
Fits nicely into hands
Good trigger pull.
Threaded Barrel.
Light polymer plastic on the frame just like the real steel.
Grip is etched for non slip.
Adjustable, raised sights that allow you to aim over the suppressor if you attach one. A rare feature.
Well weighted.
Holds over 20 rounds and the magazine has a spring locking mechanism that allows for easier loading.
None that I can really think of. Just DO NOT be tempted by the light weight slide and trigger pull and decide to bump fire it. 5/5 stars excellent performance and comfortability.bGood job KWA
by chris s. on 01/31/2011
"This is an impressive gas blowback from KWA, which is the only GBB brand I buy now. Aside from the thread being 16mm, I have no complaints. Even in cold weather (mid 30s to lower 40s) it still performs pretty good for a gas gun with a 50-70ft range using .25s. FPS is pretty good for a pistol (around 360-380 using propane/.2g in 70 degrees F). Blowback is crisp... etc, etc. Pretty much what you'd expect from KWA.

-Good FPS
-I like the raised sights
-threaded barrel
-nice weight to it, solid construction
-Very accurate with .25g BBs/excellent range for a pistol
-Quick to fully take down and maintance is easy
-In warm weather, mags can generally fire off 40-55 rounds

-16mm threading makes finding a mock supressor hard (though I believe the real USP uses 16mm threading)
-Polymer Outer barrel (however, there's no signs of wear on it and it does reduce weight somewhat)

Also, I recomend using .25g BBs as they're more accurate (and hit harder) and propane (be sure to lubricate gun frequently though). That's about it!
by Amber M. on 10/12/2010
"This gun is awsome, shoots nice and hard.
can shoot over 400 fps the first shot on a hot day and then averages around 350 or so.
Metal other than the carbon fiber barrel and grips.
Good on gas, the NS2 system works wounders.
Magazine holds 25 rounds.
45 day warrunty.

While the barrel might be a CON for some, it isn't for me and it's damn strong
by Christopher O. on 10/01/2010
"I received this gun a little while ago and I have not been disappointed. This gun cycles extremely well, it has a very nice solid weight and feel to it, and the gun fires very accurately. I don't particularly like the sights on the gun, but they get the job done for sure. The gun is a nice metal with a few very nice synthetic pieces. The NS2 system saves a good amount of gas and the magazines hold a lot of shots, though I think the spring in the magazine takes too much force to push down (there's kind of a trick to it). Anyhows, I don't have a chronograph and I'm not going to put a totally errant guess like a lot of people do, but I would guess on propane it starts somewhere in the mid 300's and goes down towards 300 or so at the end of the charge, which is really all you need in most arenas, especially with CQB.
by evan b. on 03/20/2010
"this thing is amazing. it has one of the quickest cycle rate of any of my friends guns ,(a kwa glock, tm m1911 and kjw m1911). It shoots 380 fps thanks to the ns2 system. it holds its own against a kjw 1911 co2 power gbb. its a must buy