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by Robert C. on 2011-01-01 22:48:43
-Great Build Quality
-Solid Frame
-400 fps

-Slide Catch Broke
-Safety Broke
by Amber M. on 2010-10-12 14:20:12
"This gun is awsome, shoots nice and hard.
can shoot over 400 fps the first shot on a hot day and then averages around 350 or so.
Metal other than the carbon fiber barrel and grips.
Good on gas, the NS2 system works wounders.
Magazine holds 25 rounds.
45 day warrunty.

While the barrel might be a CON for some, it isn't for me and it's damn strong
by Christopher O. on 2010-10-01 18:23:03
"I received this gun a little while ago and I have not been disappointed. This gun cycles extremely well, it has a very nice solid weight and feel to it, and the gun fires very accurately. I don't particularly like the sights on the gun, but they get the job done for sure. The gun is a nice metal with a few very nice synthetic pieces. The NS2 system saves a good amount of gas and the magazines hold a lot of shots, though I think the spring in the magazine takes too much force to push down (there's kind of a trick to it). Anyhows, I don't have a chronograph and I'm not going to put a totally errant guess like a lot of people do, but I would guess on propane it starts somewhere in the mid 300's and goes down towards 300 or so at the end of the charge, which is really all you need in most arenas, especially with CQB.
by evan b. on 2010-03-20 19:02:29
"this thing is amazing. it has one of the quickest cycle rate of any of my friends guns ,(a kwa glock, tm m1911 and kjw m1911). It shoots 380 fps thanks to the ns2 system. it holds its own against a kjw 1911 co2 power gbb. its a must buy
by luke m. on 2010-01-30 08:17:05
"Its a really good gun. once you get the hop up adjusted i can hit a man sized target at 75 feet easy. Once you break it in a little bit it has a good amount of recoil. evike DOES hold a 16mm silencer that will fit on this i might get it. mine chronoed at 330. nice and solid although the WE hi capa 4.3 is a much more clanky sounding gun sounds a little more like a 9mm when u let the slide go forward but this one is good 2. Mags aren't leaky, EXTREMELY gas efficient i was getting around 50-60 rounds on one fill of propane.
pretty accurate, the ONLY con is that they dont have spare mags for it yet, so if i were u id get the kp8 ns2. because of the mag on this one breaks u will more than likely have ti get a whole new gun.
by vincent p. on 2010-01-22 19:37:06
"this thing is a beast !!
Nice strong recoil 400+ fps
built is solid
loud crack noise when shooting..

Nice recoil
Ns2 system ( less cooldown )
rate of fire

Loud (can be a pros)
plastic barrel
thread is plastic too..
by Alex Y. on 2010-01-06 19:11:03
"So I just received this wonderful pistol in my box today, and I've got to say I am so far delighted. It's very good looking despite my initial concern over the "stick-out-like-a-sore-thumb" trades. It's a lot darker than most of the display pictures show, though that's not a problem for me. The slide movement is very crisp and smooth, therefore creating a very nice sound when pulled. It's a little bit big for those with smaller hands, though again, not a problem for me. So over all, the aesthetics are 9/10.

Now on to performance:
This is actually my first gas pistol so I had a bit of trouble with the green gas at first (I wasn't putting it in correctly) but there are no real issues with it as far as the gas goes. The shooting is excellent, and fairly accurate. I haven't gone through extensive use on targets yet though. I really love the report it makes when fired, it's pretty loud and it sounds almost like a suppressed pistol. Key word: almost.
The gun also has a bit of kick, which is nice because it adds to the realism. And my only concern is that I don't know yet how many rounds it's supposed to fire on a full refill of gas. So far it fires about 1 and a half mags. (approx. 35 rounds)
So for performance I give it a 9/10 also.

TLDR (pros/cons)

Realistic looking, sounding, feeling
Efficient (as far as I'm concerned)
Metal slide, magazine, and most other little parts
The frame is polymer, though that's true to the actual USP so it's a plus.
Holds a lot of ammo for a pistol
Heavy weight
All around, a great pistol

I don't really like the polymer barrel but it's not a big con
None, really.

Overall, I'd highly recommend this pistol if you're looking at gas guns; and it is well worth the extra money as apposed to the cheaper KJW & HFC USPs.
by evan b. on 2010-01-03 20:45:42
"just for starters this gun is amazing. it chronoed at 350+ fps. its holds 25 bbs in one mag and the ns2 system holds enough gas for about 40 rounds. the kick is amazingly hard strong and fast. i used it recently at hollywood sports and it didn't disappoint.

high fps
solid build
strong kick and fast cycle rate
good weight, stable hop-up

safety doesn't work
thread is 16mm ccw (that means no silencer here on evike, gi or aex)

over all is a great side arm for the money. i highly recommend

Displaying 13 to 20 (of 20 reviews)

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