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KWA M11A1 NS2 System Gas Blowback Sub-Machine Gun

31 Customer Reviews

by Joshua A. on 02/07/2015
"All these five star reviews and yet i don't believe them. I've had this gun for three months and it was good for awhile but took a dive. The gun is made of plastic which keeps cost down but I'd rather spend more money up front for a metal gun. After about a month of skirmishes the rear of the lower receiver developed a hairline crack which eventually spread from the left side of the bottom of the lower receiver all the way up and across the right side of the rear sight.
I basically had to dip the entire rear portion of the lower receiver in JB weld to prevent the receiver from cracking any further from the bolt carrier. The gun was a mis-feeding champion in semi auto and would jam alot. The gun shoots fast and is a great little cqb gun but its not very durable at all. Suffers durability issues like the ghk G5.