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Matrix Irregular Pitch Airsoft AEG Upgrade Spring (Power: M150 500~600 FPS)

47 Customer Reviews

by Dmitri A. on 05/22/2018
"Matrix Irregular Pitched Springs

-wide selection in strengths
-irregular pitch is great performance upgrade

-Black coding chips off and gets in the gearbox
*not a serious issue, just annoying
by Jeffrey C. on 04/25/2017
"Good spring, works great and if you have a quick-spring-change gearbox, it becomes no problem to install because you dont need to open the gearbox. But if you have a standard gearbox without a quick-spring-change then look up some videos to show you the right technique to install it without too much trouble. Hint for those with normal gearboxes, use a screwdriver it guide/push the spring and spring guide back into place.
by Andrew G. on 11/10/2016
"I just used this spring a few days ago as I just had it installed in my SR25, it shot on average, 350fps. All day as I was playing there were no problems with it. A very good spring by Matrix.
by Chace D. on 03/29/2015
"this is a great spring got it in my kwa m16 no other internal upgrades besides this spring
m16 before matrix 140 spring 310-340fps .30g bbs
m16 after matrix 140 spring 409-420fps .30g bbs
i was able to get 515ps on .25g
by Russell G. on 03/23/2015
"Great spring,buy it if you are looking for a new upgrade spring.
by Thomas A. on 03/08/2015
"I have bought 2 of these and love them. I have one in my Elite Force CQB and one in my G&G Combat Machine. They both work very well. my E.F. gets about 445FPS and my G&G gets about 440FPS with 0.20g BB's. with 0.25g BB's I am just under 400FPS with both of them. Legal with the fields that I play at. I shot 0.28g BB's out of them which puts me at 375-380FPS with them.
Now I just have to but me a motor that what get hot and stop working during a game. Mine works ok as long as I just use single shot but, when you use full auto and it stops with the piston on the last tooth, it mine does not have enough torque to start back up from there. Have to take the gun apart and reset it every time.
by Suzette S. on 02/12/2015
"This spring is very nice. I bought one for my elite force m4 cqc and it bumped up my rate of fire a couple rps but it did reduce my fps a little which I was fine with. Overall a good product!
by Brett T. on 11/12/2014
"Be prepared to purchase a VERY high-torque motor and at LEAST a 10.8V battery to pull this thing. No less. Avoid a high-speed motor.

So far the spring quality is disgustingly good. Currently in my Version 3 gearbox on my JG G36(DMR version).

Working DAMN good so far! Recommended to those if you wanting to push those fps limits and get some serious distance!
by Donovan E. on 10/29/2014
"Matrix AEG springs are probably the best I have used. Perfect length for installation and paint don't chip. This is the 5th m130 i have used from Matrix for all my AEG.
by elijah S. on 10/29/2014
"I installed this into my JG M4 with NATO tight bored AEG, and my FPS went from a wimpy 415 FPS, to an painful 506 FPS!!! If you have an AEG it needs: metal bushings, metal spring guide, reinforced piston head, torque up motor, and a 9.6v or higher battery :)
by Jonathan G. on 04/11/2014
"I got this spring for my DMR build, and it does its job quite well. Im not too sure on the FPS, I still have to chrono it, but All i know is that this gun hits hard. I got Evike's Monster torque motor, with a high torque "low noise" gearset, and a 9.6 v battery. Gun sounds great. Most people say your gonna need a new full metal piston. Im using the stock one, and im doing fine for now. It will break eventually, but I would rather have the stock piston break then my new gearset, so im just keeping it in there till it has enough wear on it. Well anyway Great spring Highly recommend it for a DMR build 5/5 stars
by Josh W. on 10/29/2013
"Installed this into my kwa km4-RIS along with a raptor's full metal teeth piston. The gun now shoots at 470fps with .20's. Be aware that shooting anyone within 50 feet at this high of a power is extremely painful. I made my squad captain bleed pretty bad through under armor at that range. Overall though this is a spring well worth the ten dollars.
by Thomas S. on 09/22/2013
"This is exactly what I needed to get my P90 to Indoor FPS levels. I'd say it's shooting around a solid 300-320 right now. Great product!
by Chris G. on 09/05/2013
"I put this in my P90 along with a 6.03 suppressor length barrel. Shoots long and hard!
by Paul A. on 06/29/2013
"Great spring, works as expected. I ran it through the chrono with .25s on a high compression setup and got these numbers w/ .25s --- 348,349,351,349,348. Stock motor could pull this, i highly recommend it for instant fps upgrade.