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Matrix M150 300% Irregular Pitch Airsoft AEG Upgrade Spring (500~600 FPS)

9 Customer Reviews

by elijah S. on 10/29/2014
"I installed this into my JG M4 with NATO tight bored AEG, and my FPS went from a wimpy 415 FPS, to an painful 506 FPS!!! If you have an AEG it needs: metal bushings, metal spring guide, reinforced piston head, torque up motor, and a 9.6v or higher battery :)
by Jonathan G. on 04/11/2014
"I got this spring for my DMR build, and it does its job quite well. Im not too sure on the FPS, I still have to chrono it, but All i know is that this gun hits hard. I got Evike's Monster torque motor, with a high torque "low noise" gearset, and a 9.6 v battery. Gun sounds great. Most people say your gonna need a new full metal piston. Im using the stock one, and im doing fine for now. It will break eventually, but I would rather have the stock piston break then my new gearset, so im just keeping it in there till it has enough wear on it. Well anyway Great spring Highly recommend it for a DMR build 5/5 stars
by Dave E. on 11/25/2012
"This is a very good spring. I got a reading of 580fps!!! before my piston teeth got stripped out. The only down side to my upgrade is i have a SR-25 V2 gearbox long type, which requires a long type piston like the one is the SR-25 and L85. The long type pistons dont come full metal teeth. So be sure to buy an full metal teeth piston with this upgrade. The Matrix full metal teeth piston is the best piston for an extreme upgrade like this
by Charlie K. on 04/26/2012
"Great spring.
Can hit 600 w/ .2s in my SR25 setup.

You will need to make some serious upgrades before you can plop this thing in your gearbox. IF you don't know that all AEG springs are compatible, i would not recommend you doing your own upgrades. I'm just saying
by Derek G. on 11/06/2010
"HEY! Will this spring work in a JG S-system ( the tan limited edition one to be specific)? I bought it and so far have had no success. I was wondering if the gun needs something more, or if this is an error on my part. The motor is stock and says "Super High Power" on it but i'm not sure if that is true. The bushings are metal and i have replaced the piston and piston head to make them metal as well. The gears are stock, but are some kind of metal. I believe i have the shims set pretty nicely... soooo ideas? Thanks! Other then this the spring looks nice and hurts like hell of it shoots your spring guide back at you! haha

Evike Staff: Yup, this is for any AEG (S-System use a m4 gearbox)
by Karen B. on 11/06/2010
"dose this work for the Matrix / A&K SVD Dragunov Type 79/85 Sniper Rifle (Stealth Black Version)? because i want to upgrade the fps on it.

Evike Staff: No. This is for AEG, not bolt action rifles.
(Please note we cannot answer questions here generally, refer to our facebook or forum please.)
by Jordan J. on 11/04/2010
"Will this fit a matrix g5 tsd galaxy full size pdw rifle? Gotta know cause I'm gonna buy b4 april and I need 2 no (if the webmaster could please awnser this that would be great)


Evike Staff: Yes. Fits all AEG we sell.
(Please note we cannot answer questions here generally, refer to our facebook or forum please.)
by james d. on 03/02/2010
"As expected. I have used 3 different types of Matrix springs so far and they have never failed me
I have used Systema and Guarder. This spring is easier to install and FPS depreciation is less.

Easy to install (PDI length and design)
Made with sturdier material
Doesn't rust
Not overpriced like other brands

by kenny h. on 02/16/2011
"I installed this spring into my JG MK36c and it worked pretty well. There were a couple of problems however.

- Easy to install
- Shoots 575-600 fps w/ .2g bbs

- You need to get a high torque motor that can pull back the spring, or else all you'll end up doing is blowing out your fuse.