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Matrix M125 210% Irregular Pitch Airsoft AEG Upgrade Spring (400~470 FPS)

7 Customer Reviews

by Thomas A. on 03/09/2015
"I have bought 2 of these and love them. I have one in my Elite Force CQB and one in my G&G Combat Machine. They both work very well. my E.F. gets about 445FPS and my G&G gets about 440FPS with 0.20g BB's. with 0.25g BB's I am just under 400FPS with both of them. Legal with the fields that I play at. I shot 0.28g BB's out of them which puts me at 375-380FPS with them.
Now I just have to but me a motor that what get hot and stop working during a game. Mine works ok as long as I just use single shot but, when you use full auto and it stops with the piston on the last tooth, it mine does not have enough torque to start back up from there. Have to take the gun apart and reset it every time.
by Jesse S. on 12/11/2012
"I bought the m125 spring and dropped it into my MK43 (stock except for teflon tape on the bucking and modified nub). After 5,000 bbs it was clocked at 2.1 joules - that's 475 FPS with .20s, 425 with .25s.

Careful because this thing does what it says and then some!
by Dan T. on 07/22/2012
"Ok first off these are great springs. Matrix is by far the best springs on the market. I have used CA, Systema, Guarder, Promes, and a few more. Whats makes these springs great is its an all around good spring. They dont rust, they lose very little fps after break in, Irregular pitch, easy install, AND THE BIGGEST THING IS THE PRICE!!!! This thing is 10 bucks and about 13 shipped. Others listed above are the same price but most are 8-10 dollars more for a weaker spring. I have had a systema M120 spring just break in have and ruined piston.

Those who are saying this spring ruined their motor or blew their fuse have weak guns and or they were too cheap to put in a better motor which is generally what you should do with guns that have stock motors in the G&G, JG, ECHO1, DBOYS, even some G&Ps I have seen need a motor replacement when you get this spring. And for this to shoot almost dmr speed yes it easily fry a cheap crappy motor.
by james d. on 03/02/2010
"As expected. I have used 3 different types of Matrix springs so far and they have never failed me
I have used Systema and Guarder. This spring is easier to install and FPS depreciation is less.

Easy to install (PDI length and design)
Made with sturdier material
Doesn't rust
Not overpriced like other brands

by Ryan G. on 01/17/2013
"Just added this to my CYMA CM028U AK to bump it up a little for outdoors. Spring was a beast to put in compared to the stock spring. And I had to upgrade to the 9.6V battery as stated. The stock battery wouldn't even turn it over! Other wise I have been out a few times with it, full auto and semi without any other issues. Stock motor and all other stock parts + internals.
I don't think I would go any higher though without another motor. This seems to be a good size to get a bit more bang out of your gun without breaking everything.
by dean b. on 11/22/2011
"this spring is of good quality. it seemed very simlinar to the power of my ca spring but i was only compressing it a little bit. But rember this is a irregular pitch coil spring so you cant tell until it is fully compressed.
by David B. on 08/21/2010
"i recently bought this spring for my jg mp5 and i loved it. the only bad thing was that my motor could not handle it and burned out my fuse. when i opened up my gun i saw that because the fuse had blown the spring was compressed. i am wondering if anybody has this spring new and can measure it to tell me how long it is new and if i have to replace my old one.
p.s. if you get this spring and its an upgrade from your old spring, you may want to upgrade your motor and gears just to be safe.