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Matrix M115 170% Irregular Pitch Airsoft AEG Upgrade Spring (350~420 FPS)

4 Customer Reviews

by Russell G. on 03/23/2015
"Great spring,buy it if you are looking for a new upgrade spring.
by Thomas S. on 05/13/2013
"Love the spring. It works as intended, and was much better than the stock spring in the P90 I made. I can't say what the rate of fire is due to me not having a chrono, however I will say it increased my FPS, and the stock spring was a compressed M120
by Jason B. on 08/29/2012
"Put this in my ICS M16A3 as an upgrade to the M100 that was stock. This was part of a complete upgrade that included a cylinder, piston, piston head, spring guide, air nozzle and this spring. Together that brought me from 305-310fps to 345-350fps with .25s. I am using a 9.6v 4200mah battery and it shoots the same rps of 16.6 before and after. Just remember the spring is irregular and needs to be installed with the closely coiled side on the spring guide. Definitely an upgrade over stock and the irregular spring reduces the load in the piston at first but still gives you an fps increase. Pair one of these with a full air seal upgrade and you will be very happy.
by Daniel I. on 02/23/2016
"I bought this spring about 8 months ago to go into my JG SIG 550. The FPS on the first chrono I used was 395 FPS with .25g BBking bbs. Went to my first Milsim this year and I chronographed it there and it was shooting around 429 FPS with .25g Elite Force bio bbs which I don't like. So needless to say I had to take my gun apart and cut 4 coils off to get it down to 390 FPS with .25g bbs. I don't think this has anything to do with the spring I think it was the chronographs I used and bbs, BB King bbs are better quality bbs than Elite Force bbs.

Note: I have a bearing on the piston head and the spring guide which compresses the spring more which in turn can increase the FPS. Plus I have 100% air seal and a type 0 cylinder.

Overall I think this is a great spring! I think next time i am getting a Matrix M113 irregular pitch spring.