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Matrix Illuminated Red & Green Dot Airsoft Reflex Sight Scope with Iron Sights - Black

29 Customer Reviews

by David L. on 06/02/2016
"This scope is one of the best out there for the price it's at right now. The nice thing about this is that it looks and feels like a real acog scope and make your gun look worth more than it probably is. I have this on an a&k m4 ris, and them being known for everything being loose (that's what she said) it sits on my gun pretty good. Only downside is that the iron sights on is are a hassle to ajust because mine came crooked.
by Kenn L. on 03/30/2015
No problems, worked just like it should.
Feels great, very sturdy
I recommend when it gets back in stock.
by Bobbi F. on 03/30/2015
"I put this on a custom m4 and now the m4 looks exactly like the one used in iraq except i didnt spend 10 grand on a real one
by Jake Y. on 03/30/2015
"this is great red dot for the money. i picked it up and it had a very good feel to it. its heavy, sturdy, and has a cool rubbery texture to it. it fits perfectly on my E1 VMG-74. accurate and easy to zero although im still tweaking it to get it just right. unlike what ive heard the iran sights are spot on and work like a charm. only problem ive found is that the batteries it takes are very small and i didnt out until after i bought it and the wrong batteries that evike doesnt sell the right kind. im sure any battery store has them so other than that its a great scope.
by Zachary A. on 03/30/2015
"this scope is the best i had no prombles with it and i really love how it has the iron sights on the top

"Zanvoki Trynzu Volaki"
by Justin M. on 03/30/2015
"great scope, love the crosshairs, looks awesome on my CA M4CQB
by Paul C. on 03/30/2015
"i love this scope soooooo much its perfict in every way!!!
by Jake F. on 03/30/2015
"this scope is awesome, crisp and bright. i got mine today its on my new echo 1 scar looks sweet i have a mad bull gemtech quick detach silencer and a MAGPUL 30 rd p-mag on the way it'll prolly be here tomorrow, and if that turns out good i think im gonna get the 20 rd but we'll see
by CJ E. on 03/30/2015
"This is pretty much the Guarder replica, but it has better materials and has iron sights on top of the red dot in case your battery dies in combat and you don't have the time to remove the sight. Good for the money, highly suggested over the Guarder replica.
by Damon S. on 09/06/2012
"This is a great scope. I put it on my G36 that recently went into the "Holy Cow" list for $35 -.- But aside from that, the Matrix 1x32 Red / Green Dot Sight Scope is a great scope at a reasonable price. The dot in the scope is very vivid and noticeable in the brightest of lights.


- Looks bad
- Comes with batteries
- Very Sturdy


- None, you not having one is the only problem. (;
by Thomas M. on 08/03/2012
"Awsome... Its your typical red dot, full metal, durable and it comes with a battery already inside the ACOG so its ready to go right out of the box.. Makes any gun look awsome BUY IT!!!
by Jordan H. on 04/10/2012
"I just got this for my Dboy Scar-L. All I have to say is this thing is freaking AWESOME!! The only problem i had was getting those wires off of the top and right notch. For the price this is at right now, you would be crazy not to think about getting this.
by Ryan C. on 05/14/2011
"Excellent scope. My previous scope I would have to remove once the sun went down so I could use my iron sights. This one has iron sights on top of the scope. It is ideal, and saves time between rounds, or time on the field in a long match. Comes with two batteries, and batteries are common and can be found at any Radio Shack. I recommend removing batteries when done playing, to extend life, and possibly save corrosion inside the scope. Great sight line on my Echo 1 M4 STAG RIS. Highly recommend!
by Michael S. on 12/30/2010
"This scope is awsome. I bought it for my mk36c because it doesnt have the built in red dot and it looks really cool. The batteries do run out quick but thats probably because i left the scope on once by accident. Other than that its a great buy. Totaly worth 70 bucks.
by Kelly M. on 10/27/2010
"This scope is great! It's amazing outside, but when you use it indoors there's a slight glare. not a big deal. By far the best scope for the money.

Looks good
easy to use
makes it so much easier to aim
red and green sight

glare indoors

Get It!!!!!