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WE M9 Sword Cutlass Airsoft GBB Gas Blowback Pistol

42 Customer Reviews

by Soeh G. on 02/09/2010
"Got mine on the Feb. 5. Let me just say that I'm very pleased.


Good Recoil
Full Metal
Engravings are very nice and accurate to the anime
Silver finish is sublime
Good, balanced weight
Comes with original black rubberized grips in the box
Front sight has a red dot
Good FPS


Gas consumption is... less than ideal
Safety is a little stiff for me
Might not fit into many standard holsters
Not exactly tactical

So, overall, I love this gun, even though it has a few little things that are negative about it. I've seen all of the Black Lagoon series, and for $135 and full metal, it's a steal for a collector, a fan of the series, or a skirmisher, considering the KSC Original was so expensive and impossible to find, not to mention it was plastic and not ment for real performance.
by Merlin D. on 02/01/2010
"Got this gun today and first impression, Wow! a solid constracted airsoft gun. This gun is heavy weight due to extended barrel and full metal gun. No doubt this gun is worth buying, and for the price of $135.00 it's a great bargain compare to the old Sword Cutlass made by KSC. I've been waiting for this particular airsoft gun as part of my collection. This particular Airsoft gun is a collectable CQB gun with most of the part can be use to other popular airsoft brand. This gun a very realistic based on the aluminum alloy steel colorish and the recoil sound is pure metal calibration effect. This is probably one of the best airsoft gun collection I've ever had so far. Thanks to EVIKE.
by Johnson L. on 01/29/2010
"Got one today!

Strong blowback kick
True to the Anime
Nice engraving
Good gas compression
Affordable / Available spare magazine (WE M9 magazine)
Unique look
Love the ivory grip!
Good nickle plated finish
Affordable (The KSC Model was $360!)


I simply love it and I highly recommend it. I believe is exclusive for this item and as a fan of both Anime and Airsoft, THANK YOU EVIKE.COM!!!
by nathan o. on 10/06/2009
"didnt have the gun just want people to know its the bad a** chick gun from black lagoon(revys gun, and for every one who watchs black lagoon knows revys gun is awesome)
by Pierre C. on 10/01/2009
"i didn't buy it from here but the price was equal i brought 2 of these for my wife as a gift because shes a huge Black Lagoon fan and cosplayer. i think i will buy some more but be more loyal to
Evike this time and place the order here.

OH sorry a review very good i like it and it has good weight.
more of a collecters item then a practical sidearm for an airsofter.
but thats my point of view.
by joshua b. on 10/10/2015
"pros. long barrel and powerful
cons. barrel is lose. and it broke both of my mags i bought
by Adrian-Bogdan M. on 03/15/2013
"Great gun for all the reasons stated by the other positive reviewers. I don't want to repeat what they said, I'll just take this opportunity to clarify a few aspects:

* The mag may leak gas somewhere at the top when you first fill it. Don't worry, it's probably not broken, you just need to spray silicone oil on both valves and the rubber opening at the top and let it sit for a couple of days. Just keep trying to refill it with gas and re-check for leaks every day after that first oiling and you should find that the problem eventually goes away. That's what happened with mine anyway.

* Be careful when playing around with the trigger (or simply DON'T) while the safety is on! There's a defect in a range of WE/CQB Master M9-type pistols whereby if you push the trigger hard enough to the left and then pull it backward, it will engage and FIRE EVEN WITH THE SAFETY ON, if starting from the uncocked position. So keep this in mind and be careful.

* Another defect I saw in mine was that the central screw at the back of the slide wasn't flush with the internal surface of the slide and it kept grinding away at the hammer during slide action and it also prevented the slide from stopping onto the slide-catch but made it stop earlier, against the hammer, which made the slide-catch useless at releasing the slide. The only thing that improved this for me was taking out that screw and thinning and rounding out its head with sandpaper so that it could pass over the hammer with less friction.
by Nathan T. on 08/27/2012
"This was the first GBB i have bought and i have to say the kick on this is increadible. i bought two of these as a fan of black lagoon would XD and my god do they look nice. Unfortunatly only one of them had a part or two missing from the hop up when i recived it but sorting that out now. so the break down is this:
hard kick
350fps with Abbyey predator gas
looks nice
grip feels nice
details put into it.

sorting out the hop up is anoying
putting the spring guid back in after sorting the hop up has been set

All in all good gun( besides what happend to my seconde gun) and worth the money:)
by Cesar P. on 06/06/2011
"Great gun however went to our first zombie event with my son which was our first time playing airsoft and the gun chronoed over 370 FPS. Much higher than advertised, needless to say we could not use the pistol that night. We could not use it playing CQB either the week after. Still a great gun but we can only use it during outdoor play....but we play mostly CQB, yikes!! Shoots really hot for a pistol but my son still loves this gun.
by Richard B. on 12/16/2010
"Just received mine a few days ago, and felt I should point out the problems I had. First off, I'm pleased with this, so don't take this the wrong way. It's heavy; nearly as heavy as a KJW M9, so you know it's got some nice heft to it. It sounds beautiful; racking the slide, slamming a new magazine home, even just pulling back the hammer. It's a beautiful looking gun.

Now the downsides. The Jolly Roger emblem on the grip is held in by glued in pins, and one of the pin holes on mine was not properly drilled out, so I had to re-drill and reseat it. Not a hard job, took me longer to find the drill than to fix the grip.

I, er, hadn't counted on the length. Folks, if you're planning to put this in a SERPA holster, you can forget it. The slide is at least a half inch longer than a base Beretta, so the only way to fit it in a SERPA is with the slide locked back.

I'm also having a problem with a grinding hammer spring, which I'll probably need to replace.

Compatible silver M9 mags, not easy to find.

One last tip, before firing the gun, oil it. Mine came bone dry, and I haven't gotten around to treating (or firing) it yet.
by Scott D. on 03/08/2010
"The New CQB Master Full Metal Silver Sword is almost a true work of art. Overall, the gun is well balanced and gives the user a rewarding feeling when using it. The gun may be one of the best airsoft pistols in production, but it has 1 major flaw, and 2 minor cosmetic ones.

The first minor flaw is that it uses black screws instead of silver ones like in the anime. This does not hinder performance, but for a product that is supposed to be a replica, I am amazed that this was overlooked.
The second minor flaw is that the ivory grips are made of a cheap feeling plastic. On the up side, it is the only cheap part of the gun.

Now the major flaw, the pistol uses so much gas with each shot that it will run out of gas before it runs out of shots. That's right, you can not empty the magazine without having to top off. I found on average that the pistol will shoot 18 shots and then be out. I have had the opportunity to test this on 2 of them and it holds true on both.

Other than these three points, I find the pistols to be truly great. The other reviews have already pointed out many of the great features so i am just adding my experience with this pistol. It is a great product, but not the best airsoft pistol. Although it may be the most fun!
by Phil S. on 09/18/2009
"didnt have the gun just want people to know its the chicks gun from black lagoon