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Model: GP-WENG3-001
Location: U13-225 WSO7-L09

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by Ben N. on 2011-12-05 15:12:37
"I bought the gun for my personal love for M9's. When the gun arrived I was very pleased with it. The gun had very durable metal construction,but horrible cheap plastic fake ivory grips(I would advise getting bonded ivory grips). The gun shoots at around 360 FPS which is pretty good for a gas blow back pistol.

Full metal.
High fps.
Great quality.
Not very expensive.
Comes with comfortable black grips in the box.
Great Recoil.

Doesn't work well with propane
The ivory grips are pure crap.
Hard to find magazines.
by Andrew E. on 2011-11-16 17:03:56
"I bought two of these a while back, and I'm VERY happy with them! I haven't had any problems with either set of grips, but I do have to admit I like the WE M9 grips a little better. Don't have a chrony (Maybe someday) but I found them to be most accurate with .25Gs. The only problem I have run into so far is the silencer adapter that was sent with them doesn't fit the gun. I don't know why that might be.

Overall, I love these guns! I am a big fan of Black Lagoon and these are very true to the guns that Revy uses.
by Eduardo G. on 2011-11-14 12:59:40
"This Gun is really cool, FPS shoots 345 with 0.25 and 365 with 0.20... the internal parts and externals are really good quality, except the Custom Pirate Skull Grip, that's the only crap thing in this pistol. I got the skull broken at the first match but well, it's plastics. I think that grip made on metal or other good material, will make this pistol perfect.
by Ethan L. on 2011-10-06 15:50:04
"I got this gun in a mystery box and it is INSANE!! I recommend this cutlass to anyone, starter or advanced airsoft players. its very very VERY easy to take apart, but one bad thing is the hop up is in a wierd spot. The fps isnt what it says, its 370fps for me
So accurate you will cry
nice feel
high fps for a pistol
full nickel
easy to take apart

propane works in this gun, but it only lasts about 2 mags til
you have to refill again
barrel is a little wobbly but its supposed to be

Overall: awesome
by Travis D. on 2011-08-11 00:51:04
"As previously stated the gun is amazing. It's cheaper than the KSC model and more accurate in terms of looks. I would like to say that I have not had a single problem with them. Some people have gas problems with them but I've used mine on the field and never ran out of gas before bb's in the mag.

There is however a problem with the Ivory grips. It's a manufactering issue. The Calico Jack(NO the emblem is not the Jolly Roger, that is a skull and cross bones) emblem is held in place by 3 pins. On the left hand grip one of the bottom pins is not seated correctly and the emblem sticks out when it should be flush. If you do not fix this IT WILL BREAK THE SWORD OFF. I have 2 of these and BOTH have this issue. To avoid putting the grips through stress I use the Black WE grips they give you. They are pretty nice and feel almost like they are rubberized.

One of the major downfalls to this gun is that even though it comes with chrome WE mags, you can't get them at this time. You have to buy other brands though they do come in chrome. You can also get a 52 round extended mag for it.

If you are looking for a nice custom case for it(they do come in a black hard gun case with eggshell foam) go to Beretta's website. I bought custom fit cases for 14.50 each. The only downside to them is that you have to use 1 of the 2 mag slots to fit this gun since it is an extended frame and barrel.

I would recommend this gun for ANYONE looking to have something reliable, accurate, fun, and interesting. Also you can freaking cosplay with it some why not ladies?
by Raymon B. on 2011-08-02 11:00:15
"This is a beautiful work of art. Although this is my first purchase of a blowback airsoft pistol, this is outstanding.
I bought two of these to be loyal to the fact that Revy from Black Lagoon has two of these, and both work perfectly fine.
The recoil, the infrastructure, the weight, reload, FPS, simply amazing.

If you use green gas with oil mix inside, there is almost no need to dab oil into the insides of the gun. It lubricates on its own.
I didn't have to pre-lubricate anything, the guns just worked fine from the very first shot.

These guns are pretty durable as well. I accidentally dropped one of them from about 2,3 feet off the ground when I picked them up, but nothing was damaged.

Caution: If you drop the magazine from tall height, then one of the rods inside may jut out, where in that case u have to lightly hammer it back in.

But otherwise, a masterpiece I must say. Worth the money.
I prefer to use this with .25g BBs.
by Jed Michael P. on 2011-07-08 23:39:53
"When I bought this gun I bought it because I'm a fan of the anime Black Lagoon, but after shooting it at the Evike indoor range I am completely convinced this gun can hold its own in the field. As an a person who always does things by the books I can honestly say shooting this gun doesn't feel right unless your duel wielding it. Although it has a longer barrel and frame when your holding it with one hand right or left it just feels perfectly balanced, I'm sure many of you will disagree but for me it just feels that way. Plus its only right to complete the set, its not complete unless you got 2 of them =D.
by diane y. on 2011-06-06 19:27:09
"Absolutely amazing sidearm if I do say so myself. I remember the first game I used it were I took out the same guy twice with it from a good plus or minus 100 feet away. Not only that this pistol is a good crowd pleaser with its sleek look and unique hand grips. It also has a crisp clean blowback. I honestly love this pistol and dont have much to say bad about it at all.
by Cesar P. on 2011-06-06 11:02:29
"Great gun however went to our first zombie event with my son which was our first time playing airsoft and the gun chronoed over 370 FPS. Much higher than advertised, needless to say we could not use the pistol that night. We could not use it playing CQB either the week after. Still a great gun but we can only use it during outdoor play....but we play mostly CQB, yikes!! Shoots really hot for a pistol but my son still loves this gun.
by Charles C. on 2011-01-30 20:27:20
"great gun
full metal
cool grip
cool laser engraved markings
loud :)
fires good
heavy (some people find this bad)

gas consumption is less than ideal

overall great gun
by Sean K. on 2010-12-27 23:25:39
"Love these guns. Being a fan of the Black Lagoon anime and pistols this was just a calling card. I ended up buying two cause well two pistols makes you look bamf but its unpractical. It took me 4 holster buys to figure out what works for me. I ended up getting a custom shoulder holster made of leather. best $280 I've spent. No more cheap nylon holsters for these sexy beasts.

Easy to strip down
nice blow back
Full metal so its nice and sturdy and well weighted

hard to find a chest rig or holsters for them
late fall the cold starts to mess with the gas
rubber hop up piece fell out of one of mine
by Richard B. on 2010-12-16 23:42:26
"Just received mine a few days ago, and felt I should point out the problems I had. First off, I'm pleased with this, so don't take this the wrong way. It's heavy; nearly as heavy as a KJW M9, so you know it's got some nice heft to it. It sounds beautiful; racking the slide, slamming a new magazine home, even just pulling back the hammer. It's a beautiful looking gun.

Now the downsides. The Jolly Roger emblem on the grip is held in by glued in pins, and one of the pin holes on mine was not properly drilled out, so I had to re-drill and reseat it. Not a hard job, took me longer to find the drill than to fix the grip.

I, er, hadn't counted on the length. Folks, if you're planning to put this in a SERPA holster, you can forget it. The slide is at least a half inch longer than a base Beretta, so the only way to fit it in a SERPA is with the slide locked back.

I'm also having a problem with a grinding hammer spring, which I'll probably need to replace.

Compatible silver M9 mags, not easy to find.

One last tip, before firing the gun, oil it. Mine came bone dry, and I haven't gotten around to treating (or firing) it yet.

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