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H&K Umarex MP7 Hard Kick Airsoft Gas Blowback by KWA (Two Magazine Special Package Deal!)

53 Customer Reviews

by Dylan J. on 01/12/2013
"I have had this gun for about 5 months now, and all I can say is this gun is amazing. In the field, or CQB, it doesn't matter this gun always will make its name. As far as the price, its not bad. It most definitely is worth every cent. And everyone in the colder states worry about cold weather, and gas. But I can honestly say as long as the mags, and gun are well lubed it works like a charm.


_Great FPS (might be high for some courses.) (5/5)
_Outstanding Rate-of-Fire (5/5)
_Good on gas (4/5)
_Realistic weight (5/5)
_Sooo much intimidation factor (5/5)
_Never misfires (if properly cleaned, etc.) (5/5)
_Isn't bad in the cold. (4/5)

_Mag's are VERY expensive.
by Diego O. on 01/05/2013
"Pros: Very lightwieght, good f.p.s, c.q.c, and very easy to attach optics or accessories

Cons: Magazines run out of bb's very fast so you'll just have to buy 1 or 2 more magazines

Overall I give the gun a 9.5. I recomending getting this gun if you are a c.q.c player or a field player
by Joe R. on 10/20/2012
"This gun is great! especialy with the two mag deal! the range and accuracy is amazing for such a small compact gun.

gas consumption
scare factor
ROF (not to fast so you dont waste bbs but not so slow that you will miss running people)

*Warning* the bucking absorbs silicon FAST so dont lube up to much
the gas you use somewhat sprays your face, you get used to it tough
I live in an area that is cold alot of the time so I cant use it much (but thats just me)
by mike s. on 10/10/2012
"absolutely excellent gun. powerful, accurate for its size and good on gas.

be sure to buy a low power bolt if you plan on playing at fields ~350fps and under.

very loud gun, decent rail space and great irons.

I use a small flashlight and a holo sight on mine, works great.


rail space

expensive mags
by Matt T. on 09/29/2012
"This thing is one of the best little airsoft weapons I have ever invested in. Every aspect of this weapon is perfect for that run and gun kinda player. I just recently put mine through a few games and it was far more than I expected on how beastly and intimidating it was. The rate of fire is very high and you will blow through a magazine in no time if you are reckless with your trigger time. I have 4 magazines and I go through at least 3 every game I play with this thing. The small size of the weapon makes it perfect for close quarters and what it lacks in size it makes up for in the sound and the rate of fire. I opened up with this thing and people took notice.

Lightweight, Solid build
Rate of Fire
Great FPS for such a small weapon
All functions can be reached w/o taking eyes off target
A full gas charge on the magazine will more than clear all the bbs
Noise (this weapon is LOUD and can put the fear of god into enemy players)

Rate of Fire(you will need more magazines to make this an effective weapon)
Range. The bb grouping at range can make this weapon useless in longer range engagements. This can be improved by using .25 gram bbs. I personally run .23 through all my gas guns.
Noise (once you fire this, the enemy knows where you are.)

Overall impression:
This has got to be one of the best investments I have ever made in this sport. If you are looking into getting into Gas Blowbacks as a primary on your load out and you love to run and gun, then this is the weapon for you.
by lori f. on 09/26/2012
"this gun is just AMAZING! nothing else needs to be said. It feels so solid and shoots wonderfully. 5/5 for sure buy it people
by Dominic G. on 08/24/2012
"For a while I had a fairly large rifle and it was starting to bug me the lack of maneuverability it gave me when I was rushing up to capture an objective or flank someone. I started to look for something that I could use on the field and give me dependable range while being very small, but I also didn't want to cheap out on quality when it came to decide on what was going to be my primary. KWA outdid themselves with this MP7. Even though it is a SMG and has a very high FPS, I need that kind of firepower. Using .30 perfect grade bb's this gun it hitting 150-200 feet stock with the hop-up adjusted correctly. It fits my needs, so it may fit yours.

High FPS
Great Hop-up
Dependable range
Compact size
Great build quality
On a cold day, the flash suppressor actually keeps the propane from flaring up into your sights

Sling mounts are tiny
by Ryan D. on 08/24/2012
"This is an amazing gun. It has an amazing rate of fire ans is very accurate once you adjust the hop up. When i first shot the gun it double fed the entire mag, but after i refilled it it started working fine

Amazing Rate of Fire (16-20bbs per second!)
Great Accuracy
High Fps(400+)
Looks Amazing
Weight is perfect
Blowback is cool

Stock feels wierd at firsst
Mags are expensive
by Bradley G. on 07/28/2012
"Amazing gun.

nice rof
very efficient on green gas (2 and a half mags on semi, 2 on full auto)
decent kick
shoots HARD (400+ fps, could be a con)
balanced (without a mag in you can sit the gun upright on the grip)

12mm positive threads (need an adapter to get a tracer unit/mock silencer/sound amplifier)
very small sling mounts (i fixed the issue with a length of paracord tied in a matthew walker knot)
expensive mags ($50)
by Benjamin P. on 07/24/2012
"I got this gun the other day it is amazing!
gas powered (no battery)
Realistic blowback
High fps (mine about 460-480)
High ROF
Hard kick (similar to a .22)
Nice looking box
2 mags
Everything to controll the gun is around the trigger (selector switch, bolt release, etc.)


My fingers hit the selector switch sometimes and it takes it out of full auto
by zac r. on 07/13/2012
"this is a great gun, its hard to find anything wrong with it. the body is made of a ligtweight high durability polymer, the rails,magazines,flash hider,stock rails,magazine catch,bolt release are metal.

**word of caution, the chrging handle is plastic, as long as you be fairly careful you will have no probleme(the chargeing handle on the real one is also plastic)

its propaine safe, i used mine with propaine for awhile now, just ordered a second one.

the gun is great for cqb because of the size, but if used for cqb you need a fps reduced bolt (this can be found here at evike)
its mainly a cqb gun but i wouldnt hesitate to bring it on feild, for a secondary or primary.

the mags hold 40 rounds and need about 15 seconds of gas per fill (you should get about 1 and a half mags of one charge)

**most kwa guns come very dry so remember to lubricate it, look on youtube for help (how to maintain your kwa mp7)

overall, a great gun, i perfer this over a pistol, if you have the money for it. and since mags are 50$ each you will need money, i have about 6 mags and i still go through them fast.

by Ricky M. on 06/26/2012
"Gun is great, I have had it for a month
I've taken it to 1 game, I'm going to another Wednesday
Little to problems with it
LOUD (people hate me) hahaha
Shoots hard (425 on .2g and propane)
no mag leaks
With .25g it shoots 150ft no problem
3 full mags (120bbs) on one 15 second fill (do 3 5 second fills in each mag

Bolt catch sometimes doesn't want to catch on empty
Mag seals like to fall out but they finally stopped

Overall a great gun I use green gas now and it works sooooooo perfect get this gun And use semi cause ammo goes quick!!!
It hates .2g bbs so use .25g
by Ryan R. on 06/15/2012
"I just got this gun today and KWA just blew me away! I can tell this is going to be a lot of fun on the airsoft field. I fell like this gun would be great in CQB or field play.

fully ambidextrous
nice weight
high rate of fire and FPS
mags hold lots of gas

flash hider is difficult to take off
mags cost a lot of money

Great gun for the money and i foresee no problems with the gun in the future
by Johnathan M. on 06/14/2012
"THIS GUN IS AWESOME!! i play at a local park with a group of 3rd Coast airsoft guys, so i find myself "safety killing" quiet a bit considering the fps. but when i find some distance, like on the roof of one of the buildings out there, i destroy everything and its mother!! If Jesus need an arisoft gun, he'd buy this one.

FPS (for field)
no jamming
looks intense
feels and handles great

FPS (for CQC)

Overall i love it!!
by Tho N. on 05/28/2012
By far the best in quality and performance ive seen!

metal mag feeding lips (plastic ones break easily)
great gas consumption (even in cold weather)
no jams
trigger safety
easy break down with two pins
amazing rate of fire

hop up might be bad on you because mine came broken and BBS got backed up but i got an exchange from manufacturer:)

metal feeding lips make it hard to load but you will get the hang with it using a speed loader which is what i recommend using with a gun with such rate of fire:).