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PTS Licensed UBR (Utility Battle Rifle) Stock For M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG - Black

2 Customer Reviews

by Jason G. on 07/10/2012
"I got this a few weeks ago, It's amazing, very high grade hard plastic and adjustable for many types of players. The only thing is it seems magpul items are a little tough to put on my gun. However my gun has pretty thick rails and i always get it on. Now have my gun is magpul based on the outside. Feels nice, way lighter than it use to be.
by Ethan W. on 03/30/2010
"THIS IS AN AMAZING STOCK. it gives you the "best of both worlds" as far as stocks go. it is adjustable to i believe 6 or 7 positions (never bothered to count, though i prefer position 3) extremely solid when locked, there is absolutely no movement/wobble. iy does have space for a small stick type li-po battery, i don't have a gun wired to the rear but the option is there. i have this installed on my KWA KM4-S i did have to modify it. (i'm not sure what to call it, but,) the part that extends out of the back of the lower receiver, the tube-ish part that the buffer tube slides onto. you have to cut it down to an inch long. 1 inch from the flat part of the back of the lower receiver to the tip of the tube-ish exstention. this stock doesn't use a buffer tube (like a fixed stock) but this stock is built in two parts, it has an upper and lower portion. the top part has the cheek weld, and the niches for the lower part to slide on and lock into. and the lower part has the butt-pad adjustment trigger and a little storage compartment (great for holding batteries or a winding tool if ur high-cap mags use them. you can take off the to parts that make the compartment simply by unscrewing the 4 screws that hold it in place. and MagPul was kind enough to include shorter screws than the ones that hold on the plates that make up the compartment so that they keep debris from getting into the screw threads. i have done this and it makes adjusting the stock a lot easier because the shape of the stock makes it a bit awkward to get a good grip to pull the adjustment trigger.

all-in-all, i have no complaints about this stock. i think it's build quality is amazing, it's integrity and reliability is amazing, i've had no problems with the adjustment trigger or the lower section of the stock getting stuck/jammed. it's pricy, yes, but you are buying a MagPul product... they aren't cheap anyways. very ingenuitive design, amazing quality. highly recommended for any player type, assault, sniper, CQC/CQB (though it a bit big and heavy, so if you're using it for CQC/CQB it might be a bit awkward at first but i'm sure you'll get use d to having it) but if you're looking for a happy medium between a full stock and retractable stock and have the budget. Get This. you won't regret it. i've had this on my KWA for almost a year and love it more than the crane stock on my other gun an Aftermath "Knight" (don't really use it, but it's a fun gun to run around with cuz it's light weight)