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Socom Gear Daniel Defense Licensed Limited Edition Li-Po Ready Full Metal M4 Airsoft AEG

11 Customer Reviews

by George O. on 10/31/2012
"I've had this rifle for a little over a year and have yet to find a reason to dislike it. It's been through several long, long games. It's been snowed and rained (copiously) upon, and I've put thousands of rounds through it. The sights are nothing special, typical irons. Still, not a crazy amount of work. It comes stock with a nicely chromed Madbull inner barrel, and the hopup is fantastic. RoF is good for a stock rifle on a 9.6v NiMh battery. It feeds well with every magazine I've stuck in it, and I'm greatly pleased. The MOSFET that it comes with is also particularly nice.

I'd buy another. I'd buy it for me, I'd buy it for a friend. This rifle is the reason everyone that asks me what M4 to buy hears "SOCOM Gear, for sure."
by Sheelone V. on 03/12/2011
"Yo this gun is OK! I mean no problems except for a little wobble on the front handguard, one of my iron sights came with a defect that mis-angled it on the top RAS. First M4 I have ever had but I have to say it is a "good" buy. I mean the only thing that makes it $240 is that its licensed and has a mosfet chip. other than that, its a standard M4. I ended up selling it because i thought I could do better, but hey it just might by my AEG, who knows? Any way if you are new or experienced this is a great start AEG because noobs won't over-stress the gun because of the Mosfet, and experts will push it to its max potential like I did(or better, but thats not gonna happen...JK).

-2 Magz
-iron sights that are included
-Licensing is cool
-No battery so you can use a quality one (reccomend 9.6 or higher)
-feels great
-Fast ROF especially with 11.1v

-Bad iron sight(s)
-wired to the front( just for me dunnkow bout u)
-hard to disassemble(again wiring to the front esp. MOSFET it gets in the way)
-motor need a little yanking with a plyer to get out
-charging handle is horrible, it is so difficult to open the Hop up
-wobbly front iron sight
-High FPS means you can't really play CQB unless ur good with gearboxes
-over greased gears
-CQB inner barrel
-lots more but I'll let you decide
by Thomas P. on 01/19/2011
"I got this gun a couple of months ago and i love it. Rate of fire isnt anything special but is still good. i get about 375 fps w/ .25g bbs.


by Justin B. on 01/12/2011
"This Gun is Amazing! I've had mine for a little over 4 months, and I've used it in at least 10 games. Everything about this gun is amazing. From the ROF to the sturdy design, I give it 5/5 Stars
by Chase G. on 12/01/2010
"This gun is a great buy! I've used it in 5 games so far and it has not failed me yet. I am using a li-poly battery and it works fine and shoots fast! My fps on the chronograph show around 410 - 440 with 20 gram bb's

cons- If you are buying rails, the mosfet got in the way and my rails wouldn't fit so I had to unscrew the metal casing around it and take it off. After that it was all good :)
by Monte h. on 11/14/2010
"Great AEG right of the box. Packaged well, and delivered on time. It shoots incredibly fast and hard, 450 fps even after 1500 bb/'s. Highly recomend ordering m110 or m100 spring to get under most field limits. Build quality is good, with metal everywhere except for the handguard and pistol grip. DD logos well placed for realistic look. Charging handle opens dust cover (hit or miss). The sight package is a great value, and let's you see what you prefer. I ended up mounting a Matrix 40mm red/green dot on the carry handle (needed rail mount), and now it looks/shoots perfect. Out-performs my freinds CA M4, in accuracy,FPS, and ROF. Overall, incredibly impressed by this joint venture of Socom Gear, Echo1, and Daniel Defense.

-Amazing Value at price point for a full metal AEG, with full metal gear box
-Accuracy, ROF, and FPS excellent out of box
-Sight package
-with holy cow deal (magazines x2) and battery your ready to go

-High FPS needed lighter spring to be field friendly
-Selector switch a little wobbly, but solid enough for use

Overall- Great Value and proof that the mid-level AEG's are rapidly catching up with the CA/KWA AEG's, I would recommend to anyone
by Eric T. on 09/10/2010
"Great rifle. Sturdy build and up to my expectations.

true scale and feels realistic
comes with 4 useful and nice rear sight
very accurate

by David H. on 12/23/2010
"This is an excellent gun, but a couple of factors keep it from getting a perfect 5.

2 Flash hiders included (One orange, one black)
Excellent FPS (Chrono 375 w/ .25g)
Fairly accurate
Li-po ready
An absolute dog to disassemble. If you want to upgrade this gun, be prepared to put a lot of work into it.
Good luck using the included front sights (2 front sights, 2 rear included) because there is no RIS rail. (Kind of ironic b/c all Daniel Defense really does is make RIS rails)
It's hard to disassemble.
One of the front sights came missing the weaver rail attachment.
Did I mention it's a dog to disassemble?
by Gabriel M. on 10/27/2010
"Wish I could of givin this Item a 5 rateing but there were a few things that stoped me from doing so.
I'll just do a Pros -n- Cons (A great buy for all who's interested by the way)

Pros - gun was working perfectly and shot acurate with little to no tuneing when i took it out the box.
comes with all the iron sights like it said it would.
feels great and little to no rattleing when gun is held in hand. (aside from the strap holders)
came with the extra mag as well.
all around great buy over all.

Cons - didn't come with manual
didn't come with battery box case
had a few scratches on it right out the box, nothing mayjor. (2 to 3)
went down in price after i bought it (lol guess i wont be getting the difference back)

I would put under Cons as no battery or charger, but then again would you realy want the stock battery and charger? Every knows to buy a better battery and better charger.
by LUE T. on 10/10/2010
"Bought this gun, hoping that the gearbox would be a Matrix gearbox but it's not. It's practically an Echo 1 gearbox since the internal looks just exactly like my Echo 1 Zombat. Still a great buy considering the $70 saving. One thing cool about this AEG is that you could change it from Reg. M4 lenght to Commando length in a matter of seconds. The inner barel is very short and was made for the Commando length though so if you use the M4 lenght outher barrel, it's recommend that you get a inner barrel that is M4 length. It's a great plus that you get 2 high cap magazine and 5 sights. The sights are not that quality made though compared to my G&P front and back sights. To sum it up, for the price, you can't go wrong. The metal body is very nice and solid. I would give it a 4 star overall.
by Eric E. on 11/16/2010
"Got the gun today. Great gun except for the little problem of it only getting about 50 rounds out before it failed. I put a 9.6v 1100Mah battery on it (far from li-po which the gun is supposedly capable of) and the gun fired for a while. Went to put it on full auto, fired a few, let off the trigger, but the gun kept firing. The mosfet gets rather hot while doing so.

- Solid body. Very impressed with it. Mags fit snug, but not too snug.
- Very accurate and good range with the few shots I got.

- Gun doesn't fire as it should.

Buyer beware. In my opinion this thing is FAR from li-po ready if it can't handle a 9.6v small.

3/5 just cause the body seems to be what you're buying.