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AEG Matrix Full Metal RDW Rapid Deployment Airsoft AEG Rifle

30 Customer Reviews

by nash W. on 04/05/2013
"i have had this pdw for about a month or so and i LOVE IT.

full metal
great price
i have shot this one and the king arms one and this one out preforms it
good range some what accurate

peq box it cheap and annoying
my hop up didn't come with a rubber bushing so i had to fing one
the stock came wobbly but some electrical tape on the back of te receiver fixed that
the motor grip is uncomfortable (just an opinion)

over all this gun is an amazing gun and feels great :D
by nathan g. on 12/28/2012
"This is a great gun!!

I just got this gun a few days ago and its awesome, it shoots great, super fast, and its all metal. This is my first gun, (well i had a tar 21 but i returned it cause it was defective and got the PDW intead) and its by far the best gun for smaller people and people who would like to do CQB

_Feels great
_Shoots amazing
_Folding stock (I like alot more than a adjustable stock)
_Has a PEQ box witch adds to the look
_Can hold almost any kind of m4 mag
_Sights are pretty good (Metal)
_Has a BEAUTIFUL dimpled barrel (Adds to the fierce and badass look to it)
_Feels very well balanced
_Very affortable and is definantly worth the its pricing

_Hop up isnt the greatest if you want to change it on your gun (Recomend updating the unit if u want)
_PEQ box feels cheap, if you realy bothers you, buy a better verson
_The stock is a little wobbly but isn't a huge problem
_Terrible mag, very cheap and doesnt hold alot of bb's (Recomend getting a metal m4 mag or if you wanna look beast, add a m4 drum mag 2 it like i did)

Finished: All around i would definantly give this gun a 5 out of 5 stars for its performance and its metal body, did wish it came with a better PEQ box and mag. But if you want a great looking gun, great performance for the price, and a full metal gun, this is the 1!
by William P. on 06/25/2012
"This is an amazing gun!!!!!

Full metal
Ambidextrious everything
Skeleton stock (great 4 cqb)
Pretty easy to take apart
Great fps and rate of fire (with a standard 9.6)
Good intermediate to pro players (with upgrades)
Metal sturdy flashider (wont break)
only wheighs about 6 pounds

Peq box is CRAP by a new one with it
pain in the neck to put back together (the wires would keep unplugging or wires wouldnt fit in a good spot)
When you take forward pin out a little metal piece and spring that hold it in place pop out at you and you will lose it easily!
Flashider is too flashy
Mag it came with broke too easy

So overral a good gun for begginers and with upgrades even for pros most of the cons are easily fixed
by David W. on 02/17/2012
"This Gun is extreamely accurate! Would Put a Scope on it but i know that would ruin its beast swagger.

Pros:-The mags it comes with feed wounderfuly
-the Peq box adds to the looks as well as gives you the option to have a external battery
-Light Wight but at the same time verry realistic
-Great for cqb enviroments and outdoor both
-Plenty of rail space
-The Amidextris Selector switch/mag release is verry helpful

Cons:-the hop up is really sensitive
- the sights aren't the best

This Gun is one of the best investments ive made in airsoft. the only thing you need is a red dot and your good to go
by Kellen k. on 09/27/2011
"This gun is good and reliable, it is light weight because: the barrel has dibits in it, believe it or not the golf ball look on the barrel is for a reason, there is not full stock, the upper receiver has holes in it. It is reliable because: ive had it for 3 years and haven't had a single problem, and shoots perfectly accurate(for an airsoft gun), it is all metal so it would snap or break easy, it is light weight(you wont drop it unless you are a weakling) and the gun feels crazy good in your hands. Mine shoots at 425 with upgraded tight boar barrel and once again i cant stress the lightness of this makes it so you dont even need a sling unless you have a secondary. its just a good looking gun and for the price is crazy cheap for how good it is, its easy to upgrade and cheap. Awesome awesome gun. cant go wrong with buying it.
by Joe p. on 05/20/2011
this gun is heavy! (ya gettin a workout)
400fps easy!
super small and compact (great for turning corners!)
full metal
nice feel to it

only one...... im a righty like almost everyone so it was good on that side. but if your a lefty the firing mode swich is super loose. it sucks cause sometimes it can get a little stuck. I think im gonna try to fix it thou
by mary g. on 03/10/2011
"WOW just ordered the gun should be coming in 2_3 days this is overall a very good gun i recommend this gun for people that pretty much experienced in airsoft!!!
by Sam R. on 02/01/2011
"Impressive finish. Very sold gun. The magazine provided did not wobble in the magwell. Since there are a few PDW's the questions that people might have about this gun I will answer, if you want in depth review of the PDW go on youtube.

Trades: Full trades
Inner Barrel: Goes to the tip of the 14mm- threaded end of the extended barrel. I put a 3 prong VN flash hider on it and the inner barrel came up to the inner tip of the flash hider perfectly.
Outerbarrel: Long version
Hop Up: Metal (some reviews I read said their PDW hopup was plastic, this one is metal)
PEQ Box: Included but not on the same level of quality as the gun is. I would never put it on my gun, I'm wiring the battery to the rear of the gun so I can run a battery in a battery bag or sling pouch.

The role that this gun was designed for is very similar to the ranges and limitations of airsoft, as a result the PDW is easily the best sized airsoft AEG I have ever held/owned; and I have owned MANY guns.

Also the motor grip is a little small for my hand, but you CAN put M4/M16 grips on it. The MAGPUL MOE grip is what i've seen installed most often and is what I purchased.
by andrew m. on 12/29/2010
"this gun is amazing!!
its small and compact when the stock is folded and when the stock fully extended it feels just as comfordable as a full size assault rifle.
it has great fps really accurate with .25 and is overall a really amazing gun
only 2 problems well mabe not problems depending on how you see it but the peq box is a pain to put on and mine was shooting about 390 fps so it was to hot to get in to some cqb places
overall this gun is great
by lisa w. on 12/19/2010
"this is a great gun, i got it about 3 days ago. i wasnt to impressed with the box ( asia electic guns) is what it said it also didnt come with a charger,

great metal
full metal
great rof
packs a punch
9.6 batterie
heavy maybe 7-8 ibs

no charger

overall great gun!
by michael c. on 12/18/2010
"this gun looks absoultly amazing i really want it it has a

full metal
threaded barrel

but whats wrong with that!!!
by Jarrod E. on 09/29/2010
"hey webmaster I'm loving this gun and I am very curious if the guns flashhider is removable and if the skeleton stock is replaceble with say something from Magpul and I'm planning to order this gun before November.
by Jeremy G. on 09/19/2010
"Will this work with item mag_aim_m4_2500 please write back die like to know cuz I wanna buy it for Christmas for some1
by Jeremy G. on 09/19/2010
"Ok may I ask what is the barrel length and do u pull the charging handle back to get to the hop up
by Gabriel s. on 09/16/2010
"does it take m4 mags?? filling in 50 spaces ssssssssssssssssssssss