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Cybergun Licensed Thompson "Chicago Typewriter " Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Drum Mag - (Package: Gun Only)

34 Customer Reviews

by Christopher S. on 12/30/2011
"To start off with, this is a great aeg, and as with every gun (airsoft or real) their is always a pro and con with it. First thing is, this is a great gun for beginners and experts alike and can deliver deadly accurate shots. Right out of the box its was very wobbly but no problem just tightened al the screws on the outside and that fixed the problem. I also invested in a wood conversion kit, precision barrell, and a new motor, and after that and a 9.6 the gun was unstoppable.

Great Trademarks
rate of fire (with a 9.6)
Huge drum mag
very heavy (can be a pro or con)
very easy to field strip
very authentic
nice conscruction and realism
the stock can hold a large type battery
impossible to get the orange tip off
the "touch and move" sight are pretty crappy
only one sling mount
the mag only holds 450 compared to the same size drum mag for mt m4 that holds 2000
you have to be a big/ strong man to hold this beast
by Matt K. on 11/20/2011
"So i got this gun from a Boa, and i get why everyone hates when they get it in the boa, it ussally dosnt go with your load out or match ur other set up ,but once u get past that its a great gun, honestly the most annoying part of this gun was only the blazing orange tip , non removable from what i can see , but other than that this thing is pretty much a make shift lmg with the high cap and if u wind it right it will continuesly shoot for the whole drum ,

pros good fps
good weight
mag size
cons orange tip
lack of a front sling mount
all in all it was worth the boa but i wouldnt say i would buy it for the full 210
by Ronald K. on 08/29/2010
"Freaken Huge! If you have long arms and can hold a load, this is for you. This gun is somewhere around 15lbs with a full clip and everything! NO KIDDING! One of the best airsoft guns you could ever get for this price right now. At big 5 they have the same gun for 310.99. Same exact gun! This gun is extreemly accurate and i can hit a sign from 50 yards away atleast with still full power! Shoots fast and far, hurts really bad at point blank, gave me a welt for 3 weeks, and it bled for 20 mins! Overall great gun. Use the 25g's black High Impact Crosman bb's at walmart if you dont like to spend too much on ammo like me (9.97 at my Walmart for 5000 bb's),they work really good for everything including wars and have never let me down. dont get the 20g's white crosman, they shatter from shooting a rock because gun is so high powered.


Orange tip not removeable

Jams about 3 out of 10 times while twisting thing on clip

Jams on semi-auto if pressing to fast and growls at you kinda, happens sometimes

Not good for the gun to use single shots on Full-auto

Battery only 8.4 volt! lasts about hour and a half- 2 hrs for a 5 hr charge! Can support a huge battery, cause the 8.4 rattles, so cut some foam off and put it in there with the small battery, the foam comes in the battery slot. Need to find bigger battery

Really Heavy after holding with 1 arm 30 min

13bb's per second on full auto on average and runs clip out fast

Full-auto runs about battery in 30 min constant shooting on 3/5's charged

Again needs bigger battery that lasts longer for such a beast

Get this gun!!! You won be dissapointed!!!!!!!!!!
by brandon w. on 03/27/2012
"well i will point out some ups and downs, but let me tell you my experiences with it... ive have it sort of just break down on me before.

big mag
great fps
heavy duty

terribe accuracy
it feeds OK

my score out of 100

suggest different gun