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Model: AEG-CM046

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by Zachary K. on 2016-03-09 15:50:33
"I have had this gun for over 8 months now and havent had a snigle problem with it so far!!! The box advertises 487 fps but i would rate it ariund 380-400. The gun shoots flawlessly and the blowback action never misses a beat!!! My only complaints are that the wood isint too high quality so if you take this into a closer quarters game you are bound to see dents from bb impacts. And the only other problem is after time the kalishnakov (if thats how you spell it) logo eventually wears off. Aside from a few minor apperance issues this gun is five starv quality.
by trang v. on 2016-03-09 15:50:08
"The gun is amazing. I got it today and its says on the box 487 fps and has nearly 850 - 900 rpm. To top it all off it has a blowback system. The battery is also very easy to install. Unfortunatly it weighs kind of a lot but overall its the best gun I surely ever had.
by daniel b. on 2016-03-09 15:49:36
"THIS GUN is off the hook its every thing and more the box says it over 487 fps its mad nice when i was playin with a friend in battle his gun could not come with in five feet of me he got his gun from here as well lets just say he almost got his butt kick if my gun did not mess up or can i say if i did not mess up i got a bb jammed but this gun is off the hook man if you dont own it u need it NOW bro i am tellin you that this gun is sooo on its off the charts man
by Reilly K. on 2016-03-09 15:48:55
"Ive had this gun for about a year now and I have never lost a match. The blowback is as hard as a 22 rifle! The wood is very tough and the metal unbendable. I have weighed it in around 8 pounds so it's very nice.
by Vincent M. on 2016-03-09 15:48:31
"This is the best airsoft gun I have ever bought in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pros:Great FPS
Good rate of fire
Real wood
Alot of metal
Good price
Awsome range

Cons:Metal scratches
Some how wood dented a little
by Hunter W. on 2016-03-09 15:48:09
"I ordered this gun and have had for about five months and I must say it is quite good. now for the generic pro-con list

High fps
decent range
blowback feature (Loud!!!)
real wood

Oddly enough, my wood got dented
Kalashnikov insignia washes away
Metal scratches easily
Stock battery and charger are of low qaulity but that is expected

overall a good gun which I would recomend and as a side not my freind got a $300 M16 with about the same level of performance
by Steven W. on 2016-03-09 15:47:45
"this gun is great. it has amazing power and is very good in all situations. i can trust this gun like a brother in battle. it is very accurate and the wood features are so nice. the cons i have for this gun are that if u want to buy a scopemount rail for this aeg then u might not want this weapon because the scopemount i bought was to short, but i just put sum electrical tape at the nd to make it sturdy. i bought this gun for 220 at a army surplus store near my house. so i probably should have waited to get it here. but this is a great gun and i highly recomend it.
by John A. on 2016-03-09 15:47:22
"I'm so mad! I bought the CYMA Cm.042 because I looked at this gun and read that the battery is a stick type and I hate stick type batteries so I bought the CM.042 because I takes regular batteries. So I ended up with a non blowback gun when I could have gotten this one. Besides the metal and wood are much nicer on this one compared to the CM.042 so buy this one!
by Jordan C. on 2016-03-09 15:46:54
"This gun is Incredible! I got mine today, and we chrono'ed at 450-470 FPS on a fully charged battery, It was pretty good, this gun is very sturdy and can be trusted for prolonged use.
Now for the cliché Pro/Con Chart.

This gun feels real, good weight, not too heavy or to light.
Electric Blow back is a nice touch.
Metal gets cold in the winter. ( I love that feeling )
High FPS, hits HARD.

Can get heavy after an hour of holding on to it and running around in combat.
It's really loud. ( Can be a pro, if you're that kind'a guy. )

over all an EXCELLENT Choice, due to Perfect performance.
This gun must be treated nice, don't throw it, be gentle.
by Brian B. on 2016-03-09 15:46:31
"this is a very good gun!!! get it it is well worth the money this does not come with a stick type batterie though, it comes with a small 8.4 that goes in the stock it has awsome rang and i can hit a person at 200 feet but i suggest you use .25 grem bbs it is full metal and real wood, has a nice bloowback, and is reliable
by Kyle D. on 2015-11-25 08:33:37
"I am new to air soft, but I had this gun for a few days and I love it. I was able to get the Kalashnikov version, which I guess is the better version. I bought a battery and a battery charger for this gun, but it does come with its own battery and battery charger in the Kalashnikov version. It also comes with an extra magazine, so two high cap mags, which I am really grateful for. I still recommend buying a battery and charger because that battery seems OK but the charger is one of those wall chargers which I heard were not great. It also comes with a sight adjuster. I was amazed when I saw the box and it said it was 487 fps but the bb's were .12 and the real fps is 377 for .20 which is also really good. its pretty heavy which is nice, its like 7-8lb and the wood seems real but it looks like it got scratched up in some spots. Overall great ak47 .
by Tom G. on 2015-07-02 17:58:05
"This is one amazing gun. It's accurate, has a high rpm. and it makes you feel like you have a real AK. I couldn't get the blowback working on mine but I feel this kick and when my friend Matt shot it for the first time it scared him cause he didn't know there was a kick. I changed out the wood motor grip, mainly because it wasn't the comfortable to me. But I would recommend this to AK lovers but not whiney babies who like light guns.

High RPM
High FPS


Displaying 13 to 24 (of 40 reviews)

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