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Matrix CYMA Custom AK47 Full Metal / Real Wood / Blowback Full Size Airsoft AEG - (Package: Gun Only)

41 Customer Reviews

by Hunter A. on 11/17/2017
"First off I have had two of these guns. (First one had a blowback problem from factory, evike sent me a new one) it is a absolute BEAST. I love this gun. Iíve played with it a bunch. It out shoots everything but snipers and DMRs. The sound is so sick, love that blowback sound on this gun. Mine chronoed right at 400fps with .2ís. I had another one of the same guns that chronoed at 415 with .2ís. If youíre looking for a realistic AK for a decent price this is the one for you. Mine came with a extra mag, charger, and a battery which is great for a budget softer. Although I would recommend getting a 9.6v battery for the best FPS and ROF.

Hereís my honest opinions on pros and cons.

ROF (my chrono said 12.3 bbs per second)
Weight (feels so realistic)
Metal (not cheap polymer)
Battery and charger included
Extra mag
Capacity in Mags it comes with

Scratches easy but thatís okay
Battery space is limited
Main con is that you donít have this gun;)

All and all I would most definitely recommend this gun. Great quality for a CYMA gun. It is honestly a great deal for the fps and ROF this gun has. No need to upgrade anything internally it shoots great. Good hopup.
by Gianni Q. on 03/31/2016
"Amazing gun! (Received the licensed version)
This is by far the BEST gun I've ever owned besides my JG M16A1.
The blowback floods out the electric sounds and it sounds really intimidating.
The ROF is absolutely INSANE and the FPS is really up there. This is definitely not a gun you want to use indoors. This would tear someone up. It came with an extra high capacity wind mag which is really cool.
This gun does NOT have the side mounting parts for the people wondering if it does.
I would give this gun a 9/10 (1 missing because the wiring in the stock is a bit too long)
I would highly recommend this gun to anyone looking for a really solid and well built AK.
Thanks CYMA for yet another quality product!
by Coyte B. on 03/09/2016
"I've put roughly 12,000 rounds through this wonderful AK not a single jam....(.25 gram WALMART black ops bbs) I've also ran goldenball through it.
This gun does what it says and more.

Runs beautifully
Wood furniture
Metal receiver

Mag that comes with it is decent at best...(I use mid caps)...
Blowback function like on almost all AK's gets left open after some shots...(Doesn't effect anything just trying to find something wrong with it)

11/10 would buy 5 more!!!
by Justin B. on 03/09/2016
"Great gun!! I have played a couple matches with it so far and this thing dominates the field.

-Full metal, Full wood
-Hi-cap mag (Mine came with an extra)
-Fire-rate (Box says 750-850 but I measured 660-700)
-Weight (I Like that it feels like a real AK47)

-No sling(but you can add one)
-Battery doesn't last a long time
-Iron sights are not as good as some Ak47 models iv'e seen
-Hop up lever is wobbly
-Not a lot of room for bigger battery
-No rails
-The select fire switch scratches the black paint. :(

note: Evike sent me a defective model at first, but I sent it back and they fixed it up really good as new.

Over all this gun is the best gun iv'e had. All of the cons are very minor and don't effect the amazing performance of the gun. I Definitely suggest getting this gun if you like a classic style Ak47.
by Andreas A. on 03/09/2016
"I got this gun from my friend and wow! Boss gun, blowback, fps powerful, sexy ! Only problem is the selective fire came off when my friend gave its me so only full auto
by Andreas A. on 03/09/2016
"I got this gun from my friend and wow! Boss gun, blowback, fps powerful, sexy ! Only problem is the selective fire came off when my friend gave its me so only full auto
by Chandler R. on 03/09/2016
"I love this gun, i got it from someone, but i just had to write a review, the blowback is amazing on this gun and it sounds amazing on a 9.6v small type battery, mine is a butterfly configuration
great recoil
great blowback
Kalashnikov trademarks
recoil spring didnt bend like all of the other people who says it did
great gun overall
chrono tests are accurate
tight groupings
8.4v battery broke on me, but get a 9.6v instead
by Andrew M. on 03/09/2016
"This gun is AMAZING!!!
I got it over a year ago and this gun has only had 1 problem.

Pros: Great fps (with starting spring)
Good quality

Cons:Spring bent
Short battery life(fixed by spare battery)
Kalashnikov insignia wore away

Neither: Weight( a little heavy)
Length 3 ft
Wood dented (small little scratch)
Over all great gun for the price great for beginners to experts.
by Alex E. on 03/09/2016
"This gun easily earns 5/5 in my book.


Accurate replica of the real AK47 (good for gun enthusiasts like me)
Loud when firing, especially on full-auto
Decent fps
Good, reliable sling hook (I'd trust the back one if you wanna do a one point sling conversion)

Battery doesn't last long for me (Nothing a spare battery can't fix though)
On semi-auto my gun will only fire a BB every other trigger pull if you're trying to spam the trigger

It's a damn good gun. Buy it for sure!
by Fidel V. on 03/09/2016
"This is a good gun for the price. Very realistic weight, not fussy with magazine compatibility, accurate and perhaps a touch overpowered. The one I purchased has a velocity of 430 fps with .20 bbs. Not too concerned, should settle down to 390-410 fps in a few months.

Only one gripe. Front sight post was loose. Set screw underneath ram rod had stripped head. Simple remove and replace screw after cutting new slot on top of screw.
by Carlos G. on 03/09/2016
"An amazing AEG, actually it has 380 ftps out of the box with .20 BBs I recomend using Hi-cap magazines only, I get some mid cap and it feels like they don't last. It is the perfect combination of price-performance-quality
by Zachary B. on 03/09/2016
"This is the best gun for the price nothing can beat it.

Range (range and accuracy so good that im puting a scope on it)
Full Metal (as far as i can see no plastic)
Real Wood and is better quality
Blowback is awsome
Loud could be both a con or pro

sometimes wont feed properly just clean the gun not much of a con because you should do this anyways when you are done with it.
by Nick S. on 03/09/2016

This gun is by far the best gun I have owned. It has 450+ fps. It may be lowered a little because I use .25 bbs. I recomend using this type of bb because it increases the accuracy. The gun comes with a 8.4 battery but if you want higher fps get the 9.6 battery. The blowback, real wood and real metal make the gun look, sound and feel very realistic when you use it. It sounds just like an actual gun. It can be pretty loud. It has an excellent weight too. Overall this gun is amazing and if you were considering getting another gun you should stop and think about it some more because this gun is well worth the price.

- amazing fps (450+)
- good accuracy
- real wood + metal
- average weight
- Ajustable sights
- blowback

- metal scratches a little
- the Kalashnikov symbol washes off in water.

by Zachary K. on 03/09/2016
"I have had this gun for over 8 months now and havent had a snigle problem with it so far!!! The box advertises 487 fps but i would rate it ariund 380-400. The gun shoots flawlessly and the blowback action never misses a beat!!! My only complaints are that the wood isint too high quality so if you take this into a closer quarters game you are bound to see dents from bb impacts. And the only other problem is after time the kalishnakov (if thats how you spell it) logo eventually wears off. Aside from a few minor apperance issues this gun is five starv quality.
by trang v. on 03/09/2016
"The gun is amazing. I got it today and its says on the box 487 fps and has nearly 850 - 900 rpm. To top it all off it has a blowback system. The battery is also very easy to install. Unfortunatly it weighs kind of a lot but overall its the best gun I surely ever had.