Reviews: Matrix CM050 Full Metal Electric Blowback Romania AK47 AIMS Airsoft AEG Rifle by CYMA

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Model: AEG-CM050
Location: L4-059 L5-T12

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by Nicholas L. on 2015-01-18 16:20:22
"great gun, good internals, only con's to me really were the battery compartment is tiny and if you use a 9.6 v stick type it will make the blowback function stop working also the stock is rather wobbly but i just replaced it with an m4 stock with an ak buffer tube conversion solved that problem but a 1000 mah 7.4 v lipo works great in this gun
by Todd R. on 2014-04-02 19:25:36
"This gun kicks @ss. The best gun my son has in his collection for AEG. He's got a Classic Army M16, Classic Army M4 and this CYMA AK. We've had this gun for like 3 or 4 years and it shoots just as accurate and hard as the day we bought it. We just chrony'd it just a couple days ago and it was shooting like 380fps. It shoots straight and hard. The Classic Army guns have been weak since the day we bought them and very inaccurate. Not sure why. The classic army guns spread out two feet from your aim point out past 20 yards. And the one even has a tight bore inner barrell and it's still inaccurate. Been trying to figure out why the AK is so accurate for a long time so that I could possibly make the CA guns as accurate. Not sure if it's the hopup unit difference or what.

Never any problems with this gun at all. Had to put a little thread locker on the screw that attaches the selector switch one time. Big deal. And the rear site had to be tightened up one time... big deal. This gun is heavy, realistic as crap, and shoots hard and straight. We call this gun 'old reliable'. And the blow back bolt works great. We have a 9.6v stick battery in it and it works great. We use the lower voltage battery that came with the gun as a backup in case the 9.6v battery runs out during game day. Best AEG ever, and the low price is unbelievable. And no, I'm not a propoganda hack for CYMA. Just a very happy user.
by Daniel K. on 2013-12-25 16:47:04
1. Full Steal, Great build, Will not break!
2. Real Wood (wood is ok, 6/10)
3. Blow-Back DOES NOT affect piston in negative way
4. Accurate (Head Shot 120ft away easy)
5. Cheap (GREAT PRICE!!!)
6. Sexy & Heavy
7. CYMA v3 full metal gearbox
8. Wire Stock is great and will not break

1. The 9.6 Matrix battery i use stops the blowback. (Does not affect gun)
2. The wires came messed up, so it was hard to put mag in. (easy fix, push wires UP)
3. FPS way to hot for most fields (i am going to down grade the spring)
4. a small piece of wood chipped off, its cheap but REAL wood.

Get this gun not only for PRICE but for DURABILITY but for the INTERNALS. this gun is great and will not break on you, all the cons are easy fixes and may not be cons to some people. this gun is great and i suggest it to everybody.
by Chris F. on 2013-03-24 23:45:36
"I'm going to get right off the bat and tell you the pros and cons.

-Great price!
-Full Metal and real wood.
-Great fps(To high for air soft fields).
-Pistol grip.
-Ammo Capacity.

-Rear sling mount broke off.
-Bad battery life.
-Chinese made.

Overall i recommend this gun for its price not its reliability. It broke within a few uses and i had to send it in. I think this gun is very economical and accurate. If it didn't break i would've given it 5 stars easily.
by Donovan A. on 2012-10-29 04:55:30
"First off this gun is a beast, out of the box it shot 415 fps. Full metal and real wood, with a sexy stock. I recommend this gun to anyone. Best gun I've ever owned. Played a 45 minutes while being rained on, Extremely durable, i could throw it at a tree and not worry about it quitting on me. (I wouldn't advise trying that out)

-Great Fps
-Awesome look and feel
-Real wood
-Hop up
-Good Rate of fire with an 8.4
-Side mount
-High Cap mag

-Stock battery didn't last that long
-I've yet to find any video or source on how to get the receiver apart.
-Grip isn't the most comfortable
-Trigger broken in half

Buy a 9.6v stick type battery
Buy a tactical grip
Buy a sling
and depending on how much ammo you go through, a extra mag
I added a AK / SVD Type Tactical Scope Mount Base for a red/green dot
by Paul H. on 2012-09-24 05:04:30
"Great gun for the price! If you're looking for a nice little budget AK, then look no further. This AK is a great little AEG right out of the box and, provided you don't get a lemon, has quite a long life span as a stock gun.

When you take it out of the box you'll like the way the full metal body feels. The stock is made of a nice metal as well, but sadly is not steel. Everything feel tight and there's next to no wobble anywhere other than the stock when full extended. Don't be turned off by this though as ALL airsoft Romanian style wire folding stocks wobble when full extended, i.e. G&D, LCT, GHK, etc. The movement is minimal though, so you won't even notice it in the heat of battle.

All this being said, all this baby really need out of the box is a re-grease and re-shim and you'll be singin! Evike is half right in saying that this is better than a Classic Army right out of the box. Internally yes, externally no if you get a steel bodied Classic Army.

Great bang for your buck!
by Ray A. on 2012-07-14 22:38:37
"Great deal!!! This AK packs a punch! I just got it a couple days ago and no major problems as of yet.
I would recommend silicon oil for the blowback mechanism, a new battery, and a metal flash hider, since it only comes with the blaze orange plastic one. The construction is reliable and solid! Leave it to Evike to carry such a great price for such a quality piece of equipment!

Shoots hard!
Stock is solid and comfortable
heavy and steady feel

plastic flash hider
mag a little glitchy at first, its fine after about 4 runs or so

Over all what you see is what you get! No surprises except that you might be a little more satisfied than you thought!
by mike k. on 2012-03-18 16:49:36
"this gun is amazing, its totally worth the $180 or $200. its like the real AK it will never break on you...EVER!
i've dropped this coutless times or dove right on to it and it had no pieces or parts fall off....besides the middle iron site. but that was only because mine came wobbly and it evetually fell off.
the only cons to this are that it gets heavy because of the grip but you can use it as a one-pod type of mount if you're putting your gun on something. its very accurate but the hop up can sometimes be displaced because of the blowback, but thats a quick and easy fix

overall this gun is worth getting
by John C. on 2011-08-24 13:41:56
"I traded my jg mk36k for this gun. Such a great deal! I didnt bother trying the cyma out because I didn't really care. I wasnt even sure if it was a cyma because it had no trademarks on it or indication of the brand but after some searching I identified the gun.
Anyways, this gun has a great feel to it and is very comfortable to shoot, and it just shoots so well. The metal and the wood give it a nice touch and the blowback is a good cherry.

Great fps, range and accuracy for a stock model.
Wood and metal build.
Fold-able stock and built in fore-grip.
Easy to take apart, clean, and upgrade

No trademark
Upper receiver is annoying to put on

Recommended upgrades:
9.6v battery
6.03-6.01 precision barrel

With these upgrades on this cyma, you will be shooting nice straight lines of bb's at a similar rof as the ak47 for all you mil-sim guys out there.
by Alexander B. on 2011-07-22 16:04:20
"This gun Distructinates... its a beast!!!

-Its awesome
-good velocity
-great ROF for stock battery
-weight is realistic and wood is awesome... look is overall cool
-the fore grip is great and comfy
-the stock is verry nice sits in shoulder well

-single fire gets stuck with stock folded (but when do u ever want to take it off of get some mode [full auto])
-Rail is a lil loose and is not a screw and just flat on top

his gun destructinates anything t will come into contact with.... u will deff hit a full size target from 100+ ft away... im runiing .25 bbs and the thing runs like a champ...deace gun!!!!!!! great buy and amazing
by Grant L. on 2011-04-19 18:29:30
"I LOVE this gun......I've had it for about a year now and it is such a reliable gun.

Comes with giant hi-cap mag
High fps
Full metal (where it counts....95% metal at least)
great stock
High accuracy

Low rate of fire but is easily fixed by a different battery (Intellect 9.6v on
Mine wouldn't fire semi-auto without the better battery

NOTES: make sure a mag fits before you buy it
by gage r. on 2010-12-23 18:07:31
"i love this gun! i just got it today but its amazing... and when it says full size it means FULL SIZE its huge and the wood is nice.

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