Reviews: A&K SVD Dragunov Bolt Action Sniper Rifle (Stealth Black / ~500 FPS)


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Model: SR-AK-SVD-B
Location: L4-025 WN2-T03

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by kyle r. on 2010-03-02 15:52:45
"I got this gun two days ago, it wasn't as great as I expected. It's a extremely cool looking gun, but the gun is poorly put together, the parts are a little loose and the clip isn't that great(but I've never been a big fan of wind up clip). The scope mounts are extremely hard to find, I bought a genuine ak47 scope mount(expensive). The price is good, this is a good gun if you are a beginner at sniping. If you are a experienced sniper I wouldn't recommend it.
by stephen k. on 2010-01-31 04:04:56
"you should defenatly get this one because there both spring and shoot about the same speed the only difference is sence this is a slim long design with a loger barrel than the lrsa it is going to be more accurate and less weight to lug
by Dustin W. on 2010-01-27 17:35:30
"I purchased this rifle a few weeks ago, and overall, I'm glad I did. Love the gun, looks great with the Yemen Russian Digital paint job I did on it. Unfortunately, mine had a problem hopefully someone can help with.

The hop up is not a very good design. Basically, you adjust a metal screw on top of the chamber/bolt, this literally pushes into a rubbery tube that lays across the top of the beginning of the barrel, thus hitting the top of the pellet and creating a spin. The problem is my piece, the rubbery tube bit, was cracked from factory, so the gun has never fired really well. Surprisingly, with no hop up at all, I can hit a gallon milk jug at 120 feet with this thing.

-Dustin, Leader of SCAR Airsoft team, N. California.
by John H. on 2010-01-24 06:41:24

Mag is HUGE
Metal is everywhere

No Manual
Hopup is hard to find
(If anyone knows PLEASE post)
by Randall S. on 2010-01-10 05:22:27
"A&K produced a fine weapon for the price paid. All I had heard about A&K was true with regard to the construction, though. I had to spend about an hours worth of effort to tighten every allen screw to keep the SVD from rattling.

Double feeding was constant throughout my BZO routine and with no manual, finding the Hop-Up adjustment was a challenge. After a short web search, I found how to adjust the Hop-Up but still am fraught with double feeds. Once BZO'd the shot groups were consistent and had sufficient power to punch through heavy cardboard. A&K advertises 450fps +/- but mine come in on average at 420fps, though the weapon is upgradable with any after market spring.

My initial impression was that the weapon was built well enough and that it appears sufficiently sturdy to handle average play. The craftsmanship is on par with higher end products but the metal is sub-par. Breakdown for maintenance is simple and the workings are well constructed without too much lubrication, I added a light coat of lithium grease to the moving parts and seals to improve performance and endurance.

Bottom line, excellent weapon for starting that can easily be maintained and upgraded.
by anton p. on 2010-01-07 11:43:27
"i ordered it on dec 22 and i cant wait for it to get here and the sring pull back is on the other side and i have a noob question des it have a metal inner barrel
by michael r. on 2009-12-14 11:00:18
"This gun is awesome stock but it is even better with a 170 spring in it this is a must have if you are a truly devoted sniper. it shoots straight and true with a 170 spring in it and btw it is harder to pull with the 170 spring installed.

Pros: It rocks out of the box, the spring upgrade is beyond simple and easy just two screws. it truly is a work of art the craftmanship is superb

Cons: The only negative statement is there is nothing wrong with the gun.
by nick s. on 2009-11-11 16:57:39
"This gun is very worth the money. I bought it (elsewhere, no pre-order involved while it was still in stock) around July and have had it for around 4 months now.

Stock Stats:
FPS: 4/5 (480 w/ .20g bb)
Accuracy: 5/5 (can easily hit a head sized target at 40 meters)
Barrel length: Not sure (some where between 550mm and 600mm)
Barrel Compatibility: unsure (too good to need to replace)
Spring Compatibility: Uses standard AEG springs

I have put an M150 AEG spring into mine (which takes about 5 minutes to complete) and the FPS has jumped to around 520 FPS w/ .20g bb's.

General Take Down:
1) Rotate pin above the trigger around the projection that holds it in place so that it points down.
2) Lift the top piece above the bolt off.
3) Take the two hex head screws out of the spring guide
4) Push spring guide forward, then pull up and out

Hop up adjustment:
1) Take off piece above bolt (see disassembly)
2) Pull Bolt back as if to cock
3) Tighten middle hex head screw to "hop up", loosen to "hop down"

Great Stock (performance wise, not the rifle stock)
Nice anodized blue metal hop-up and piston set

A pin that holds the handgaurd and barrel in place fell out of mine in the middle of the woods. I recommend reinforcing this as it is only held in by maybe 1/16th inch.

Best sniper I have ever used stock.
Easily out ranges other upgraded snipers.
Most accurate airsoft gun I've ever shot (my other is an M14 at 434FPS w/ 650mm tightbore).
A must buy if you can find it, but these have been on pre-order for almost a half year now.
by luke m. on 2009-10-04 14:28:07
"Looks great, Im thinking about getting this or the Full Metal Limited Edition Custom Bolt Action LRSA (Long Range Sniper, Airsoft) Rifle Sniper_LRSA99. Any one got an idea on which i should get? And a idea on a good scope? And How the heck are you supposed to cock this thing i dont see any way.
by Brandon N. on 2009-09-30 17:49:35
"This looks like a fine sniper, I am planning on buying it, but I need to know where a cheap scope mount can be found. Is there one on this site?

by Alexander G. on 2009-09-28 10:41:05
"this looks a sound gun. very good looking and seems to work well in addition. hope the ergonomics of it is as good as it looks, i particularly like the removable cheek rest attachment. anyone know what is the recommended bb weight for firing?

Webmaster: Nothing lower than .25 should be used. I would suggest .28 or .30 for certain situations.

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