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A&K SVD Dragunov Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle (Color: Stealth Black)

47 Customer Reviews

by Zachary K. on 11/30/2016
"This is a awesome rifle.
This rifle shoots very good for only being $100 and has a fairly decent fps
The cheek pad isn't the best and ended up being crooked on mine
There is one major problem I had though,
One of the rods that help a part in the trigger group fell out during a skirmish, resulting in the gun to stop firing. This ultimately meant that I had to leave the match and find some way of fixing it. But, after a little lock tite, it worked perfectly

So if your looking for a good priced sniper and you know how to fix things, this is the one for you
by Matthew H. on 05/17/2015
"Honestly, I'm glad I made this my first order on Evike. But there are a few thing that I wish were a bit better.

Accurate once the hop-up is set
Decent speed
Spring powered
Decent weight

Feeding issues with the mag
Heavy bolt (but that's due to the spring so i don't extremely mind)

But yes. Amazing gun overall. I highly recommend this gun to any beginning sniper.
by Cole M. on 11/17/2014
"This is a great gun overall, but has some cons.
full metal
high fps
big(can also be con)
spring powered(can also be con)

bolt is a little heavy
it needs an adapter for a scope
mine had a little trouble feeding when I first shot it
by Greg D. on 06/28/2012
"great gun for $120 i have had for a year and only problem was outer barrel sliding off ( fixed with some epoxey) but fires at leat 500 fps with .2s

high fps
mostly metal
looks amazing

hard to cock
hurts enemies
no rail for scope ( you can get a mount at evike)
outer barrel was loose
by Hayden B. on 06/07/2011
"Amazing gun got mine yesterday had my war today it shot amazing i kept hitting people over and over the bolt is HARD to pull i am a 13 year old and i pulled it back with ease. Great begging/low Amatuer Gun And for the price Its woth it. Mt friend have gas snipers that shoot 450 fps and they paid like $250 dollers for them This out shoots and out prices supprised it is not out of stock
by peter o. on 12/30/2010
"Ok, before I get into the review, I want to say this is gun is very good.. for the money. for $145 it is worth it, but definitely not scrimmage ready.

When I pulled the SVD out of the box, I have to say, I was impressed. The metal work was pretty nice, but it was very soft (as in I dropped the removable cover and the corner bent, but I just bent it back into place.) The outer barrel had moderate movement, but wasn't that bad. The hand guard also had a bit of movement, but electrical tape fixed that. The stock had absolutely no wobble at all which was relieving.

In terms of performance, it was ok. AT first the spring was extremely hard to pull back, but afet spraying some silicon lube on the cylinder, it was very easy. It was so easy I recommend upgrading to an M170. In terms of accuracy, I am not impressed. Even with .3's (for that spring it is the right BB in my eyes) I had a good amount of flyers. I installed a 6.01 650mm barrel and a new bucking and it the change was RIDICULOUS. With the m170 spring, at 200 feet a body sized target was no problem and a head size target was very doable, even at that range.

So to sum up, the gun is pretty good, but with some good upgrades, it is really good. And to make it really good it will only cost about $220 including the gun.
by Timothy E. on 10/05/2010
"For one, this gun looks just awsome. I bought the PSO-1 scope which is about $149.00(i laughed because the is about the price of the gun but it is the real thing). It was a nightmare for my dad and I to attach the scope to this gun(The scope that i bought does no need a mount but is very hard to put on the gun).

looks awsome!
cheek rest is comfortable
mostly metal and VERY strong polymer
Some say the mag wobble is bad, but my mag does not wobble at all

Its very hard to pull the bolt back(should buy some gloves)
The mag i got is not the mag it said it came with, it does not have a hatch that opens for me to load the BB's
When you take the make out, about three BB's fall out on the ground
by Brian S. on 09/16/2010
"im about to buy this rifle and was wondering which spring should i buy to upgrade it. there are 2 diff ones mentioned the 150 and 170 but what brand or type or are they all interchangeble? any help would be appreciated.
by Ryan P. on 05/16/2010
"Rifle is a clone of the atoz dragunov that was discontinued years ago and seems almost better. The rifle shoots hard but is equally hard to chamber a bb. (380-410 .2s)


-Metal barrel, magazine, reciever, trigger, and bolt
-Strong plasic foregrip and stock
-Shoots hard
-Iron sights dead accurate to 60-70ft easily
-High cap mag
-Easily upgradable


-Hard bolt pull
-Slight play in the foregrip
-Mount is slightly off for scopes meaning real scopes can wobble around and potentially fall
-Not real wood
-Black makes every imperfection(scratch) noticeable

Overall this is the gun you bring to games that everyone wants to use in a game, but doesn't know if they want the scope or not because of the wobble and extra bulk. True croudpleaser and fun to use.
by Dustin W. on 01/27/2010
"I purchased this rifle a few weeks ago, and overall, I'm glad I did. Love the gun, looks great with the Yemen Russian Digital paint job I did on it. Unfortunately, mine had a problem hopefully someone can help with.

The hop up is not a very good design. Basically, you adjust a metal screw on top of the chamber/bolt, this literally pushes into a rubbery tube that lays across the top of the beginning of the barrel, thus hitting the top of the pellet and creating a spin. The problem is my piece, the rubbery tube bit, was cracked from factory, so the gun has never fired really well. Surprisingly, with no hop up at all, I can hit a gallon milk jug at 120 feet with this thing.

-Dustin, Leader of SCAR Airsoft team, N. California.
by Randall S. on 01/10/2010
"A&K produced a fine weapon for the price paid. All I had heard about A&K was true with regard to the construction, though. I had to spend about an hours worth of effort to tighten every allen screw to keep the SVD from rattling.

Double feeding was constant throughout my BZO routine and with no manual, finding the Hop-Up adjustment was a challenge. After a short web search, I found how to adjust the Hop-Up but still am fraught with double feeds. Once BZO'd the shot groups were consistent and had sufficient power to punch through heavy cardboard. A&K advertises 450fps +/- but mine come in on average at 420fps, though the weapon is upgradable with any after market spring.

My initial impression was that the weapon was built well enough and that it appears sufficiently sturdy to handle average play. The craftsmanship is on par with higher end products but the metal is sub-par. Breakdown for maintenance is simple and the workings are well constructed without too much lubrication, I added a light coat of lithium grease to the moving parts and seals to improve performance and endurance.

Bottom line, excellent weapon for starting that can easily be maintained and upgraded.
by luke m. on 10/04/2009
"Looks great, Im thinking about getting this or the Full Metal Limited Edition Custom Bolt Action LRSA (Long Range Sniper, Airsoft) Rifle Sniper_LRSA99. Any one got an idea on which i should get? And a idea on a good scope? And How the heck are you supposed to cock this thing i dont see any way.
by Kobe H. on 10/11/2016
"It has issues but that's what you get for a 100 dollar sniper.

Accuracy is okay, but not great without modifications.

Hop-up is a pain in the butt to adjust, and can get shaken out of adjustment if played with too long.

Trigger block (this is a problem even with Real SVD rifles) has an issue with the lip that holds it in place on one side (a big pin holds the other). This lip can break off if you're not careful.

Trigger group gets stuck after only 30 shots. This may be a problem only with my rifle, but the release lever that the trigger pulls down to let the plunger go doesn't depress far enough (this may be due to the lip being broken, so the trigger block sits higher than normal)

Scope mount and reciever are machines perfectly, the iron sights are on point, the stock is sturdy, the safety selector is great, and it has a working bayonet lug.

Mag is a 60 rd mid-cap, it doesn't ever jam, even with crappy .12g that come with your spring pistol. It might double feed, but that's more of a chamber problem, not a mag one. It fits concerningly loosely, but it's never fallen out. It is also metal on the outside.

Both front and rear sight are adjustable, but the front notch can move by itself. this can be solved with a tiny piece of electrical tape.

Feels really good, it is quite heavy, its weight approaches the real SVD. cheek pad is good, but a bit fragile.

no scope, obviously.

Overall its a decent gun, but it shoots kinda hot for matches (put an m120 in it) I believe it comes with an M150 spring. Shoot at least .28 or .30 because the hop up will sky-rocket a .20.
by Travis C. on 04/17/2016
"This chrono-ed at 350 fps today at my local field. Sniper is cool, but they vastly overstated the fps - or I got a bad spring? Either way, I have an m130 AEG spring i'm ordering momentarily so I can properly test this sniper out. It was a paperweight today at the field so I didn't even get to really use it to it's full potential. By the way, the A&K SVD Dragunov is the exception to the rule of springs and uses a standard AEG spring (from what I've read online, after searching all over reddit and various forums). That should be explicitly stated in the description.
by Jessee W. on 04/07/2015
"OK I've had this for over a year now and I feel I can now tell you the truth about it.

1. the hop up is terrible. I've know people that had it last a few months but eventually it craps out and it's hard to find a replacement. Lancer tactical makes one but the best option is to get one from the Czech Republic.

2. The bright side is that the cylinder is huge and can handle the orga magnus 6.23 500mm well.

3. The trigger needs shimmed but at least it's decent quality metal.

4. Again the best place to find parts is in the Czech Republic. But if you get everything from there. The wide bore barrel and an er hop put in it. Plus some day air seal mods....this thing gets epic. I'm heading down that route now because I know a guy that did and could drill playing cards at 400 ft.