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G&P "M4 Viper" Custom Airsoft AEG Rifle (Package: Gun Only)

6 Customer Reviews

by Michael S. on 12/02/2014
"First impressions, great weight and external finish like everyone else has noted. The Polymer or nylon fiber in the stock and motor grip is high quality and the stock has no wobble.

The rate of fire with a 7.4 is amazing, and sounds great too. There is no high-pitched "electronic" sound, just quick, loud pops. Something to note, is that with the 7.4 in the buffer tube, the stock doesn't retract all the way. The minimum length with the battery in is at the "3" mark.

The Sight that comes with this gun looks and feels great too, and the dial to turn on/change brightness is easy to turn unlike some others. Only thing with this sight is that highest setting is not at all that bright. It'll surely do the job, but was a little muted when I played a snow battle this past weekend.

I added UTG 3x flip-up scope magnifier to the setup and its quite beastly for outdoor games.

Also, the stubby grip is a little wobbly. This may or may not bother you, either way it's not too much to invest in another grip.

The rail handguard comes with full trademarks and looks and feels real nice.

The range /accuracy on this is okay. My cyma ak74 outranges this gun, probably to the difference in length, but even so I'm a little let down by the lack of range. Perhaps I just need to switch to .25s and turn the hop-up up a bit.

Overrall the gun looks and feels great, and the rate of fire makes it a monster. It is ideal for cqb, but can hold its own for sure in outdoor games as well, perhaps with a tweak or two. 5/5
by Will M. on 02/08/2012
"Hands down best AEG I've owned to date. The externals are perfect. Performance is stunning. Running a 7.4v 1400mah lipo with no problems.
by nick c. on 09/07/2010
"i love this gun it is soooooo good in its performents i recimend it to every one who airsofts if you want to lern more about this gun then contact me on xbox live gamer tag: jumperxnick
by Jeff H. on 09/02/2009
"as far as i know i am the only owner of one of these to date
they changed it to special order after i ordered, took 2 over weeks to get
worth the wait
the gun uses a Small Lipo battery not a crane as originally listed (they have updated the page)
if you want a crane you need the G&P 416 Buttstock upgrade
it will give you more battery options
the Gun has a dean connector for the battery
if using a 11.1 small Lipo and change battery to a dean connector it will fit
Otherwise leave off screw cover and use rubber end cover and Mini connectors will fit
battery compartment is 177mm retracted and 255mm fully extended
you can use up to a 8.4v Ni-Mh if you dont retract stock all the way
Weapon is very very solid, especially the trigger mechanism
nice weight distribution, a pleasure to carry
cover wont close because latch hits the larger gearbox
Shooting at 345 FPS consistently, very accurate with incredibly Excellent grouping
with a 11.1V 1200Mah 12C Lipo the rate of fire is at an incredible 28.5 RPS
NO KIDDING, 1700 Rounds per minute
so far the fastest ive seen on the field to date
Looking to try a smaller Lipo like a 9.6 or 8.4 Volt
front sight is in red dot view, wish it had the fold down sight like the "Defender"
it is Worth every cent, if you get this weapon there will be no more blaming the weapon for your lousy play
I would recommend this weapon to anyone as the ultimate CQB Weapon
by Ryan L. on 10/08/2012
"got it as a gift for myself. proved to be really good. now everybody's jealous because of the high quality externals. lets get to the pros and cons

-superb externals
-lots of trades (trademarks)
-very fast out of the box with an 11.1v (32 rps)
-great internals, at first

-gears stripped within the first 600 rounds
-mags are somewhat wobbly
-not all that great with accuracy

if you want a gun that'll shoot fast and look great, this is it. if not, just save your money and customize your own. overall, this is a great gun. the only really bad thing is the gears.
by ANCEL R. on 09/26/2011
"i have had this model for 9 months now. And it is my Primary unit of destruction.

Light weight
Build quality externally is as good as it gets
Trades galore (If that is your thing)
Unique, Not many of them in Florida
ROF out of the box is insane for a stock gun 921rps on 7.4v and 32rps on 11.1v)
Rail space
Included Aimpoint and mount
G&P M120 Hi speed motor included

Gears failed within the first 1000 rounds took out the Piston at the same time
Buffer tube does not accomodate all Stocks
Silicone wiring (Not a fan at all) Insulation tears easily
Pinion Gears needs replacement ASAP

Externally one of the best AEG's on the market. I once owned the only 2 AEG versions of this gun in Florida. Sold one and have regretted it ever since. ROF is insane for a STOCK gun. Once the gears are replaced, and the piston replaced, I was still getting 20rps on 7.4v's and 31rps on an 11.1v.. I also rewired the gun with wiring with stronger insulation (personal preferrence though). At $450, the gearset failure was very disappointing and frustrating. But it makes up for this with External quality. My final build of the gun has JG 18;1 gearset, shs azimuth Piston with metal rack, AOE adjustment, and Reshim.. These are all things I do in almost all of my guns. and O have not had to replace anything since. the gun has about 80K rounds through it now, and there is no sign of wear and tear internally. The finish has held up to constant use, and looks to be as tough as it gets. If the gears did not fail, this gun would get a perfect 5, but with the required replacements, i cant justify a higher rating.