Reviews: Snow Wolf M82 M99 LRSA Bolt Action Airsoft Long Range Sniper Rifle - Black (Package: Rifle & Bipod Only)

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Model: SR-SW-01-B

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by Cameron H. on 2013-10-03 14:31:48
"When people purchase sniper rifles they usually are just purchasing the rifle for the body with the intent to upgrade the internals.

I purchased this weapon and received it on Tuesday the 2nd of October, I fired a clip through it to make sure it arrived functioning stock which it did. I also purchased the angel custom piston, 190 spring, and spring guide to be put into the rifle. Everything fit perfectly inside the stock cylinder, I put the gun back together and laid down pulled the bolt back and it didn't catch to fire the gun. I took it back apart and over the course of 18 hours I tweaked and messed with things to find out that it was on the sear that drops into the cylinder to hold the spring guide in place so that it compresses, I had to shave it flat so it allowed the piston to go back far enough for the sear to catch the piston. So I put the gun back together (like 27th time) laid down pulled it back, and it fired. Pulled it back again and at the cusp I heard a loud crack. The stock cylinder is made of pot metal (basically a thicker pop can) and snapped from the pressure. If you plan on upgrading this rifle you will need to purchase a newer cylinder actually made of steel. (currently searching for a compatible cylinder)

sturdy/durable internals

weak cylinder (when upgrading)
by Chance J. on 2013-06-26 03:14:40
"This gun is great! I'm not going to complain about it being 20 pounds simply because it is mostly metal...The hop-up is impossible to adjust(would like help)and the bipod will take off a lot of weight in the front so it will help to take it off when shooting without it

-20 pounds

-Orange flash hider
by Stevie W. on 2013-05-08 00:46:24
"it's a great rifle my freind just got it a couple weeks ago a i love it


●good range
●high velocity


●I wasn't allowed to use it at Fulda Gap
by Marilyn S. on 2013-01-03 21:51:18
"Sweet sniper

Good fps
Looks awesome (Scared my brother to death when he first saw it)
Scope ( If you bought it it is sweet almost a couple inches bigger than my 10.5 foot)
Scope is adjustable length illuminated or not
Full metal

Heavy 20 Pounds
Big orange flash hider/ muzzle break
Hop up impossible to adjust can someone tell me how?

Over all great buy
by Matthew E. on 2012-08-24 08:47:05
"This is the greatest sniper rifle I have ever owned. Yes it could be a little heavy but you get used to after carrying it awhile. You could even go and do bench presses with and gain some muscle HaHa.
by Jarred C. on 2011-12-16 17:49:58
without the bullpup mag
this is an almost exact replica
great job to the designer and developers
by CJ D. on 2011-03-11 21:13:59
"Man i got this last november went to 2 games so far with it. It has the heavy weight and i carry it around by arm cause i dont use bipods. Not only that i hit my buddy from 250 feet with a .36 bb! Many of you may think im kidding but im only 14 years old. I love this gun so if your bold get this like in a comment before me it will prove whos a good sniper and whos not.
by noah l. on 2010-03-16 12:28:16
"this gun is amazing i got to shoot it becuz it was my friends im pretty sure u can litteraly "take the wings off a fly" with this gun its simply amazing
by De Niro E. on 2010-03-04 19:08:32
"I would like to start with saying this is the best sniper i have ever bought. For those of you who have one you know whats up and for those of you who want one, HaHa i got one, good luck on finding one. This gun is a limited production gun and the rights will prolly get bought out by a bigger company like Echo 1. Once they put a name brand and licence on this gun it will be unaffordable. I personally think the gun is worth $450.00 easy. My Snow Wolf came out the box shooting 500fps! Better than the JG bar and most L96 model. The gun is mostly metal with a few plastic parts. Please believe i have a 2nd gun on pre-order, this is probably the last set of Snow Wolfs that evike will get. 2nd gun is pre-ordered!!! HaHa if you dont get one.
by J. H. on 2010-02-09 15:39:15
"The Snow Wolf/M99

-the Snow Wolf is an amazing Sniper platform if used correctly. the weight of this gun will limit everyone but only the boldest of snipers.

-the FPS on the Snow Wolf is good. shooting 450+

-the hop-up i had some issues with. after about 4 shots it would slide and i would have to re-adjust it.
(this is easily fixed)

-this is one of the few sniper platforms where i have actually used the bi-pod. it is very sturdy and will take a lot of punishment.

-the spring ejecting mag. is very nice. people have been complaining about mis-feeds and you can fix the problem by cutting the spring down. (as mentioned in many reviews before this one)

- accuracy is great for my style of sniping. though i never find myself shooting more than 25- 30 yards in a game i can successfully group 6 of 10 BBs within a 12" area at roughly 60 yards with no wind. (and no, i am not a "National Level Competition Shooter") i just take the time and fine tune my equipment. "Don't expect similar results." ....?what? (maybe if you were addressing a 12 year-old)

-some say that is comes stock with a tight-bore. if it does it is not going to be the best quality
(they are trying to sell you a gun not a tight-bore barrel.)

-as far as BB weight i am using .36s (yes, you heard right 36s so stop drooling) between the hop unit and the large spring it is easily done.

-another issue i had on top of mis-feeds (before i went to high polished .36s) was that the .20s, and .25s were breaking in the barrel and were a mess to clean. i would suggest .28s and up.
(i have not had any mis-fed BBs after switching to .36s *i have not cut the spring in the mag*)

-The Snow Wolf is not quiet at all. no its not a plus but common people its a Barrett!
(if you want something quiet buy the UTG MK96.)

-take-down of the Snow Wolf is very easy. if you want a project gun this is for you. because of the simple design it will be very easy to upgrade.

-Weight... people its a Barrett. it IS going to be heavy. expect your mobility to decrees a bit.

-The Carrying handle i do not trust. i have used it to carry it around but never in a game or while i am running. it just does not seem strong enough to support the weight of the Snow Wolf.

-FPS/Hop unit
-Intimidation Factor*
-Easy take-down
-Bad ass

by Angela D. on 2009-12-27 14:16:37
"one of the best guns ive owned, it went through a few boxes it is completely insane, i love it, i cant wait to use it in battles. 5*
by Terri C. on 2009-10-02 10:38:41
"This gun is amazing! The box it came in was wet and dented and all kinds of stuff. The gun was perfectly fine though, thats all that matters. Ive shot this gun a few times.

Very accurate
decent hopup
Very powerful
Reliable @ durable
Made of all high quality aluminum

Magazine likes to double feed (can be fixed)
Shoots really loud (Some people might like that but I don't because it gives away my position at times)

This gun is a buy. It is the best sniper i've bought!

Displaying 1 to 12 (of 28 reviews)

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